[Pre Order] Kogan 43" 4K UHD HDR LED TV for $319 + Delivery (Ships 20 July) @ Kogan


Some of you guys probably have seen this deal already. Just posting this deal for someone who is looking for a 4k led tv at an affordable price.This is not an android tv and you will have to buy fittings if you plan to wall mount it.

4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR support

PVR – pause, rewind and record live

TVPlay media via USB and HDMI inputs

VESA mounting capability

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  • that really is cheap!

  • Is it good as a monitor?

  • What are people's thoughts on this?

  • +2 votes

    Do cheap tvs still have input lag?

    • I'm also curious if this tv is okay to use with PS pro, although the product description does say response time is 9.5ms

  • Would it be free shipping with Kogan First?

    • That Thompson is only 1080p and not 4k yet it has smart features, from my understanding though it's not Android TV - latest smart software

  • i brought one of their 32"android tvs and the colour contrast and sharpness is not as clear as compared to my 10 year old bhuan aldi lcd tv. not sure if this is normal or if i should put in a warranty claim?

  • if one of these cheaper tv brands made a 4k tv with a middle stand instead of legs i would prob bite just for the convenience factor of it being able to fit in the setup i already have

    • I was after a middle stand too, but they are hard to come by now. I ended up buying a 42" Blaupunkt Android TV for $319 from Officeworks (not 4k) with the intention of installing the legs facing inward. It turns out that wasn't possible without cutting the fitting a little, but the TV had screw holes closer to the middle too. It wasn't designed for it, but it works.

      You can also buy vesa mount middle stands from eBay for about $25.

      • oh i didn't even thing about buying a vesa mountable middle stand thanks for the tip, i already have an ok 50" 4k hisence series 7 with what they say is HDR plus and sure my ps4 pro picks up the HDR but its very minimal improvement depending on the games settings

        hoping the tech has improved a little since then in these cheaper sets but i prob won't buy another one till they have hdmi 2.1 at a decent price

  • If you don't mind waiting over a month for the product, its not bad for a general tv. When it comes to movies it has a lag effect especially when you try anything that is 4k, the main reason is because the panel is a chinese product.

  • Its an innolux panel with avg. features in a dumb tv setup.

    For about $300 its what you'd expect and worth a gamble IMO.

  • No chroma subsampling spec, so not chroma 4:4:4, I assume?

  • The Problem with Kogan is the killer delivery fee. $78.00
    May as well go to JB, or Appliance online.
    Cheaper. Well in W.A any way/
    App online include delivery & JB just negotiate it in the price. They always do
    And some of there brand have longer warranty than 12 month included

    • Yep rarely do us in WA get any of those Betta Home Living ebay deals or anything like that and delivery fees always kill the deals even with a Betta being down in Rockingham available for pickup, might get the odd retrovision deal but thats like a once or twice a year thing. i think i got my hisense off Appliance online few years back

  • Does this have netflix?