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[PC] Free - $15 off Coupon (Min $22.99 Spend) | Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition (Expired) @ Epic Games


Epic Games have confirmed on Twitter that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be the next free game.

Get Grand Theft Auto V free on PC until May 21. Yours to keep forever on the Epic Games Store.

Here is the deleted tweet.


Sign in to your Epic Games account, then click the button to claim one $10 Epic Coupon (to use on eligible games or add-ons of $14.99 or above or local currency equivalent). The $10 Epic Coupon will be applied automatically at checkout. Note: If you make your first purchase or grab your first free game during the promotion before clicking on the button you will automatically receive your first $10 Epic Coupon. Coupons expire on November 1st, 2:59 AM EST.


Use the $10 Epic Coupon to buy an eligible game or add-on of $14.99 or more on the store (during the promotional period) and you’ll receive another $10 Epic Coupon. Note: Coupons expire on November 1st, 2:59 AM EST.

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  • +56

    Holy crap that is awesome.

    • +110

      Some would even say Epic

      • +2


      • +3

        this is one of those games that the word "Epic" perfectly described the game

      • -2


    • +2

      I don't have a PC which can run this yet; see: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/536960

      But is it possible to make an account on my laptop to redeem this?

      • -1

        Yes, you can even install it at pretend you can play it :p.
        Edit: After looking at your link, until you finish your build, which should be able to handle it well.

      • +5

        Yes. As long as your laptop can install the Epic Games client, then you can redeem and it's then linked to your account forever. Once you get a capable PC, install the Epic Games Client and log in, then you can download and play GTA V.

        • +15

          You don't need to install the client. You can add the game to your library by logging into the Epic store website.

    • +1

      Can this deal be the most upvoted post in OzBargain history?

  • +3

    Set reminder.

    • GO GO GO

  • +16

    Nice to have it free, by now I guess most people already have a copy in their steam library, if not you waited out for so long :)

      • +71

        Electric? 🤣

        • +28

          I prefer the dragon or fire type copy of video games

        • -56

          'Electric' makes more sense than 'Digital'. Optic drives encode digital information. 'Digital downloads' use electricity.

          And 'Download' copy doesn't work as from memory the PC physical version of GTA V is just a map and a serial number.

          'Electric' and 'Physical' are far better descriptors of what is now just a serial number than 'Digital', 'Download' or 'Optic'.

          • +53

            @This Guy: Just stop.

            Physical = disc
            Digital = download/online

            Dude messed up, it's okay to make mistakes.

          • +8

            @This Guy: Do you mean tangible vs intangible?

            • -15

              @aladdin: No, I like Electric and Physical.

              With PC gaming you buy a licence and a serial number, not a copy of the game, so both Physical and Digital are both intangible.

          • +40

            @This Guy: I personally prefer my games to be analogue, preferably tube driven. Has so much more warmth and depth.

            • -26

              @Charybdia: You sound like the kinda guy who run's your DAC's at 24kHz because the nyquist theorem is digital elitism. You can hear up to 24kHz so why should your PC sample any higher???

              How are the pixel's on your 23" CRT? Fast and blurry?

              Your VGA equipped GPU is so old it runs Crysis at min, 720p.

              You have your media box hooked up to a VCR so you you can get that glorious LP static with Netflix on your disgusting OLED 4k TV.

              I bet your PC isn't worth a dollar over five.

              • +3

                @This Guy: Gross, 24kHz. I run minimum 96kHz.

                • -5

                  @Charybdia: 96Hz? Tubes? I have some speakers sprinkled in fairy dust to sell you.

                  It's almost like there are 40 people here who failed year 7 science.

              • -1

                @This Guy: 🤣 I can't believe you got so many neg's, hahaha!😂 you're right, electric makes way more sense than digital. but you're in the wrong crowd here. 🤣 ROFL! you might as well try convincing this lot they use Arabic numerals or that paper was invented by the Chinese. They believe what they believe and there's no changing that.
                (🤣ROFL! CRT, fast & blurry hahaha! Brilliant!) 😂

                • -1

                  @LinkMonkey: It was fun! And onlinepred didn't deserve the hate for using scientific fundamentals instead of a marketing term.

            • +1

              @Charybdia: @Charbydia Your comment was great value. I don't usually find great free stuff here but have to admit, through the tears and laughter of this thread; Good Deal!

          • +4

            @This Guy: Don't Optics drives use electricity too? Doesn't everything computer related need it?

            • -10

              @Pinchy: Yes. Put a DVD you love in the microwave if you want to see how to read one electronically.

              • +1

                @This Guy: I think you've mixed up your kB and kW mate

                • -5

                  @Where's_That_Cake: I didn't know transistors were operated with mathematical concepts.

                  It is great to know that when the internet goes down all I need to do is plug a HDD into the back of the router.

                  • +2

                    @This Guy: I didn't know that DVDs played in the microwave until you told us. You're coming across as a real fountain of knowledge here 🤣

        • +7

          I tend to prefer the Mechanic copy of games

        • +11

          Sorry sir. I wish I could go back in time to correct myself.

      • +17

        Electric? As opposed to… Steam Powered??
        This is both. So confused.

    • +10

      I have a PS3 copy, does that count?

      • +4

        You've reminded me that I may have an unplayed PS3 copy somewhere… damn pile of shame just keeps growing.

      • +2

        Odd that we don't have a GTA game for the current generation built from the ground up. Excluding RDR2 of course.

        • +4

          R* can already print so much money through shark cards that they don't need a GTA 6.

          • +2

            @ChillBro: I'll never get used to the fact that people would pay real money for shark cards.

            It's no wonder so many people live paycheck to paycheck.

    • +1

      I don’t own it. maybe I’ll actually download the Epic Launcher instead of just claiming the game this time

  • +2

    Awesome! Almost bought it a couple of weeks ago.

    • +3

      You should almost buy more things and just wait a couple of weeks.

  • +15

    waiting for this post to break records - most upvoted

  • +9

    Wow… this is generous.
    Already have it… I'm sure lots of people do.

    But, if you don't… make sure you don't miss this!

    • +18

      Not really that generous. It's an old game, and they'll be hoping that a couple of players will hop online and become microtransaction whales to make up the losses, which they will.

    • -11

      I don't have the game. I will add it to library for sake of completeness but this is one game I personally will never play which is why I would have preferred any other game, especially Rocket League or another set of games (as Batman) such as a Lego 6-Pack or Lego Superhero Pack or something like that.

      • +7

        Not sure why you were negged? I’m in the almost exactly same situation, i.e. will add it to my growing free collection but likely won’t touch it anytime soon.

      • +1

        You're missing out. It's one of the most engaging and fun games.

        • +9

          I am just not into some of the stuff going on in that game. Same with all GTA games.
          And if people want to neg me because they cannot accept that there are some people who draw a line re certain violence and other things in games so be it.

          • +11

            @Lysander: I don't get the negs either, but if you play GTA V online, you'll understand the calibre of person I guess.

            I can see why you'd disagree with the content, it's pretty full on.

            The worrying thing is how many parents have bought it for their kids. That's bad parenting 101.

            One of my mates bought it for his son and my sister-in-law bought it for hers. I warned them but they said "oh my kids fine, he's pretty smart. He'll be ok" until they watched the gameplay.

            I guess there's something unnerving about watching your 10 year old play a game wherein the protagonist "makes love" to a "pharmaceutical distributor's girlfriend" in an "uncomfortable place" and then "assists" her boyfriend to end his life using his boot all while screaming some colourful language.

            It's almost as if they should put a rating on it so that parents can determine if it's suitable for their children or not.

            Again, I can definitely understand why you'd not feel comfortable playing this one.

            • -3

              @imurgod: No, bad parenting is not putting in the effort to really understand/know your kids. Age ratings are a guide for lazy parents, plenty of children are very capable of being exposed to things like this without it affecting them.

              I haven't played GTA online so perhaps the scene you're describing goes too far, but I was allowed to play/watch similar things to the main game as a child and it didn't cause any harm whatsoever.

              • +1

                @callum9999: Same here, but society has to walk as slow as the slowest member.

                • @imurgod: You couldn't possibly agree with me if you think letting a child play this is "bad parenting 101"…

                  Regulations need to be aimed at the "slowest members" of society, but our opinions don't need to be! Should GTA V be classified as an adult game? Absolutely. Are some children mature enough to play adult games? Absolutely.

                  • @callum9999: That's a ridiculous statement unless you've never played GTA V.

                    If you think that content is suitable for children, you're morally bankrupt.

                    • -3

                      @imurgod: I don't think you know what the term morally bankrupt actually means…

                      I would also say the irrefutable fact that millions of children play GTA V (and every single GTA game before it) without incurring any harm whatsoever proves it is indeed suitable for SOME children.

                      Though I guess that would require you to actually think about it logically (what exactly do you think they're being exposed to that they aren't in everyday life?), which I know is a major struggle for the majority of people on this site.

                      • +2

                        @callum9999: So by your thinking, you think it's fine for kids to be exposed to murder, rape, etc.


                        • -2

                          @imurgod: If you don't think kids are already exposed to murder, rape etc. then you're living in cloud cuckoo land…

                          • +2

                            @callum9999: My kids aren't. In what context is, say, a 7 or 8 year old exposed to that stuff?

                            • -3

                              @imurgod: The news? TV shows? Films? YouTube? Even history lessons at school…

                              Though given I never said 7 year olds should be playing, that's a stupid example. Can you genuinely not grasp the difference between a 7 year old and a 17 year old playing GTA, or are you creating a dishonest argument because it's too weak otherwise?

                              Though I'd also be willing to bet that your 7 year old has indeed been told or watched something involving murder. It's absolutely everywhere (even the Simpsons has murders in it - how on EARTH have you not noticed…).

                              • +4

                                @callum9999: a 17 year old is 1 year away from being an adult. We were discussing kids. When one refers to a "kid" they assume a child, not someone mere days from being an adult. You're trying to skew this argument to suit you now because you've lost.

                                Hell, I even referred to my mate's 10 year old in my earlier post. I guess you're one of those people who don't read past the headings (further evidenced by the post where you thought I was agreeing with you, despite me saying I had also grown up watching that stuff).

                                You're also trying to compare a videogame containing gratuitous violence and promoting same to history lessons or news.

                                Yep, they're the same thing! Can you genuinely not grasp the difference between education and world events and a videogame? (and you talk about weak arguments.. sheesh!).

                                I also can't recall the depiction of a crack whore being raped by Homer Simpson before he stomps her boyfriend to death. Can you tell me which episode of The Simpsons that is?

                                Maybe you're right and I haven't noticed these things in the Simpsons.

                                Man, I wouldn't have bothered replying had I been you. It really hasn't helped you at all.

  • +36

    The amount of free games I’ve gotten from Epic is amazing. I’ve yet to spend a single dollar in the store.

    • +6

      and never spend your money on that store

      • +2

        agree, they're free for a reason.

    • +13

      Your data is worth more to them

      • Yeah they are owned by China now "Tencent"


        • +2

          Mate give me a break with all that conspiracy theory. Your data is collected everywhere. Paypal and Ebay will have more data about you than all your gaming services combined. Is Paypal just the most trustworthy company you can dish your data out to? Has Paypal EVER given you anything free?

          • @fuzor: The difference is with government to monitor it or with government to use it.

            But don't get me wrong I still added them onto my game library.

      • Don't know if your data is worth that much.


  • +2


  • -3

    Wow that makes no sense. Absolutely no sense GTA5 free for life, all the licensed tracks on epic store front wth 😮 I'm more then shocked.

    Hold on GTA 5 wasn't built in some part with unreal decades ago was it, because I know the license for the destruction and physics in GTA 5 came from Ea's blessings (with money of course) built within the rage engine. (All that deformation) meaning:

    installments in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In 2004, Criterion Games was acquired by Electronic Arts, which led Rockstar Games to switch from RenderWare, and open RAGE Technology Group as a division of Rockstar San Diego. RAGE Technology Group started developing what would later become RAGE, based on Rockstar San Diego's previous Angel Game Engine.

    So what does rockstar have to offer epic studios that Microsoft could not.

    But no idea how gta6 wil manage as Ea owns the rights to burnouts physics, and rockstars license had expired.

    • +92

      Are you having a stroke?

      • -13

        Yeah if you a PhD in medicine, otherwise no.

        • +12

          Technically, a degree in medicine doesn't necessarily confer a PhD.

          • +1

            @mokkzzz: Yes, but how is that relevant?

          • -7

            @mokkzzz: Have you created a algorithm that detects characteristics in the phone that can predetermine a functional output via a algorithm built on millions of calculations that determine stroke amongst android and apple users.

            If not I'll refer to the PhD that you do not have.

            • +18

              @DisabledUser317324: Refer back to the initial question: are you having a stroke?

              • -15

                @dotMonkey: Refer back to the initial question:

                Yes if you have a doctoral of medicine, otherwise no.

                Have you created a algorithm that detects characteristics in the phone that can predetermine a functional output via algorithm built on millions of calculations that determine stroke amongst android and apple users.

                If not I'll refer to the PhD that you do not have.

                Refer back to the last question: are you insert: "@#£@#£"

                • +9

                  @DisabledUser317324: I think you were meant to say "yes"

                • +6

                  @DisabledUser317324: you must be thick - he's referring to the absolute rambling mess of that brain download you typed. If you read aloud what you wrote and said it to someone, people would think there's something wrong with your head.

                  Also, if you are writing a question, put a question mark at the end of it.

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser317324: He asked if you were having a stroke. He didn't state that you were.

                  There's this thing in most languages called "asking a question". You should look it up some time…

            • +3

              @DisabledUser317324: what the (profanity)

            • +3

              @DisabledUser317324: Someone trying to flex their comp sci?

            • +1

              @DisabledUser317324: Na, I'll just see you at the ED.

              If you haven't caught on, I'm referring to an MD, not a PhD.

      • +4


        quietly zips pants up

    • +8

      They want more people to play online and spend money on the in-game currency

    • +6

      I think your first sentence sums up the rest of your post

    • +4

      Does anyone actually understand what this person is saying? I've read it 3x (and I'm trying really hard) but I cannot comprehend…

      • +6

        It reads like a bot trying to make a human-sounding comment lol, just incoherent ramblings

    • +1

      Mate, do you come in Australian or what?

  • +18

    Can't wait until RDR2 becomes free in 2025!

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