CJG54 Curved Gaming Monitor 27” (144hz) Recently Bought but Can Only Use 60hz

Good evening all,

Recently bought a CJG54 Curved Gaming Monitor 27” through Samsung EPP and I've been using it for the past week.

I've noticed that upon further digging, the monitor is only being display at 60Hz as opposed to 144Hz advertised. Can anyone please help me troubleshoot this issue? I've already tried changing it through windows settings (right click desktop > display > advanced display settings > display adapter properties > Monitor > 60Hz under "Screen refresh rate" which is the maximum setting).

I have dual monitor setup, which may be causing the problem or maybe its because of my old graphics card?

Set up as follows:

  • Windows 10
  • Graphics Card: 780Ti
  • Primary Monitor: CJG54 Samsung Monitor (connected to the HDMI on the graphics card, and HDMI Port 1 behind the monitor, I've also tried HDMI Port 2, same result)
  • Secondary Monitor: Dell P2416D (connected to the DP on the graphics card, and DP behind the monitor)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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    Hmm .. a quick google search suggests I may need to run using DP from the 780ti to the Samsung monitor …

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      It's this

      • Will try this out tomorrow … and all along I thought 144Hz was a placebo lol. Wish me luck!

  • You need a display cable.

    I run 2 of these monitors.

  • Yep displayport only for >60hz

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    According to the manual i just downloaded HDMI 1 port is limited to 1080p/120 and 1440p/60 while HDMI port 2 is capable of 1080p/144, 1440p/144

    So plug the HDMI cable into port 2 on the monitor and try.

  • Probably the display port, but if it's an oldddd HMDI cable it might not be able to transmit at 144hz, could try changing it out?
    but yeah +1 for display port.

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    Ok just an update to all. Got my monitor to work at 144Hz after using DP to DP. Feels great! Thanks all for the help.

    • Good job, happy gaming!

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