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[Twitch Prime] FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - Free "Prime" Pack for Linking Twitch Prime Account to EA Account


This might be common knowledge, but I only just discovered it yesterday and couldn't find it posted here

Basically linking your EA account to your twitch or prime account yields you 7 loot prizes - one a month, monthly for 7 months.

Unfortunately I only discovered it yesterday - I claimed prize #5, which is available until 20th july.

The prime pack includes:

• 1x Player Pick of four 83 OVR or better players

• 5x gold rare players

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  • Yes, for those who frequent Twitch, it is known. But it's still crazy how much can be done with a Prime subscription with Amazon. First you can gift it monthly to any streamer on Twitch, and they get ~50% to ~80% of the cut depending on their popularity, you get free games and in-game loot monthly on Twitch too. Then there's free deliveries on Amazon itself, also free books for Kindle. And you get Prime Video included as well so you can use it to stream their collection of TV Shows and Movies. I'm sure I've forgotten a few other benefits, like music and others.

    The Prime membership itself is like the biggest bargain on the internet.It's a win-win for them though, as it ties you into their eco-system and the consumer ends up making more purchases from them and giving them more of their data.

    • First you can gift it monthly to any streamer on Twitch …

      I didn't understand this.
      What are you gifting with Prime?

  • fifa can suck it

  • I get to the screen where it wants me to login into my EA account and it says it has sent a security code to my email but nothing turns up, anyone else have this issue?