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SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD 64GB $14.95, 128GB $29.95, SanDisk Ultra MicroSD 128GB $17.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

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    waiting for the amazon price match….

    • I hit F5 like a thousand times already still nothing…

  • What happens if you use say a 128GB in an older dash cam that can't read larger than 32/64GB?

    Reason I ask is I'm going to upgrade dashcams in the near future but deals on these high endurance don't come along too often it seems, so I don't mind buying a 128GB now, even if my current cam can only recognise it as 32GB. But if it won't work at all, then I'll hold off.

    • If you format 128gb using fat32 it should work fine.
      Can't guarantee but that method works generally.

    • I've tested most of the time not compatible to go higher than rated. if rated 32gb and use 64gb may have a chance to be working but if use 128gb on 32gb rated will fail.

      If it's a bargain then no harm to buy now and use it later… unless you expect another more discount on later occasion.

    • Better chance of working if you partition the card down to the supported size

      • Thanks for all the replies.

        I've decided I'll wait for a deal on the 256gb as that's supported in my next dash cam. Prices have dropped so much lately.

    • If it's only 32gb max then there's a chance it won't work or will have errors, but unlikely. Usually just because they didn't have endurance cards at the time for older models so had no way of testing it. Majority of dashcams today will work with 256gb cards. It's the same thing with hard drive NAS and enclosures, they just didn't have that big of a capacity at the time it was released. There's no difference in the way the card operates compared to smaller sizes.

  • These are U3 and V30 rated? So good for 4k cam?

  • What's the difference between ultra and high endurance in terms or read/write speed?

    • Ultra is for use with more read and less write devices such as mobile or camera usage. Like for content storage, clicking pics etc

      Endurance is for use with high write intensive usage devices such as CCTVs and DashCams etc

      • Seems like endurance still has higher read speeds unless I'm reading that incorrectly

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          Well Endurance has 25% higher read speeds than Ultra. However, they’re all theoretical speeds and not all the devices in our daily use can actually reach the limit. If the card supports upto 100 MBPS then the device should also have that much read capacity. So it all depends in which device you’re going to put it in.

          Another difference is Ultra is capable of writing 1080p video files where as Endurance can 4K videos.

      • what about high endurance and extreme/ the pro version???

        noted any differences???

  • The link is not even secure.. is it a genuine market place?

    • Just don't put CC details on website and use paypal instead. They probably just forgot to renew there SSL cert or are tech incompetent

  • anyone experience with shopping square??? Mind to share experience???

  • Sandisk High Endurance MicroSD 128GB not good for Blackvue 750 2ch. The dashcam keeps restarting every few minutes (2-4 min) after 3 months of use. Reformatting didn't help.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking whether it is good fit for dashcam but will stay off now.

    • I've heard that's an issue with the actual dashcam not the card. On the forums and reviews many people complain about that happening.

    • oh boy, thats the dashcam i have, what are you using atm?

    • Is the card problem itself? Due to fake cards? Where you got the card from?

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    Can't help but assume anything that comes from these sorts of eBay stores are just fake. Anyone got any experience with them?

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