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[TAS] 6% off 1st Energy's Market Usage Charges When You Pay on Time (RACT Membership Required)


Founded in 2014, 1st Energy is a 100% Australian based energy retailer bringing lower energy costs to Tasmanian homes and businesses while still providing excellent friendly customer service.

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  • Presumably only for new customers to 1st Energy and only on the 5% 'pay on time' plan (which is one of 3 plan types they have). In effect this is a 1% discount.

    Their electricity rates are identical to Aurora. Welcome to the pathetic world of 'competition' in the Tasmanian electricity market.

    It's only the bonuses that make a difference. One of the below::

    1. 5 cents extra for solar feed in tariff (FIT).

    2. 5% discount for paying the bill on time. (this is presumably what the RACT gets you for 6% off)

    3. $100 discount for staying with them for 1 year.

    Be warned - they don't have a great reputation for customer support so you have to decide if the small gain is worth potential trouble if you need support.

    • I looked at them a while back, I couldn't see any real cost saving over Aurora, and I think there was a connection and disconnection fee…

      • I think that's only for new electricity connections, not if your changing from Aurora.

        I have a friend that changed to them for the better fit and there was no changeover cost.

    • I'm with them for the solar bonus, no brainier really. Not had any customer service issues but not had much reason to contact them.

  • I thought these "pay on time and get a discount", which are actually just a cover for "pay late and have a massive & possibly illegal fee", had been banned from 1st July? It was certainly proposed by the government.

    Also "6% off" in and of itself isn't a bargain if (say) their base charge was 20% higher than the alternatives. Wouldn't it just be better to state the $/KWh rate?

  • Did anyone end up taking this up? How did they find the service and advantages of this offer staked up?