Are All NBN Connections The Same?

Hello Ozbargainers,
Much to my disappointment we had the nbn installed after previously having Telstra hfc cable, and now pay $20 more a month for what is effectively the same connection. I know that the upload is better, but i don't really care or want the extra upload speed. I am wondering if there is any benefit to the Telstra connection, or if the Aussie broadband connection will be the same for $20 less. As far as i can tell, they should be the same as it is all NBN co infrastructure.Any input is much appreciated.

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  • What kind of NBN? If unsure check here

    Aussie BB will be more or less the same.

    There is an exit fee for the cost of the Telstra modem.

    • We are currently month to month with Telstra so we have already payed for the modem, so no exit fee. We have nbn hfc, but I can't see why nbn 100 with aussie broadband is 90 whereas with telstra it is 110.

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        That's good re: no modem exit fee.

        Telstra bundle included phone & mobile calls. Aussie BB is not bundled, phone & mobile calls is optional.

  • They're not all the same, no. Each provider decides how much CVC they purchase on any given POI. Many of the larger ones tend to skimp on CVC and therefore you'll experience slowdown during peak periods. ABB monitors CVC and increases it if needed. I believe you'll have a better experience on ABB.

  • Aussie Broadband or Superloop

  • I'm on HFC with AussieBB and just did a speed test at 7:46pm Saturday evening - 88.87mb down, 38.18mb up. Typical down speed for me is 92-94mb.

    AussieBB keep their CVC in check - never had an issue myself (been with them for about 12 months).

  • I'll give my standard Launtel recommendation.
    They are a small business that give great service, make sure the users get the best speeds they can, and have innovative billing (you can switch off while you are on holidays, or dial down to a cheaper speed if you won't be using it much).
    There are referrals to get you a cheap deal too, on the OzB referrals page.

  • ABB is consistent and provides great value. You can also use your Telstra Modem with ABB connection.
    You may just need to unplug and reboot the modem to pick up the new settings.

    The swap may only take 1hr before you are live with ABB.

  • Checkout launtel.
    There feature of charging per day and the ability to change speeds on a daily basic depending on you needs is insanely useful.
    if you need to download a few hundred GB or even TB's for one day or multiple day's, a single login to their website change your speeds and you only pay per day, this morning i wanted to download a few hundred gb quickly so i changed my speed from 100/20 $2.90 per day to 1000/50 $4.60 per day less than 10 minutes later i had gigabit speed (not saying your HFC is gigabit capable as it depends but there still 250mbps i think)

  • Not quite. I'm on Opticomm.

    • Ummm No.

      Firstly connection types depend on where you live, NBN rollout is based on Multi Tech Mix. Secondly, just because you have selected your speed which is AVC, the actual speed you can achieve depends on the CVC capacity each reseller purchases. Speeds used to fluctuate wildly between resellers that’s why ACCC made all the telcos publish “typical evening speed” during peak usage times. You don’t get the same speed on Telstra NBN50 vs Belong NBN50 even though it’s the same company.

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      Customer service & speed is not the only thing that changes.

      1) There are ISPs that offer 1000 Mbps & 250 Mbps for FTTP & parts of HFC.
      2) The bigger ISPs use their own network & are connected directly to every NBN POI.
      3) Smaller ISPs resell another companies network & are not connected directly to every NBN POI.
      4) International network speeds differ.
      5) Better ISPs order more CVC that leads to improved peak performance.

  • Another thing that makes ISPs different is whether they own their own fibre to POIs or if they rent bandwidth from others.

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