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DJI Osmo Pocket 4K Handheld Compact Gimbal $415.53 Shipped @ Amazon US via AU


Came up my my CamelCamelCamel alerts this morning as a $97 price drop; and thought a few people might be interested.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What’s better, this or the osmo 4K cam? I bought it last week from JB HI FI and it’s still with them…

    My main use will be similar to vlogging and travelling (not that I can travel overseas now).

    I wanna know if the extra $$ is worth it?

    • Water Proof vs Gimble

      Choose your feature.

    • Osmo Pocket is probably better for Vlogging than the Osmo 4K.

      It has face tracking and at that distance from your face, you probably don't need the camera quality of the Osmo 4K…it's also more difficult to use and get your face in focus than the Osmo Pocket.

    • The Pocket is good for vlogging and taking very smooth footage thanks for the 3-axis gimbal. I used it on my travels and it was great, especially with a wide-angle lens over it. It can do hyperlapses and nice slow pans for amazing B-rolls (if you're into that kind of footage). Also can take pretty decent pics and stills too, although you'd be better off using your phone - the Pocket really is for taking videos.

      The face/object tracking is pretty good but not flawless. It has the handy feature to use if you travel alone and want it track you walking or doing something without holding it but you'll need a mini-tripod which is pretty cheap off ebay or AliExpress.

      From a usability standpoint, the Pocket is a LOT more fragile and the frequent power up and power off made the experience a bit less enjoyable. I was always pedantic about making sure it was stored correctly and powered down before placing back in the DJI case. This means that you'll be constantly stop-starting on your travels which is slightly annoying, probably adds another 5secs each time you take it out to use and put it away but YMMV. Mine did survive a fairly large drop~1.5m without any damage onto the ground however.

      I had considered to gamble with the Pocket taking action shots as I was snowboarding but decided against it, too risky. So sadly no footage there.

      But the Osmo Action would just be a breeze to use and less jarring as its built to be a tank so you can carry on without the interruptions.

      TLDR; Pocket better for general traversing and taking cinematic footage, Osmo Action for usability in all scenarios and durability

  • This or Fimi Palm?

    • I have the Palm, and it's better at some things (like having a built-in joystick, WiFi for remote preview and control off mobile, 1/4" hole for tripod mount, lanyard holes), ultimately I don't feel the video is as good quality as the Osmo, and I don't personally like the distortion at the edges of the frame due to the wider angle. But, it's cheaper, I got it from Tobydeals for ~$260, but I'm still considering getting this for this price as I really prefer the pictures the Osmo produces (plus it can do 4k50 & 4k60, where the Palm can't).

      Pick your priority - absolute image quality & higher framerate, or price + other functionality.

      Edit -> one more thing, on the video quality, the Palm is infinite focus, where the Osmo has a shallower depth of field and will pick something to focus on, so the Palm will look more "smartphone/action camera" flat image (in terms of depth of field) than what the Osmo will produce.

  • Does anyone know of Officeworks will price match this?

    • Don't know for sure, they say "identical product" for the PBG, this is a US Import though, not Australian stock, so they may well be identified as a different product to the Aus. version that OW would have.