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eufy RoboVac 35c Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum - $299 (Was $449) Pickup /+ Delivery @ JB-Hi-Fi


Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine!

  • 1500Pa Strong Suction
  • 100 minutes** of continuous cleaning
  • Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant

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  • How’s this compare to Xiaomi vac 1.0?

  • how much suction is there for a 'normal' vacuum cleaner?

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      For example, a typical domestic model has a suction of about negative 20 kPa…….

      so basically 1/10 of the sucking

      • lean, mean, good kicking ball
  • Choice says:
    59 %
    Hard floor dirt pick-up performance 91%
    Dirt removal from carpet score 36%
    Cleaning corners and edges score 50%
    Pet hair removal score 30%

    Good points

    • Excellent at cleaning hard floor. • Stairs detection. • Automatic return to charging station just before the battery goes flat. • Can be used with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

    Bad points

    • Poor at picking up dirt from carpet. • Poor at picking up pet hair. • Borderline at cleaning corners and edges.

  • Serious question could I use this without having to connect to wifi and just it use normal navigation equipment.

    Am thinking to use this for a cleaning business to help do touch ups while I multi task other activities and connecting to businesses and offices wifi is obviously not allowed so need basically a smart dumb robot vacuum cleaner ie no wifi needed.

    Which robot vacuum cleaner is the best for this.. I know from lots of research Xiaomi generation one is pretty much king but I have no idea if it can function without needing to connect to wifi.

    I am fine not having access to wifi mapping and am that just need a good dumb robot to basically do a basic touch up while I say move on to the next room etc and do other cleaning activities.

    Curious what's available in this category.

    • Once you set it up at home with your own wifi, it’s just a matter of pressing the button on top to start a clean. It’ll obviously miss out on app features to see how much it’s got left to clean etc but it’ll still work without wifi.

      Also need to be cognisant of battery level and bringing the dock with you to each job.

      • So my question is can it run by just turning it on and find its way back to the dock without connecting to wifi.

        I clean for some government areas and connecting to their wifi wouldn't be possible for obvious reasons especially with something like Xiaomi.


        • Could hot-spot ur phone

          • @Dezeption: It's a big site and I'll be using multiple robots for multiple areas.

            Not sure if hot spot will reach and if I leave my phone in the area good chance I'll either forget about it or lose it while doing a million other things.

            Basically if I can reduce the amount of manual vacuuming I can focus other duties but yeah the wifi thing is a problem and I'm not sure if cheaper robots will do a good job or just ram itself in one corner of a room.

            I basically need just a lidar robot no wifi needed with preferably long battery life or enough to do entire floors.. I can charge at home or at the location that's not a problem but obviously less to carry and manage is better overall so I'm in and out with minimal hassles and my memory has less to account.

            Xiaomi is still the best option value wise and AI cleaning wise but I need confirmation from someone if it can function without internet or connection to wifi.

            I assume these robots have a button on themselves right and a start button?

            I have been meaning to get one for my own place but the need has not been that great personally but professionally oh man it could make work life a lot easier.

  • any deals on the xiaomi ones at the moment?

  • Thanks OP,

    Just bought one from JB, I must say this has been the most interesting toy I ever bought, which basically brought the whole family together. Wife wasn't happy, mum was laughing her self off, Dad just starred at it, Daughter loved it, and I, I am just waiting to see how it goes.

    This is my first one, so I do not know any better but so far it seems to be good for the price vs what is normally available in the market.

    • hi bluehalk. what are your thoughts on this vacuum after some use?

      • I absolutely love it. I have been using Dyson V6 for almost 4-5 years and had battery and soft roller head replaced in this time and still works and was best vacuum I ever had. I had been thinking about jumping to Dyson V10 or V11, but than a friend brought this deal to my attention and we both drove to JB and both of us bought it as it wasn't as expensive as Dyson V10-V11 or other Robo Vacs.

        This has been very good unit, very well built. Cleans up really nice, every morning I wake up to clean house is the best feeling. But this doesn't have much smarts in it, as in no room mapping, no spot cleaning, not sure about stairs detection. I have a single story house with tiles throughout even including in the bedroom so this works very well for me. Most days, I close all the bedroom doors and let this thing do its job and usually run it once manually after dinner and one schedule run early in the morning before everyone wakes up and house is clean. To clean the individual rooms, I just drop this in the room and close the door.

        This thing goes where I have never been with my regular stick and cleans up really nice, under bed and under the sofas never looked cleaned. So, yes I would recommend this unit. If you have never had a robo vacs, this is a good entry point. But in saying that, I saw the 360 S7 on sale at toby's deal at the same time for $350 and that one has more smarts in it including moping.

        As fas the Eufy goes, I am very happy with it. Best thing I purchased in a while.

        Sorry for the late replay.