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USB-A & USB-C to Lightning/Micro/USB-C 3 in 1 Charging Cable 2 for $18.50 3 for $26.50 & Phone Holders $5 Delivered @ Ezygadgetz


Hi folks, running an even better deal than previously on these great charging cables! Have sold just over 400+ of these and this is our last lot of stock, probably will not restock these for a while due to exorbitant logistic costs in bringing product in from Asia at the moment.
Also have multifunction phone holders on sale @ $5 great multi-use gadget!
Products are sent from Melbourne with Aust Post (keep in mind minor delays still exist with Aust Post at the moment)
Deal ends 11.59pm Monday 20 July!

Charging Cables: 2 for $18.50 $29.90 / 3 for $26.50 $44.85 delivered (no coupon required)
Multifunction Phone Holders: $5.00 $6.95 each delivered (no coupon required)

These cables are made with ultra-strong materials, are 3.0 amp and most importantly has a USB-C / Type C input port (as opposed to just USB-A like most other cables). I personally use this cable to charge my iPad Pro, accompanied with a 5v wall adapter to plug this cable into). I also use it for my iPhone, work Android phone and wireless Telstra Nighthawk broadband device simultaneously most times.

The multifunction phone holders are great for a bunch of things - its a stand, a car air vent holder, wireless charging compatible & finger holder. Yes you can pick up $2 or $3 holders which look similar off ebay, however this one is made with zinc alloy which allow wireless charge pass-through.

Some points I can confirm around the charging cables:
Yes, you can charge 3 devices simultaneously!
Cables are not MIFI certified however can confirm they work excellent with all Apple devices - iPhones, AirPods, iPad / Macbook Pro (see below around compatibility and required on Ipad / MacBooks), then again its $10.50 for one!
Can’t confirm they are fast charge for Android devices, but can confirm they do the same as an original Apple cable for Apple devices (I’m an Apple man myself)
Allows PD charging, however you you’ll need a wall adapter that supports the voltage of the device you want to charge (ie for iPad Pro & MacBook Pro)
Has great reviews from other ozbargain deals I’ve run!

Features of 3 in 1 Charging Cables:

* Nylon braided charging cable with USB/Type-C adapter input
* 3-in-1 charging cable: Lightning, Micro USB, Type C
* Max throughput shared: 3.1A

* Charge multiple devices at once
* Apple and Android compatible (or another device that accepts such charging points)
Specifications of 3 in 1 Charging Cables:

* 3-in-1 cable: Micro USB, Lightning, Type C. 2.4A throughput

* Efficiency: 90% plus

* Premium hardwoven cable, Type-C Input
* Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS

* Materials: Aluminium/Nylon

* Colour: Graphite
* Product size: 1200 mm (1M cable length from multi-port to input)

* Product is 'ezygadgetz' branded

Features of Multifunction Phone Holder:

* Wireless charging compatible, simply leave it attached to your phone/phone case and wireless charge away

* Ring buckle bracket function to slip your finger through

* Air vent holder

* Holder Stand
Specifications of Multifunction Phone Holder:

* Materials: Zinc alloy (electroplating)

* Size: 60.9mm x 33.9mm x 6.5mm
* Compatibility: 3.5’ - 7.0’ inch mobile phones

* Net Weight: 22g

* Three colours to choose from: Black, Red, Blue

Feel free to ask any q’s… here to assist :)

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  • Your title has 1 cable for $18.50 and the description says 2 cables for the same price

    How is $18.50 for one or two cables cheap?

  • Hi, how long would it take for delivery to Vic?


      Items are dispatched from Yarraville, Melbourne… taking a stab in the dark I would assume a few days at most with Aust Post.

  • Thanks, I just ordered.

  • What is the max wattage that can be charged with this cable using a USB PD charger? I've got one that goes up to 60w


      Amp vs. Watts are measured like this
      3A to watts calculation with voltage of 12V DC
      The cable is 3.1a, so it would be 36W (if not a tad more)

  • Bought this b4, good quality cable, do I need some more??

  • Just brought a Mac mini and wanted a multi cable for it. Thanks 🙂

  • Very happy with my 3 from the last deal.

  • So can’t use for data transfer?

  • Do they have data transmission?


      As above - Only charging with this cable.

      • Would love with data transmissions.


          Agree!! Looking to source other cables in the future that have data function, the pandemic is slowing me down and has put a dampener on logistics with most commercial flights canned and the big wigs like DHL, Fedex & TNT have sky rocketed their pricing (even though they also have their own freight planes).

  • In for a 2-pack!


    Approx 20 units remaining of cables - ensuring not to over sell :)
    Phone holders many available.

  • Just put in an order. Thanks

  • Just received mine. Very nice quality cables. I really like the USB-A/C snap on connector. I'll be checking out the rest of your products, thank you.

    • +1 vote

      Great to hear! Yes, they are actually a USB-C cable with the adapter for USB-A a bit different to other makes and models.
      You must be in VIC i assume for such quick delivery :)

      • Yeah, Melbourne 🙂
        This is my first multi cord and I really like it. Got one in the garage with my power tool chargers and the other in my Mac Mini.

        • +1 vote

          Ahh nice one!!! I myself have been through many multi cords as well before I started stocking them.
          The important things I took away in the past was - compatibility with devices, strength & wear and tear, and also the USB-C factor which is basically what everything is moving to slowly!
          Only downside is that it doesn't do data, nor could the supplier supply a version that did, they are focused on charging only.

  • Received mine and just wanted to note that they don't fast charge my Samsung Galaxy S7


      Great to hear you received your order! Yeah with android the fast charge function (of this cable) seems to work on some devices and not on others which I mentioned it in the original post.

  • Received today, seems like a quality cable, but can confirm they do not fast charge Google Pixel 2, still happy with it as a backup.

  • Got the cables from this deal, can confirm great customer service from Erol.