Looking for an Affordable Picture Frame for a Rugby Jersey under $100

Dad is a massive Rugby fan so I got him a signed jersey of his favourite rugby team and I'm looking to frame it and give it to him for his birthday.

I'm not interested in going to a special framing business since the pricing they're quoting is $200+ and Ebay have them for similar pricing.

Also not too fussed on the frame quality, just looking for a frame to be under $100.

I'd rather buy in Sydney to avoid shipping and potential damage whilst in transit.



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    the difference in in those framing businesses is how they mount the jersey in the frame so the jersey looks nice.

    i'd say get a few more quotes from other framing places before deciding to get the frame and doing yourself.

  • Under $100.

    Doubt it.

  • Lawsons Auctions in Sydney, they have a Thursday bric a brac auction and this sort of thing comes up. Reckon you can get one for about $100. Am sure there are 1000's stored away, owners with buyers remorse after too many drinks at a charity auction.

    Not sure how hard it is to swap around and make it look good. Maybe make sure the frame doesn't have a plaque.

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