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Men's Business Socks Size 6-10 and 11+ 12 Pairs for $12 Delivered @ Bonds (Members)


Bonds Mens Business Socks 12 pairs for $12 delivered for Bonds and me members. Available in size 6-10 SOLD OUT and 11+ STILL IN STOCK
Value multipack consists of 4 x 3 packs (12 total)
Material: Cotton / Nylon / Elastane.
Country: Designed in Australia. Made in China.

They're also selling washable face masks, 3 pack and single

Protective and comfy all in one, this reusable Bonds Mask can help keep you and those around you safe by slowing the spread of viruses. The 100% cotton outer layer has been treated with HeiQ Viroblock to increase barrier protection. The X-Temp inner layer is treated with adaptive cooling for a comfy, breathable fit. For optimal protection, a secure fit is required. As such, it is not suitable for children or people with facial hair.

• Lasts up to 20 washes. One size only
•Double layer of protection
•100% cotton outer layer, treated with HeiQ Viroblock, for enhanced filtration performance
•X-Temp inner layer keeps you cool, dry and comfortable
•Soft, elastic ear loops for comfort

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  • +23

    lasts up to 20 washes?……..So I dont even get 6 months out of a pair of socks if I wash them once a week

    EDIT - Scrap that just realised thats for the faces masks haha

    • +4

      haha… you did what i did. OP has another product listed

      • Lol… You did what i did

    • +4

      I did the same and then I got to this line "Soft, elastic ear loops for comfort".

    • Yep - after 20 washes throw your socks away.

      • +2

        Wash? Sorry, you've lost me.

    • I doubt any socks I've ever owned last more than 20 washes. By the time 20 washes of a big pack of 10 goes by I'm sick of looking at them and want new ones anyway.

  • +20

    When you skim across the detail and see "Lasts up to 20 washes. One size only" & "not suitable for children or people with facial hair" and think wtf kind of sock is this? lol

    • Socks for your nose.

  • +1

    Even though i'm signed in it adds $5.95 for shipping?
    Scratch that, I got out of cart and back in and it was gone.

  • +1

    Fantastic… was going to buy new socks this weekend. Cheers OP!

    • +11

      Now you won’t know what to do with yourself.

      • +1

        Uses old socks…..

  • +2

    Cheers OP, hubby's work socks are starting to look a bit sad so it's time for a refresh!

  • +8

    Bonds business socks have been crap for a while - rip/tear/wear far too easily.

    • I actually have these, they don't last forever but are quite comfortable and fit well in the 11+ size range for my size 13 feet. The price is a no-brainer.

      • +4

        Understand why people buy (as I have done in the past) but compared with All Day Socks (just as if not more comfortable) for example on special at about $3-$4 per pair, it isn't really a bargain given longevity. My Everyday socks have lasted 4+ years. My Bonds just a few months wearing my RMs.

        • +4

          what are the All Day socks and Everyday socks? Are they a special brand?

          • +3

            @lonewolf: underworks - all day socks

            • +3

              @dasher86: Do you generally order them online or from third party retailers, where do you find the best prices?

              • +4

                @lonewolf: I haven't seen a sale on them in ages.
                I usually just go big w target etc.

          • +4

            @lonewolf: Oops meant All Day Socks, not Every Day

        • +2

          When and where do they go on sale such that each pair only costs $3-$4?

    • +10

      Agree with this. Since moving production to China a few years ago, their undies and socks are noticeably lower quality and longevity.

      • +2

        Not only their undies and socks, all their clothing sucks now, after a couple of washes all the t-shirts, hoodies etc all just completely lose shape and become like a floating tablecloth on you. No shape whatsoever.

    • Bonds has been crap for a while, they haven't been manufacturing their own products for the past 10 years and it's visible.

  • +8

    BONDS business socks are really disappointing in quality. Won't even consider at this price. And they are correct, it will prob last max 20 washes.Their sport socks are ok.

    • yeh… these are really thin from memory?

      • +1

        Yep. I bought these socks on the last deal and they are really, really thin. Kind of useless for my work shoes as I like to have at least a bit of extra padding.. these are like wearing coffee filters!

    • +1

      prob last max 20

      Thats for the face mask though

      • Works for their sock too, now their only difference with aliexpress socks is the logo.

    • Im sure he means "Won't consider, even at this price"

  • +22

    When I'm down to my socks it's time for business
    That's why they're called business socks, oh
    It's business
    It's business time

    • +4

      Right after the recycling.

    • +2

      But it's not Wednesday?! And Footy is on TV tonight… :/… I'll make an exception… IT'S BUSINESS TIME, YEAHHH!!

  • +2

    Nice one Op. Site is pretty good too. handling the ozB hug of death

  • Thanks op

  • -1

    2x pack only ….check the details when you add to cart!

    • +1

      I believe 'assorted 2' is the colour

      • +1

        ok. im wrong. seems 'too' cheap…guess we'll see!

    • +1

      "Value multipack consists of 4 x 3 packs (12 total)"

      • yeh saw that in the details…all good!
        enjoy your business socks whilst doing business!

      • +1

        last time i ordered the site said "This value pack consists of 4 x 4 packs (16 total)“ i got this email and only 1 pack:
        Thank you for the recent order that you placed with us. We are very sorry to advise that our website was impacted by an error which stated that the Logo Light no show socks were coming in a 16 pack. Unfortunately this is not correct and they are a pack of 4 pairs of socks.
        If you would like us to help you to arrange a return of these then please reply to this email and one of our customer service representatives can assist you with doing a return of these for a full refund.
        We are very sorry for the problem with your order and we hope you’re keeping well and safe at this time.
        Best, Bonds X

  • i no complain. fair deal. incoming x 1.

    • +4

      Con the fruiterer has entered the chat.

  • Haven't gone to the office for 6 months now. Working from home. Not sure when I'll where these pairs but still going to get some :)

    • +1

      must be very warm in your home if you dont need socks in winter, or the new Gandhi

      • +1

        Explorer socks, footy socks, ugg boots, or novelty slippers when working from home. No need for business socks.

  • Are they all the same? It's hard to tell.

  • Great deal. Thanks :)

  • Thanks OP - ordered a pack.. Also signed up to ZIP pay to make the purchase.. took less than 2mins and then logged into that account and paid it off, using my CC.. lol.. Crazy how things are turning to BNPL platforms lately… Great deal though!

  • +2

    Bought the socks on special last offer.

    They are thin and the bonds lettering comes off after 1 wash. $1 a pair is what they are worth.

    • Can confirm the issue with the lettering. Other than that they seem decent quality.

  • Great deal. Don't forget your 65 cents cash back on Cashrewards!

    • Doh!

      • +3

        Mate, that's 1.3 sock's worth!

  • +4

    Seems quality of these are very bad from.posters here. I personally don't like the feeling of buying something cheap only to chuck it out so will skip.

    • Making me feel better that I missed out. Grapes would have been sour anyway.

    • At a $1 a pair who cares? wear them a couple of time until theyre no good & throw the out

      • +2


  • I hate any elastic at the top of socks unless it's 100% loose. It's evil.

    Trouble is, loose ones are marketed as diabetic approved and cost $$$.

  • +1

    Can this be price error? So cheap!

    Bought 2 packs. Let see what happens.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I could feel the website straining under the weight of all us ozbargainers but managed to get 2 pairs!

  • +3

    Just found these at Target that I think match

    • Seems like your getting 4 of these packs, so seems like a good deal even with the shipping cost for non members

      • +5

        It costs nothing to be a member though and you can cancel afterwards and get the free shipping. You can opt out of emails easily.

  • +4

    Size 6-10 are out of stock :(

    • +2

      Had it in my cart went to checkout - gone :(

  • +1

    No more 6-10 sizes

    • +1

      Desperate times! Get the 11+ then cut the front off and stitch to size.

  • +1

    Missed it by a minute :( dammit

  • Still available in size 11+

  • Any info on the masks? I have my doubts on their quality.

  • excellent. thanks.

  • Thanks. Will be good for when things are back to normal and there's 101 weddings on.

    • 8.4167 weddings per pair.

      • Yup, round it up to 8.5 😆

        Also good to have the socks. Gives me a bit more motivation to start my own business now.

  • Thanks, bought one!

  • Got a 3 pack for $7 @ Woolies last week and I thought that was a great deal…

  • I wear size Us9.5 shoes. Would wearing size 11+ socks be any different?

    • +1

      The sole area of the sock will come up behind your Achilles a bit.

      • thanks, that's fine then

  • Don't like horizontal thick stripes design .. Bargain though ..

  • Great deal, thanks for the share!

  • This is alright, but it's not 100% cotton. I'm a bit sensitive to the materials sadly.

    It's a good deal, but is this any different to those cheap socks from BigW? I can't buy those because I get a weird rash. ;-( Sad.

  • Size 6-10 have restocked for anyone who missed out originally.

    • They're still showing out of stock for me.

      • Ah must have only had a few in stock and sold.

  • +1

    Whoo just brought 240 pairs. gonna throw out all my mismatched socks and just use these.

  • +1

    Mine arrived and are all plain black with different coloured soles.

    • Same. Black/grey and blue/black thin stripes? Meh, no biggie i suppose.

    • yep same. not too fussed, but would have liked some variety

  • +1

    16/7 - ordered size 6-10

    25/7, today - just got a OOS email and they've automatically processed the refund… I didn't mind waiting… sigh

  • Any comments on the quality of the material from the ones who received it?

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