[Unobtainable Deal] Disney+ 15% off 12 Month Subscription $76.49 (Standard Price $89.99) @ UNiDAYS

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Just came across this on Unidays
15% off when you sign up for 12 months.
Normally $89.99
Requires unidays account with valid student email address.

People have mentioned paying through iTunes store using discounted iTunes gift cards , but not sure if you can stack with the Unidays code. Might be worth a try.

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  • Might want to mention a Unidays account requires an educational email address (at least in my experience).

  • Is code generic?

  • You can get 15% or sometimes even 20% on D+ through iTunes gift cards regularly!

  • Logged into my unidays account, clicked on "Activate Promotion" link on unidays…..taken to Disney+ website, got to payment page and says $89.99…..don't know why

  • TV streaming… Yeah very helpful for your studies.

    • Gotta do something during those 4 hour gaps between tutes!

      ..And if they're going for 10 week trimesters what are you going to do for 22 weeks of the year not attending? Study?


  • Kodi+realdebrid+thecrew

  • OP, did you try this before posting? I get $89.99 through the unidays link.

    • As we already have Disney+ no haven't gone through the signup process. Might have to contact Unidays to let them know the link doesn't work?

      • Same issue here, my idea was to re-sign up but it only offers the standard $89.99.
        Sent a contact us to unidays, will post the outcome (if I get a response).

        • did you get anything back?

          • @superm86: No they wanted a screenshot or some nonsense, for 15% of $90.00 I couldn't be bothered … I know - not very ozbargain of me…
            actually I'm wondering whether the deal exists at all and all Unidays is doing is promoting the standard 15% discount of 12 months vs the monthly cost…

        • If you read the description for this so called promotion on unidays, it says the discount is the "saving based on annual vs monthly subscription price." Clearly, this is the standard annual price thus a false promotion.

  • Actually reminded me to cancel my sub, thanks OP. There's literally no content for an adult and I only got it because it was like $40 for an entire year. Yes I get it, great for the kiddos, will be back when/if I have mine.

    • Disney+ won't have many TV series or movies if that's what you looking for - Hulu may have the rights to those. R18 content won't be on Disney+ either. Some predict Disney+ will offer a bundle with Hulu in Australia in the near future that will fill the gap.

    • Hamilton…

    • There's literally plenty of content for adults.

      • … For adults that want to relive their childhood haha

        Seriously though, as far as adult content goes, there's the marvel series and other than that it's a lot of family oriented movies. Not much in the way of action, thrillers, suspense and definitely not horror.

        Personally, through my family network I have access to pretty much all the streaming services, but disney is definitely not where I go for my content.
        Our household has played Moana 15356 times so far though.

        • Agree, but there's also The Simpsons, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Nat Geo documentaries, National Treasure, Avatar, Hamilton etc. It's clearly aimed at families but "There's literally no content for an adult" is hyperbole.

    • I completely agree, was a waste of money for me too, haven't watched a single thing!

  • Cheaper with 20%off iTunes cards and subbing through App Store.

  • Looks like one of those false promotions, its save 15% of the monthly sub price if you pay for a full year. Fine print on the website.

    Save over 15%. T&Cs apply.*

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