New router. ASUS AC1900 vs AC2900

Hey guys. I want to upgrade my old huawei router that was provided by the ISP for one of the ASUS ones. I have my xbox one x connected through ethernet and laptop through wifi. Also have 6 other devices, 8 total. Is the $100+ for the AC2900 worth it? Just wondering if any of ya'll have experience in either of them? I heard they are good for optimising gaming?? Any feedback/opinions/suggestions would b appreciated. Thanks.


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    Buy it. Anything is better than the ISP provided router.

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    I'm a huge fan of the AC1900. Currently we have 12 devices on our network and it hasn't skipped a beat. It has modes for Adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) that you can set individually or predefined modes (such as gaming) which I'm not currently using. On a HFC NBN connection with 100/40 I can be playing any multiplayer game with low ping whilst my partner watches 4K netflix and browsers on her laptop, so I haven't really felt the need to tweak those settings. Only time we've had hiccups in the past is if someone on the network does a huge upload (backing up photos for example), that shot my ping over 200.

    • Have you been gaming on wifi or ethernet?

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    The proper names are Asus RT-68U & Asus RT-86U.

    The RT-68U still does the job but it was released in 2013, has a 800 Mhz CPU & 256 MB of RAM.

    The RT-86U was released in 2018, has a beefy 1.8 Ghz CPU & 512 MB of RAM & better VPN performance.

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      Thanks. I got the newer version. Amazon was having a 22% off down to $287 + cashback = $270ish. Older version was $207 so not bad.

      • Post the deal if it's still going.

        • I was about to post a deal, they were taking preorders but now it seems its sold out.

          • @Alaken: Yeah they are highly sort after. As with all new routers check it's running the most up to date firmware revision.

          • @Alaken: Let me know if I can pre-order as i need a router, $270ish is a good deal!

            • @MadeIt: Amazon AU has been completely been sold out, no pre-orders are being taken. The listing has been removed entirely. Only listings are from other sellers which are close to RRP $390 +. Sad because cashback was increased to 6% for PC . Wouldve been even more savings!