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Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Motion Sensor US$10.99 (~A$15.87) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


After several requests we now have the Aqara Motion Sensor on sale in a pack of 1 with free priority shipping. It features a movable/rotatable stand that allows you to mount it in different positions, Zigbee compatible so it works with other Zigbee hubs including Aqara, Xiaomi, SmartThings, Conbee and more.

Examples of its uses is turning on the lights when motion is detected, playing an alarm when motion is detected, sending a notification to your phone and more!

Next we have a deal on the Aqara Zigbee Hub itself that you can use to control the sensors. It's HomeKit compatible and will work with the Apple Home app, Mi Home and the Aqara Home app. It also features a speaker (alarm, door bell function etc), a light (night light, alarm etc) and has the CN 3 pin style plug so it'll still fit in AU sockets.

Important: Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose the free Australia Priority Line shipping before payment.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate. One per order.

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  • Will it work with Phillips hue and Google?

    • Philips Hue is using a different implementation of Zigbee unfortunately so you'd need to use a different hub like the Aqara, Conbee 2 etc. I believe the Google Assistant integration is still a work in progress with only a few sensors working.

      • Hi. What do you mean by it's a working progress on Android? Do these work on Android? Where can I get more info?


        • The Google Home integration (e.g. controlling a sensor with the Google Nest Mini) isn't fully implemented by Aqara like Apple HomeKit is.

          • @Clear: But you said some are working. We your referring to Apple?

            • @ds4: Some sensors are working with the Google Home integration. According to my research on the Aqara subreddit, using the Aqara Home app to integrate with Google has the following compatible: Aqara Hub, LED light, Smart Plug and Smart Wall Switch T1. However there are mixed responses saying they don't always work.

              Hence the Aqara are still actively developing Google Home/Assistant integration and it's not complete yet. You'd still require a Zigbee hub anyway as you can't use an Android phone to connect to the sensors directly.

  • +1

    any deals on the aqara or xiaomi wireless switch Clear?

    • Which one are you after?

  • How reliable are these with Android/PC?

    • Do you have a Zigbee Hub already? That's a requirement for these kind of smart home sensors to work.

    • These sensors have nothing to do with Android, PC, or IOS. You need to pair them with Zigbee hub/coordinator, to use them for triggering the events based on motion activities.

  • No but i am looking at some home security/automation.

    Im usually an early adopter but things crashing or not working would put me off buying these things.

    Just want something super reliable even if its complex to set up.

    • +1

      Xiaomi Aqara sensors are super reliable and one of the best sensors.

      • Mine false triggers sometimes and sometimes does not trigger. Ymmv

    • +2

      I find these to be a mixed bag with reliability, some of them have lasted for a while others need constant repairing.

      I'm replacing them with the IKEA ones.

      • I am replacing few Ikea ones with these. Although Ikea ones are running reasonably fine but they have comparatively shorter range (120 degrees and around 15 feet). Since they cant be tilted or installed at an angle, the quality of alerts generated is not always good.
        They ah e battery issues too.

    • Save yourself a lot of drama and go with HUE. Costs a bit more but works flawlessly.

      • +2

        Hue cost lot more

  • Can you use this outside? Would like to use this to trigger the lights and gateway alarm when someone pass by.

    • It's not designed for use outside but you certainly can as long as it's sheltered enough.

    • I've got one of these under an eave outside acting as a ghetto sensor to turn on a hue light either normal or flashing red as an alarm.

      Apart from motion it also outputs lux which is handy because data.

      During the day I get very few false alarms (maybe 2 a week) but at night I have not yet seen a false trigger and works perfectly.

  • When you say it works with smartthings, you mean it just works with a search, pair and connect? Or are there custom handlers etc required?

    If custom handlers, how do you see that going with the smartthings changes in the works?

    • I find that the easiest answer is hopping onto Google and doing a search of "hubname Aqara" and you generally get more detailed responses than I can probably give. The answer to your question however is that custom handlers are required and there is a developer actively developing them for the Mi/Aqara sensors here.

    • Just add it into smartthings
      I don't recommend going with smartthings at all, I have used both hub and the xiaomi hub wins handout regarding reliability, very rarely if any issue with these sensor over 2 years and haven't had to replace battery yet. The smarthings dropped connection with all might hue lights 3 times in the first month and everytime I had to remove all the lighting and reconfigure automation, and it is significantly slower (you would hit the other end of the room before light turned on), xiaomi response almost instataneously, similar to hassio automation.

      The only issue is probably chinese server.

      • I'm already pretty far gone into smartthings, and it has been solid for nearly everything. Remains to be seen what gets broken and when, and if I stay with them.

  • Motion sensor Coupon reached its limit :-(
    That's fast

    • That's not right. Let me get that fixed.

      Edit: Coupon is working fine for me.

  • Is there a limit of one unit? I want to use the code in qty of 2. Or do I need to put through two transactions?

    • One per order so you'd have to make multiple transactions.

  • Order placed on May 13 still not received for Xiaomi Mijia MJYD02YL Night Light Generation 2 Infrared Smart Body

    • That's been covered in the original post. The estimated timeframe for the unregistered China Post was 50 business days due to COVID, however if you have not received your order within 90 calendar days you will be refunded.

      The same issue will not happen here as this is using express postage through the Auspost China alliance.

      • I'm still waiting for mine too… Guess I keep waiting…

  • After discount, price comes out to be $16.28

  • Thanks Clear, ordered one. Today I got tracking number for the door sensors.

  • Is it possible to use a pair of these to control the same set of lights? E.g. in an upstairs/downstairs scenario where the stair lights are controlled by two separate sensors. Hue has a "Lab" config that isn't fully implemented that can do this, but just wondering if it's any easier with the Xiaomi ecosystem?

    • I don't believe there is this functionality in IFTTT or SmartThings. A friend of mine is doing this for his stairwell going up and down but with no success. Best chance you have at implementing custom code is probably HomeAssistant.

    • If you have an Aqara Hub should be able to do that in HomeKit.

  • Hi Op, does the sensor work with the xiaomi gateway? Thanks.

    • Yeah.

    • I have researched and it should. I can see the Aqara device on the mi app as well.
      I ordered my xiaomi gateway from Aliexpress since May and haven't arrived yet to test :(

      • I have been using my gateway with the wifi reed sensors for a fair bit now and have been happy. Will give this a go. Thanks Op!

  • Do you know what version of this, I have 2 type of xiaomi sensor and one has additional light sensor. Also note is this sensor also have temperature sensor builtin but you wont see it on the xiaomi app.

    • This is aqara the other one is mi sensor

  • I need to install a overhead sensor light infront of my main entrance and outside of that main door. I was thinking to call an electrician and install a wired one but wondering if there is any good option for a battery operated one?

  • I've ordered some temperature sensors on June 24th using Priority Line.

    According to Geekbuying website it was shipped on July 3rd. Australia Post shows a tracking number but it has not scanned in this country yet. Status shown: "It's being prepared".

    Don't order if you are in a rush.

    • +2

      Don't use Auspost for tracking as they won't update until it's onboard for delivery. Instead go to 17track.net/en and select UBI as the carrier (since Auspost contract them to do the China to AU arm) and it'll show significantly more accurate tracking.

      • Thanks, very useful tip. Should arrive soon then :-)

    • Mine were sent out on 4th July and I received them on 9th July.
      Use ‘Parcels’ app for tracking.

    • Mine arrived at the local distribution centre over the weekend. Thought they'd get delivered today but guess tomorrow now.

    • I had one arrive on Thursday last week, and the other two arrive on Monday (yesterday)

  • Wish this deal was posted sooner.. I bought two from aliexpress back in mid-May and I'm still waiting for them… Sad that my order here would probably arrive sooner than those!

  • @Clear, can you ask Geekbuying to run a special deal for this:

    I've been waiting a while for this product to be on sale…

    • The Ikea Molgan light is functionally identical and is only 10 bucks. Batteries versus USB but otherwise does the same thing.

  • AU$ 16.28 after discount

    • It is if you use PayPal's exchange rate. My rate is based off the Mastercard rate with 0% international transaction fees. Cards without currency conversion fees set to do their own conversion in PayPal like ING for example would get the same price or very similar.

    • -3

      same for me, showing AU$ 16.28. at checkout.
      Not a deal, same as aliexpress really when you buy 4 of them.

      • +1

        But you don't need to buy four of them.. also, speaking from current experience - I'm still waiting for my order from May! I strongly advise against ordering from Ali if you want these sooner than 2-3 months… Not really a fair downvote imo

      • +2

        It's $16.28 AU if you use PayPal's exchange rate. How do you think they make money on overseas purchases? They charge a currency conversion fee. If you choose a card without transaction fees, click the "See currency options" and switch to USD you will get charged at the current Mastercard/VISA rate. So that's $15.87 for VISA and $15.83 for Mastercard.

        But you're saying it's not a deal because you must buy 4 of them on AliExpress for it to be cheaper. This deal is on 1 of them though? Do you have proof that they're even cheaper on AliExpress? They add GST at checkout, not before.

      • Can you share the link please?

  • +1

    What is the difference between the Aqara hub and the Xiaomi Zigbee 3.0 hub? Which one is better?

    • Same Question. Anyone got ideas on this?

    • The power of Google! It supports Zigbee 3.0 meaning it'll support 100 devices per hub instead of 30, better WiFi, USB-C for power, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh for Xiaomi Bluetooth sensors. It doesn't have the LED ring or speaker found in the Aqara Hub.

      • Cool, so go for the Xiaomi Zigbee 3.0 hub if I want to use my google smart home with it.

  • Thanks Clear.

    Over the past couple of weeks I have ordered the humidity sensors (received and installed), door and window sensors (on their way - per tracking info) and now these motion sensors from your post. Cheers.

    For information, if useful for others - all these sensors work without any issues using Conbee II USB stick and DeConz within Home Assistant.

    • Same here! My wife is going insane with the amount of home automation kit I'm installing lol

      Gotta love Home Assistant!

  • Will this work with the ZigBee hub in the OG Echo Plus?

    • I don't believe so. I think the Echo Plus is using a non-compliant version of Zigbee so it doesn't work with everything.

    • +1

      The Xiaomi/Aqara zigbee devices are hit and miss with the Echo hub. Some of them do work - confirmed by me - but detection can be problematic, and dropouts aren't unknown.

  • +1

    @Clear, can we please have a Smart Cube Controller code :D

    • Yeah was going to ask for the same.
      Looking to get a couple for the kids rooms.

  • Is the hub chinese version or international version? Please add it to the description. International hub can not add chinese version devices like Robot Vacuum cleaner or Camera etc.

  • -2

    I have stopped buying Chinese products unless necessary. Wish one day, I will be able to buy everything Australian made.

    • +1

      That rules out a lot of food. Many many big brands source their gluten from China instead of AU ;)

      • This user (current username: TimeIsMoney) is spamming the same message on (probably) every Chinese-made products.

  • Any deals on the temp / humidity sensors?

  • Can we have Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor and Xiaomi Aqara Water Sensor Next?


  • Clear any deals on the xiaomi / aqara wireless switches? or xiaomi zigbee smart power plugs?

  • Aqara Motion Sensor seems to have disappeared. What happened?

  • my motion sensor order from 13th still says “Processing” - is it just me? When can I expect it to be shipped?

    • +1

      2-7 business days typically

      • Thanks Op!

        • +1

          Reporting back here after recieving my item. I got it last week so happy with the shipping time. Set it up yesterday and have been impressed with it so far.
          Small in size, but works like a charm. Set it up in the mi home app, but alexa automatically registered it. However, was unable to pair it up in Alexa routine with other devices. Paired it up with the xiaomi yeelight and works perfectly. Happy customer here ! Thanks once again Op!

          • @Dealking: I have a Stitch wifi motion sensor (tuya based) that is recognised in Alexa via the Smart Life app, and while device is on screen in the app I can see it has recognised the motion, yet just won't work in routines. Google only led me to many more comments with same results but no solutions.

            Haven't tried the Aqara (I'm using with Conbee on HA instead) but sounds like its the same thing.

            As far as the sensor goes though, works great. Might eventually do the mod to make it reset it's motion detection every 5 seconds rather than 60 or whatever it is at the moment to make it even more responsive (if you're wondering, basically the button on the side puts it in test mode, so the motion detection is cleared after 5 seconds rather than 60 and ready to detect again. Pushing the button only keeps it in that mode for so long, mod is just permanently bridging the switch)

  • Can we get this same deal again please op?

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