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[PC] Far Cry 5 Gold $26.99, Rainbow Six Siege Gold $40.97 ($11.99 / $25.97 with $15 Coupon) at Epic Games


Down to $26.99, which means it qualifies for the use of the $15 voucher many people will still have from the Epic sale.

The Gold Edition includes the game, the Digital Deluxe Pack & the Season Pass which includes 3 new experiences.

It should also include Far Cry 3 deluxe, but you may have to ask customer support for that.

[PC, Epic] Rainbow Six Siege Gold $40.97 ($25.97 with EGS $15 Coupon) at Epic Game Store

Upgrade to the Gold Edition! Includes early and instant access to Year 5 operators, exclusive skins, charms, VIP benefits, and more!

Includes Year One and Year Two Ops

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