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BlitzWolf BW-FWC5 10W Wireless Charger US$10.28 (~A$14.81) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Banggood have this charger on sale again from their AU warehouse and the final AU$ price ends up being cheaper than last time. It supports 10W Qi fast charging, 7.5W charging for iPhones and the standard 5W charging for older devices.

  • Apply the coupon BGBW1FC5 at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • what is the largest wattage we can buy for these chargers
    and any deals for that?

    • If you have an iPhone you should be asking what is the largest Wattage it will even use for wireless charging. iirc it's 10 but I dunno, my memory isn't great. Someone is going to have to actually check.

      • That doesn't mention anything about wireless charging.
        Apple wireless charging FAQ here - https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT208078

        • I thought if you have adapter for e.g 18w and wireless charger with 18w capability and also if your device supports that then it should be it. Isn’t it ? I may be wrong.

  • Does anyone know if these work with a case? I have an Samsung s10e with a LEDView case for reference.

    • i doubt it
      or if it does it would be even slower

    • It did mention something about plastic case in the description.

    • interesting question though..
      cos many people would have some sort of case

      so these chargers might be a hassle to take the case off and on each time we need to charge it

    • Just pulled this from the amazon page for the product - 【TIPS TO USAGE】— Non-Qi enabled devices need qi receiver installed; support slim phone case within 3mm, please do not put metal or magnetic objects on the wireless charger. If something is sandwiched between phone and wireless charger, the blue and green light will flash alternately.

      Anker wireless chargers mention under 5mm, so this blitzwolf is close. Can't find info on my specific case thickness though :\

    • +1

      I have a silicone hard case and it works fine

    • Works fine through plastic and leather cases that I've tried

    • I can charge my phone wirelessly with a spigen liquid air. Fast charge works too but a bit noisy with coil whine

  • They're not listed as supported devices however would anyone confirm that this work on Note 10+ and Apple Airpod 2 wireless?


    • Pretty much everything these days uses the Qi wireless charging protocol. It's almost certain to work. The only real variable is how quickly it will charge.

    • I haven't used these specific chargers, but i'm charging my apple airpod 2 wireless case with a cheap qi wireless charger right now.

  • Has anyone had experience trying to claim warranty / refund on products that are dead on arrival from Banggood? Reached out to their customer support team but have yet to hear anything …

  • +1

    These charging pads are never big enough. It defeats the purpose if I have to carefully line it up - may as well plug it in. I want to just chuck my phone on and be done.

    • +4

      Did you mean ‘Le-Chuck’ your phone?

      • +3

        No Monkeying around in the comments section…!

        • +1

          I am rubber, you are glue..

  • Has there been a better price for a reliable wireless charger?

  • +1

    These are a bit rubbish tbh. You have to seat the mobile just right for it to start charging and have to watch it for the first 10 seconds because the light may sometimes turn red after a few blue flashes indicating that your mobile isn't being charged correctly.

    • +1

      yeah i find wireless charging powerbank way more useful it works for my needs i don't need to be wireless charging all day but its handy to be able to just pull out powerbank and whack my phone on top of it for quick top up , and then i also have a little $2 USB LED light plugged in for a handy bendy torch and can just charge up my powerbank every few days or whenever i notice it getting low

  • Have one of these on bedside table, yeah there's been the occasional miss if I don't drop it on correctly, but overall I like it much better than plugging in a cable. Great for the price, grabbed another for living area.

  • -1

    120W charging is coming no need for wireless anymore I reckon.


    • Wireless charging itself isn't even fast. The 15W fast charging in the latest phones is slower than the 18W provided by Quick Charge 2.0 in 2014.

      120W will certainly degrade the battery faster though. My OP6's battery has degraded 20% in the last 2 years and that's from 20W dash charge use.

      • will certainly degrade the battery faster though

        Yeah that is why I always slow charge overnight unless necessary

        • Similar for me. I use a smart plug to shut off after about 6 hours every night to reduce the risk of overcharging.

      • there are those crazy wireless charging phones doing super quick wireless charging with there proprietary wireless chargers with built in fans and huge power supplies

        18w is prenty fast enough for my needs in a quick charger moment otherwise i just whack it on top for 10w

        • Yep 20W and 30W.

  • Sold out? Says "This coupon can only be used 145 times."

  • The BW-FWC6 Wireless Charger Stand at US$10.99 seems like a decent price also.