Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth It?

Hey team,

I like buying from Amazon for things like Xbox One games, Nintendo Switch games as I find them to be the cheapest 99.9% of the time, however these purchases are above $39.00 so I generally get free postage anyway. So is there any point getting Prime Membership?

Thank you


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  • +1

    Amazon Prime is amazing value, so much better than eBay Plus. But because I don't buy regularly and tend to buy in seasons, what I do is only buy it when i need it. For e.g if there's a product I want that costs 5.99 for shipping, i'll pay the extra $1 and upgrade to prime which i'll have for a month. In that month i might binge watch a few shows on prime video. I won't renew until i need to make another purchase again.

  • I have both Ebay Plus & Amazon Prime.
    Amazon Prime - YES, Definitely worth it…. I have subscribed toilet rolls, paper towels , tissues and some other kitchen stuff through Amazon. Luckily, subscribed just before this COVID and therefore, never been any issue in delivery. Every now and then there are products on special, so without worrying about delivery cost, I just order it.

    NOW comes to EBAY PLUS…..I have been using it since they introduced it. Let me say….there have been some deals only for ebay plus. For example, if you looking for Xiaomi
    Dreame vacuum, it was $297 for Ebay plus members. I just saved $50 + dollars there which is annual fee. Also, As being an ozbargain, I usually, purchase ebay gift cards and pay with it which gives me a little more benefit plus cashback from shopback or cashrewards…So for me , I can say both are worth having.

  • i have prime and besides the free shipping i get prime video, music with it as well.

    not bad as the fam uses it especially the young ones that arent at school yet.

  • I use prime when i need something, so usually once or twice a year i might get it for a month. But most of the time its not worth while for me.

  • I used to have Amazon Prime. Prime Video is a nice addition - but found I was buying things for the sake of just buying things. I always seemed to fall back to eBay most of the time.

  • I have a 1-year-old child, who makes Amazon Prime very much worth it. Nappies, wipes, toys, other products, all at cheap prices with shipping already covered and an excellent TV/movies service to use when I get a spare moment.

  • If you play LOL, you also get 1 free skin each month

  • +1

    I have a baby… i feel like i use it every week, just getting little things delivered home for free… without having to leave my desk!

    I reckon i've saved hundreds on shipping, and thousands of time money not having to go to the shops trying to find stuff

  • If your use-case is as narrow as you outline there, then it is not worth it.

    For the multimedia services and shipping in frequent purchases, totally worth it for me

  • +1

    Love Prime, get at least something each month delivered and there's usually something to watch on Prime Video. Noticed the other day you can get beer and spirits now, so will probably get used more :)

  • I subscribed to Prime because it gave me a Twitch Prime sub, while being cheaper than a single prime sub itself. And then I discovered it also gives me Prime Video AND Prime. For me, it's been well and truly worth it.

  • Great value - low price, free delivery for stuff and a pretty decent video subscription service as part of the deal. Very happy.

    And no bs offers like Ebay plus tempt you with.

  • Yes. 🙂

  • The quality is much better than eBay or elsewhere.

    I am so tired of being sold poor quality online and Amazon Prime has solved this problem.

    That said, Costco also has good quality but they are time thieves.

  • Better than ebay plus

  • I got Amazon Prime for the Prime Video service. $59 a year, works out to less than $5 a month. Pretty decent shows on it and way better than free to air tv, which just seems to be game shows and reality tv omg no.

  • Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: Yes, it is worth it.

    • Long Answer: Yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss

  • If you get items under $39 before they are OzBargained, then ya good.

  • If you are like me and buy high quality tools from the US, which are (including shipping) usually half the retail price here, it's absolutely 200% worth it.

    Otherwise I'm not sure.

    Edit: value mostly lie in Amazon's first party items (sold by Amazon AU or Amazon US). Their services have always been fantastic and easy to deal with.

  • Yes absolutely if you subscribe upfront for a year, its under $5 a month, a bargain. Apart from the free shipping on many goods theres the video subscription included with some great shows, series and movies And also a reduced range ( compared to the expensive full range music service ) streaming music service included in the price !!!

  • Yes, everytime you buy something shipping is like $5.99 already, only logical to spend $2 bucks more and get a month worth of free shipping and prime video

  • I find it quite useful. Nice to have 2-day shipping on a lot of stuff I'd ordinarily order from eBay (which would typically take over a week to get to WA). Also have eBay Plus (only because of the free $50 voucher promo) which I don't use as much.

  • Any way to share prime membership with your spouse (with different amazon account)?

    Ideally I'd like to have just one prime membership for our household, but also have separate accounts so we keep our purchases separate.

    • Unfortunately Amazon Household is not yet implemented in Australia. We have this problem when it comes to our echo devices. It doesn't handle multiple accounts well and although we would like to have separate profiles it's a bit pants.
      So we just live with the one prime membership. They finally have profiles for prime video but overall it's not great for multiple user management yet.

  • +2

    Let me put it this way I just checked my account and in the last 6 months I have placed 66 orders

    So let me saw Hell yeah!

    • But did you need all those items in the 66 orders 😂

      • +1

        A lot of them are subs like toliet paper and coke 36 pack etc and the subs are cheaper than the shops

        and they are pretty good with their blu ray's as well

        • Ahh ok. Keep forgetting they send slabs of coke etc. Pretty insane really. What's the delivery time?

          • @apptrack: It varies depending on the item ordered

  • Yes, for purchases under $39. It was releiving to be able to buy a pack of 36 rolls of toliet paper when coles/woolies were sold out and not have to pay shipping/or buy something I didn't need to get my cart over $39.

  • If you intend to become rich then no.

  • Great if you're a gamer, Amazon matches the best price, ships for free and ensures it arrives on release date for preorders, brilliant service! Plus prime video and the music streaming service are great additions too.

  • If you want to use it just for amazon prime video, you can sign up for prime on amazon India. Costs 999rs (~$19aud) / year, or $129rs (~$2.50 aud) / month.

    • you get the same films either way, and everyone can see just how the yanks have joined us 2 india for their own purposes

  • I usually get it on month to month.

    I.e. if I'm buying something from Amazon and my Prime membership is cancelled, if the postage for the item is around $5 or more I'll just sign up for a one month for $6.99. And then go back to the Prime membership settings to set a reminder before it renews and I'll just cancel if I don't need it anymore.

  • Definitely worth it for me. I subscribe yearly so the cost is lower. Not having to pay postage on smaller low cost items and the fact you get Prime video as well makes it worth while

  • Pretty worth it.

    You get Prime Video, Twitch Prime (free games), Prime Music, and Prime Reading with your subscription.

    Also expedited shipping for your Amazon orders.

  • I have a membership and primarily use it for prime video.

    I also like the added bonus of free shipping on household products since I buy in bulk!

  • -2

    My experience with it was bad enough that I cancelled it. I did about a dozen or so orders (there is a lag in delivery which is why I did so many orders before realising the service was so bad).

    Reason I cancelled:
    1) Mysterious charges on my card they could not explain and no direct way to follow up \
    2) They used fastway and couriers please!! OMG
    3) About 1 in 4 arrived damaged. One package was thrown at the house from the street dinting the security screen and smashing the item inside.
    4) Dodgy sellers, e.g. quality issues.. got a network card that snapped on insertion into the PCI slot in my PC. (I've built probably a hundred computers over the years never seen this happen)
    5) There Prime is blocked by the VPN and no devices have TV "clients" or devices that run their client so could do nothing more than watch it on my PC without VPN. I didn't see much good content. (Previously on netflix and have gone back to netflix)
    6) If I am recalling correctly (sorry cancelled months ago) the free shipping did not apply to all or most items, like ebay plus, where its only if the supplier supported it.
    7) Super slow delivery, weeks waiting for most items!! (pre covid too)
    8) Customer service sucked.
    9) Vagueness around warranty/returns/etc. Can't get a straight answer out of them half the time.
    10) Price.. often sucked. They were really expensive on some items so you really have to check carefully before ordering. I even ended up ordering 2 Amazon Echo units from Myers of all places for cheaper than direct from Amazon!! and with absolute certainty of how warranty/returns worked. (e.g. can drop it back to the store with Myer)

    I hope they improve the offering though thats a lot list of things to fix. Concept seemed good.

  • I’ve always ordered over $40 worth or bundled things together so never needed it

    Even if I were buying more of the lower value items I doubt I would break even on the delivery fees vs prime fees

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