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Used Marsonline Mine: https://swee.ps/DddsBK_GerPqrp
18/05/2022 - 00:16
Used Grassy21 Mine: https://wn.nr/4UgAsH
18/05/2022 - 00:12
used rikkistixx mine: https://wn.nr/HAR2xQ
21/04/2022 - 16:13
it's a hassle to actually take out without getting pulled over even while driving sensibly. There is nothing to defect it for, but the...
18/01/2022 - 11:09
to give them an extreme benefit of the doubt, it's possible... my '98 Supra has only 77k on the clock without any odometer swapping monkey...
18/01/2022 - 00:44
ebay coupons and gift cards all work, you just can't use stuff like other cashbacks (as far as I know)
11/01/2022 - 23:34
did you purchase within the SG app or shell out to the AliExpress app/site? I've only had one not track so far, but everything done within...
11/01/2022 - 23:32
2 of them! Dear lord, a bulge like that is enough to crease any pants
01/01/2022 - 13:21
depends which model, they'll all have gone up - but the St185 didn't seem that rare, whereas genuine ST205 version only had a very small...
01/01/2022 - 02:16
they're served as .mpd so easy to save and watch later if I feel motivated to train in wowing Bloodsport fans with some Van Damme-esque...
30/12/2021 - 03:59
obviously the proof of the pudding will be when the withdrawal happens - but so far I've found they're good at tracking purchases made...
29/12/2021 - 21:37
I think one problem with planning to pick up a portable wife at the destination is if OP already has a non-portable wife at home, or is...
29/12/2021 - 19:46
I'd suggest switching all the 2FA codes you can from being SMS to using an Authenticator style code - I use "Authy". It's easy, syncs...
29/12/2021 - 19:39
Suunto is a really well known and respected outdoors/adventure/fitness watch brand. In the fitness space their watches have long had more...
28/12/2021 - 12:58
same, it would pair so perfectly with my 150-600mm Sigma
27/12/2021 - 21:52
in 15 years will Google Glass still be based on the MicroOptical Corp design that was already about 15 years old when Google Glass...
27/12/2021 - 21:36
is that their 2 or 3 port charger that is longer rather than taller? (the one that looks like it only takes up the same footprint as the...
20/12/2021 - 17:54
I've had a good experience getting a claim settled (camera damage) in pre-covid travel. But I wasn't looking at them this time because of...
16/12/2021 - 12:57
ouch, I'd thought the 4GB GPUs wouldn't be so inflated now that they're effectively useless for mining ETH
14/12/2021 - 21:17
oof, that looks like a hefty price jack, which seems odd for decathlon. The old pricing lines up reasonably well with decathlon in other...
14/12/2021 - 12:48
lol that is exactly where my mind was going too. I love the Mh/W of the AMD cards, my vega56s and rx580 8GB are so much better in that...
08/12/2021 - 17:17
they do :) You misunderstood. You could _pay_ for it using gift cards, but the "gift card promo" being referred to was "buy Apple Item X...
06/12/2021 - 23:55
the recent black friday deal at Apple IIRC, "buy a macbook and get a giftcard worth X dollars". It's like the Sony cashbacks, except the...
06/12/2021 - 19:54
used McEazzy mine: https://sdqk.me/p/msi-anz-business-productivity-giveaway-week-1-Awxt3k6R?_sqf=dkrp1RcE
06/12/2021 - 10:09
used Canberran mine: https://sdqk.me/p/msi-anz-gift-time-for-gamers-giveaway-w-kingston-GnGLonhq?_sqf=dkrp1RcE
06/12/2021 - 10:07
this is a safe space where you're encouraged to exercise your agency, and your payment method of choice. (though if you're hiking and have...
05/12/2021 - 05:28
altitude hold isn't really ever done using GPS, the altitude info it gives is way too imprecise (it's a multiple of the horizontal...
05/12/2021 - 02:35