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SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 U3 V30 microSDXC Memory Card 400GB $117 Shipped or C&C @ Officeworks


Second deal post here, be easy and gentle.

Checked the last deal here with this 400GB card is also $117 from Amazon AU, but seems like it was sold out in seconds.

Came across this while searching for a good card for the Osmo Action deal I got from here. Hopefully this is good enough deal, my time to pay back the community.

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    This product cannot currently be purchased online, but here is something similar!

    • Strange, I just clicked into the link again, and still able to add to cart, and check out.

    • Just managed to order it fine, might be some weird region thing preventing you

  • Got in the cart then at the check out got the "This product cannot currently be purchased online…". Tried a few times in different ways, different locations, but got the same message…
    Edit: Try again and now got "Temporarily out of stock"…

  • I couldn't order the micro sd. But could add to the cart. The reason some members on here can order it and showing unavailable to others is because there is no stock of the 400GB micro sd in your local region. Add to cart was available but changed to unavailable once the location was added for delivery or click or collect.

  • Showing available stock in Melbourne. Yeah… nah…

    • Free covid, bargain!

  • Worked for me up to the PayPal screen. Didn't want to purchase though.

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    Will osmo action support 400gb of card? Becasue I saw the maximum capacity it support is 256gb from dji site.

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      Bought the 400gb from Amazon and can confirm it works with the Osmo Action

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        yeah same

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    The stock is backing again!!

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      Yes, it seems to be back in stock again, but no stock in my area this time. Glad I ordered another one after the first one when I posted the deal here.

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        Yeah. Just bought 2 for click and collect.

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    Click and collect ordered. Sydney metro.

    • Awesome. Very glad to hear people able to get on this deal again.

      • Thanks a lot for posting!

  • Received the invoice for click and colect but no sms to say ready for pick up. Hmm.

    • No invoice for me yet, only "Confirmation of Order" email received, but the OW app been saying "Order Confirmed", but the date seems to be moving back day after day.

      • Having just noticed. Got sms from officeworks just after lunch today that my order is ready for pickup.


    • I will never do a C&C with officeworks again… i ordered a printer that was supposedly in stock to pick up next day, but wasnt, and the tracking date for it to arrive at the store just kept getting pushed back, but kept saying it was coming. The store had zero visibility into what was happening - and couldnt help me cancel or adjust the order. To do so, i needed to call their hotline, and wait an hour to speak to someone, and i finally cancelled my order two weeks later.

      Basically, their systems are terrible and tracking is unreliable - might be fine normally, but if anything goes wrong you are in for a world of pain.

      • Fingers and toes crossed they haven't 'misplaced' my 2 microsd cards. Also going in to pricebeat a laser printer.

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