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Logitech MK850 Wireless Bluetooth Combo $125 Pickup + Delivery @ Umart. ($118.75 with 5% Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Not the cheapest it's been by a long shot but still the best price going at the moment.

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  • Oooo this looks good. I got brought a Mac Mini and need to get a keyboard and mouse. I was set on the little K380 keyboard and the Triathlon mouse. I’ll have to check out a few reviews.

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      This is my work laptop go-to for the last year or so. A couple of occasional Bluetooth issues at the start but no complaints once it settled in.

      Would buy again

      • Sweet, good to hear some firsthand experience with it.

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      I bought this combo initially but after trying the keyboard I returned it because the keys were too mushy for my liking. But it could be because I usually use a mechanical keyboard in the office (feels like ages ago lol…)

      I ended up getting the triathlon mouse separately (preferred the size and use of removable battery over an MX) and went with a k780 for the keyboard instead - I assume it's the same typing experience as the 380. I think wirecutter also recommends it. For me it feels similar to typing on a laptop keyboard.

      • I have small hands and the MX mouse looks bloody huge lol. Buying the triathlon mouse and K380 keyboard separately comes to almost $150.
        I don’t know much about keyboards or mice. I’ve had and been extremely happy with my Magic Mouse and little Apple keyboard.
        Where did you buy the keyboard from that you were able to return it?

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          Officeworks :)

          The k380 has been around for ages, when on sale they used to be around $40. If you're used to the apple keyboard, the k380 would be more similar than the keyboard in the combo.

          Even with the current situation, it should be possible to get closer to the price of this mk850 for the k380 + triathlon.

          Edit: k380 for $50 here - https://pheepmart.com/product/logitech-multi-device-bluetoot...

          Never heard of them, but according to the site they are based in Qld and free delivery? Could try price match at OW.

          Kogan has the triathlon for $71 with free delivery too, so it would end up <$120 for both.

          • @kopisusu: Bloody awesome! Thanks for that link, I’ll head down to Officeworks and see if they’ll price match.
            My Apple mouse died a couple of weeks ago and I brought some tiny cheap Logitech mouse but it’s scrolling is very jagged and not smooth at all.
            Does your Triathlon have smooth scrolling?

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              @jallen89: Yes the triathlon has 2 modes for scrolling, there's a button you press to switch between stepped and free wheel scrolling. No worries!

              • @kopisusu: Good to hear. I just found a site with a B&M store selling the K380 for $50 so I’ll definitely have to see if OW will price match. Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it.

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    I had this and sold this… If you're gaming make sure you use the receiver cause its polling rate is terrible on bluetooth that it makes you think that you have low FPS when moving the mouse.

    The good thing is that you can set device 1 to use receiver and device 2 and 3 to use bluetooth but you have to download separate software to configure the receiver to a specific device preset.

    Mouse was great, keyboard is stable but the angle of the keys trying to be ergonomic is making it a bit harder to get used to.

  • i'm waiting for the kogan rgb wireless mechanical keyboard for $40 deal to come back.

  • did anyone sucessfully price matched this from OW? I am in Melbourne, and the staff over the phone refused the price beat as it is not availble for delivery from Umart. Her excuse was full load of sh*t in my opinion. Umart has physical stores so they are not making up a lower price then charge higher delivery fees to pump up the price. I understand that If I live near those stores then they would have to price beat as Umart has cheaper price. But I could not see why they could not price beat in my situation as I offered picking it up from the shop nearby, I didn't ask them to post to me. So the delivery charge does not apply in this situation as it is not relevant. Somehow they used it as a excuse to not price beat. Disappointed

    • Was about to give OW a call tomorrow price match!

      I guess the cheapest is matching Scorptec or CPL at $149

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