Cheapest Quickly Unlocked 4G Phone as Alternative to USB Dongle?

Hey guys, my E3372H died yesterday and I'm wondering what I should get to hotspot that is cheap; as this product doesn't seem to be very reliable. I pushed around 1TB across 4 months and I think it's just fried it.

Would a phone be a better option? I'm thinking that they would be more robust as I've definitely pushed more than 2TB through my Xiaomi Note 4 across the years.

If so, what is a good option as a hotspotting phone?

I'm mostly locking it on the higher frequency bands so B28 and the other things won't really matter that much. I just need it to be quickly unlockable and preferably cheap.

The guys at the shop recommended the new optus 4G wifi egg thing that costs $99 but I think that's a bit too expensive. I'm fairly certain I could get a more reliable product and possibly a faster phone, as the E3372h is only a CAT 4 product. I don't think you can set the bands on that wifi egg either.