Help Me Choose Xbox or PS4?

Hi guys

I would like to buy a gaming console so could you guys please suggest me?

**Noob in gaming***


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          but wouldn't you think you own the best one? why else would you buy it?

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            @bakemon0: I bought an Xbox One X and I think it is a piece of garbage, I bought it because I make poor decisions.


    just go with what your friends play.

    Console exclusives aren’t really much of a thing like they used to be. There’s the odd title now and again but nothing that should really sway one over another.

    If you’re a new gamer then backwards compatibility isn’t going to concern you.

    Pick up a controller and work out which one feels better.

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      Exclusives are wildly in favour of PlayStation

      Backwards compatibility is arguably more of a selling point if you've never had a console before.


        okay, so let me reword that: good exclusives. Both consoles have them, but I’d argue that none of them are real clinchers

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    Don't watch this Big bang theory clip, it will confuse you more :-)

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    I'd say get an Xbox One S and try out game pass.
    Plenty of games to try without breaking the bank.

    PS4 has better exclusives but if you're new to gaming, they might be a little complex.

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    Nintendo Switch

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    best bang will be PS4 with firmware 5.05 or below.

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      what a completely pointless poll. you have provided zero information, all the poll will do is tell you is which is the current most popular console. The answer will be ps4, it tells you nothing about which is better for you (which may or may not be the ps4). I am assuming you just created this thread for trolling right?

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    Xbox pass is the stuff dreams are made of. If only I had this as a kid!
    Xbox 100% (edit - but only if you get Xbox pass)

    (Disclaimer - I have both Xbox and PS4)

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    Oh good, a Poll!

    "Buy the plastic computer box I own because by doing so you will help justify my purchase so I feel I have made the correct buying decision!"

    Pointless exercise considering the PS4 has wildly outsold the Xbox One, therefore most people will vote in that way.

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    I own nearly every console from the last 33 years.
    It all depends on what exclusives you like on either console? And how powerful you want your console to be.

    Xbox One X is the most powerful console out today.
    Xbox One has backwards compatibility so you can play a bunch of OG Xbox game and Xbox 360 games.
    My fav game series are Halo, Gears and Forza. And you can play every Halo and Gears game all on the Xbox One. Forza some are available on backwards.

    Also, do you have friends who play on consoles? If so just get what they have?

    I do like PS4, it has way more exclusives but most of them are not overly excited for.
    My favs are Uncharted series, Ratchet and Clank and Last of Us 1, not part 2 the story sucked ass.
    ps4 doesn't have any Backwards Compatability at all for your old disc-based games. Which is a bummer :( They do have old games you just have to pay for them. No ps3 at all tho :(

    If you want the best all in one media player/4k player and best 4k gaming machine Xbox One X is the console to get.

    The great thing is you decide to upgrade to Xbox Series X. all the games you buy on X1 will work on the Series X. even old titles from OG Xbox and 360, No need to rebuy those games again. they just work on XSX.
    PS5 will have 400 of the top PS4 games on backwards compatibility, But sadly no PS1,2 or 3…

    Also, game pass is an amazing service! play all 1st party titles without needing to buy each game. Ad if you buy Series X all those and every 1st party game will be available Day 1 on Xbox 1 and Series X.

    But truth be told. whatever console you get is great. As long as you're gaming. That's all that matters :)

    Happy gaming and good luck!

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      How have you played games for 33 years and have such awful taste?


      I personally think GamePass is overrated as there's only maybe a handful of games I would play on it. It's quantity vs quality. I guess it really depends on your taste.

      Personally I have:
      1. A PS4
      2. An Xbox One X (upgrade to the Cyperpunk 2077 edition as MS said they'll be supporting it for another 2 years and I also wanted a good 4K player)

      I upgraded the Xbox One (OG) because I'm planning on getting the PS5 at launch and then the XSX later when's cheaper.


    Have been an xbox convert for years, however recently picked up a PS4 off the verge collection and brought it back to life with a bit of tech know how.

    To be honest, the current generation PS4 is nice in that you don't have to pay for membership to play games (COD warzone is free if you download the 124gb of data… And the graphics and interface are up there with the xbox, just as previously mentioned in comments, the media centre experience isn't as polished.

    You'd be happy with either, but best to choose what your friends have so you can party up with them.

    Going to purchase the series x though when it comes out. 100fps 4k gaming would be sublime, bit of an upgrade from the good old n64.


    What do your friends play?

    It comes down to that the the exclusives you like.

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    They're cheap enough on the second hand market to have both. I use both of them and get games for cheap then sell them when I'm done.

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    It depends on the games you want to play.

    Switch would be good to especially for kids.


    PS4 exclusives Bloodborne, God of War, Spider-man, Nioh 2

    PS4/PC Horizon Zero Dawn, Sekiro, Nioh 1.

    The above games are must haves imo, whatever platform suits. Xbox? I'm not sure on their exclusives! If they had must haves I might get an Xbox, what are they?

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    neither - games are a waste of time with a pre-programed end.


      Username checks out

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    so many butthurt people in this thread


      I haven't seen someone describe others as "butthurt" in years.

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    Best way to decide is have a look at the exclusives each platform has to offer. I have both but if I could only have one, I would choose the PS4 simply because I think they have better exclusives:
    - Last of Us 1 and 2 (2 is controversial and I understand where the hate is coming from but I personally still enjoyed it despite it's flaws)
    - God of War
    - Marvel's Spiderman
    - Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy
    - The Order 1886 (short game but you can pick it up for cheap and I still had fun playing it)
    - Days Gone
    - inFamous: Second Son
    (Please note I've only listed exclusives that I've personally enjoyed/played)

    For the Xbox One:
    - Gears of War. I really enjoyed Gears 5.
    - Forza


      Don't forget Halo on Xbox


      Don't forget Gran Turismo, pretty much the reason I had Playstations in the past.

      Never had a PS4 yet, when it is cheaper again.

      Had PS1, PS2, (and PSP), PS3, then I got a Xbox One S because it was cheap and it has the UltraHD player. I think Xbox One is a good console, Game pass is great.

      Last of Us on PS3 was great too.

      The new Gran Turismo trailers look so awesome and realistic.

      So maybe a PS4 to play Last of Us 2 and Gran Turismo in future if I am not dead yet.


    Hey OP,

    You can see shortlisting what you fancy watching. Example: Action movies, Sci fi, etc.
    See some youtube videos of top PS4 and XBox exclusive games like driew mentioned above. Head to Eb games ( Now is not a good time though due to Covid-19) and see which controller feels comfortable. Normally they have demo setups.
    I would advise to see videos of games like Mario and Zelda too. These are available in Nintendo Switch console.
    I personally like xBox controller and cant play with PS4 or Switch.

    Good luck.

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    Just do PC, esp if you play Warzone! It definitely helps 🤣🤣🤣

    I ended up with a PS4 PRO, got like 20 games and I've played 3!

    Cant go wrong either way

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    So here's my take on it.

    I run a business so rarely for time to play games but during the Covid19 lockdown, I finally fired up the Xbox I bought in 2016.

    I bought gamepass and enjoyed the games but that's about it.

    With PS4 I find their exclusives and amazing and definitely missed playing those.

    I borrowed my friend PS4 and have been playing all the exclusives I missed in last 4 years and every one of them is amazing.

    This might change with xbxs. But this time I'm thinking of jumping to PlayStation for their exclusives.

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    PS4 has a much better selection of games, and if you have a PC, most of the games you can get on XBOX can be had on PC too. Have fun!

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    I have both XB1X and PS4 Pro. It's hard to tell which one suits you better with very little information.

    PS4 - you get the exclusives and their first party developers really shine through in this generation of consoles. Part of the issue for XBox is Bungie and Epic games no longer develop exclusives for Microsoft and Halo 5 and Gears 4 (for XBox) are done by other developers and failed to reach new highs for XBox One. However, Sony exclusive are quality single player games. Also, you missed out on PS Plus free games on them so you probably have to go for PS Hits options (most of the earlier ones are < $20 each nowadays).

    XB1 - the main draw card currently is GamePass, which you do get at least a voucher for 1 month and there is also $1 for a month (use that first, and save the voucher for later). You do get to play the majority of first party titles for virtually free and Red Dead Redemption 2 is also in GamePass at the moment. So, in terms of cost, it could actually be cheaper.

    Watch some youTubes on the exclusive games on each camp (technically there aren't that many exclusives on XB1 as most of them are available on PC anyway - and plays better if you have high end PC).

    For me, XB1X is actually somewhat a disappointment, I really only enjoyed Forza Horizon 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on it. Sure, GamePass does throw in so many games, but after playing so many good games, you start to care more about quality more than quantity.

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    Xbox with GamePass. :)

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    I have both, I would say PS4 is probably better, I'll explain why in a moment. Keep in mind that you are jumping in at the end of this console generation. This is both a good and maybe a bad thing? It's good because you have so much choice available to you in terms of games, as developers have already figured out what makes these consoles perform best as they have matured.

    My reasoning for PS4 is this. I looked at Metacritic (Not a huge fan of Metacritic but oh well) and compared the scores of the top reviewed games of both Xbox One and PS4. I'll list here the top 20 best reviewed (by critics) games on PS4.


    1. Red Dead Redemption
    2. Grand Theft Auto V
    3. Persona 5 Royal
    4. The Last of Us Remastered
    5. God of War
    6. The Last of Us Part II
    7. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
    8. Persona 5
    9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    10. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    11. Journey
    12. Bloodborne
    13. Undertale
    14. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    15. Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition
    16. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
    17. Shadow of the Colossus
    18. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine
    19. Celeste
    20. Inside

    9 of these games are PS4 exclusive. I won't list the Xbox One games but only 2 of the top 20 best reviewed are exclusive to Xbox, both being Forza titles (racing games). Now these 9 titles on PS4 that are exclusive is actually closer to 8, as Persona 5 appears twice in different forms.

    Either console you choose will be great, this has been a really amazing console generation, however for my money jumping in now I'd say you're going to get more and better experiences on PS4.


    Wait a few more months while doing research on exclusive games to see which ones are most appealing for you. Then you can either buy the next gen console, or buy a second hand current gen from one of the people selling their old ones after upgrading.

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    If you don't know anything about games and you don't already have friends online, best to get an Xbox and Game Pass.

    Game Pass is an online catalogue of games you can download, and its constantly refreshed with new games every month.

    The poll you've set up is weighted with people who play PS4 with mates and have particular tastes in games. They aren't wrong to suggest PS4, because that's what they like.

    The big point is, you don't know what you like. You need an easily accessible games library that doesn't require a lot of money buying games you have no idea about.

    Xbox with Game Pass is what you need to get started. "Ultimate" combines Game Pass with online play…. and since you're new to the whole thing, that might be a worthwhile upgrade…. and is normally available as an intro price of $15 for the first 3 months. PS4 fans will readily admit that Game Pass is far superior to the PS4 offering.

    It'll give you a taste of what consoling is all about, without having to fork out hundreds of dollars on games you aren't sure on.

    Get a taste, then start looking closer at what games/options you like. I have both consoles, because both offer differences in relation to games and experiences.

    But for a self-confessed "noob", Xbox with their game catalogue is the way to go.

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      Thanks UFO for suggestion.

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        As are my kids. They also play Minecraft on iPads… and I can play multiplayer with them via my Xbox.


          Remember to keep an eye on the "leaving gamepass soon" section of game pass each month for any games you may want to install. Not all games come back to game pass or will take a while to rotate back in to the library. Given the list of games is pretty big, it's not a massive deal breaker.

          In saying that one of the traps I'm experiencing with gamepass on PC is, I'm downloading a bunch of large games that I'm simply not playing in order not to "miss out". That storage gets expensive over time, particularly if you're not playing the games.

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      Second hand Xbox One S 1TB - $150
      3 years gamepass (via Brazil VPN) - $130

      For that price you can't go wrong. And you'll be set for at least 3 years of gaming and back Catalog.

      Very cheap way to get into gaming. Then you can expand to ps4, switch, PC etc.

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    Xbox One X hands down.


    if u like online network gaming- xbox

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    PS4 has the better single player exclusives, but Xbox has the better multiplayer exclusives, so it depends on that. It also depends on what your friends have if you intend to play with them. Xbox is also backwards compatible with a whole library of original and 360 games, so that's a plus if you missed out on those consoles. Game Pass is also a huge plus. If you're starting out, I think Xbox has the better overall value, especially with Game Pass, but again, it all comes down to you and what you want out of it. There is no simple answer, contrary to what many fanboys may want you to believe.


    Op, wouldn't you just wait for ps5?
    Finally, it also what your friend play so you can share games and play together.
    All my friends have ps4 and so do I.


    Wait for the Xbox Series X to get closer to release. That's when you will some good deals on the Xbox One X. Get that one on a good price. Couple this with the Game pass or Game pass ultimate and you're golden.


    Switch…… because Mario oddesy is the best exclusive on any games console or all time


      Mario Oddesy (sic) isn't even the best Mario game. Only someone whose first or second console is a Switch will say that.


        since then I've 64d, sunshined and 3d landed, but gotta say, oddessy all the way. 64 a close second.We really loved the puzzle/discovery aspect of if.

        Switch is 7th console

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    I've got both and they're equally good. If you're not precious about exclusives, Game Pass is a great deal. This tips the balance IMO.


    I believe that PS4 has better exclusives, but thats about it. I have both, and the xbox interface and controller and much better, at least the 1S and 1X, not the xbox one itself. Gamepass is the stuff of dreams tho, its overpowered in terms of the games you get!


      I also have both. Xbox does excel in multiplayer exclusives, which many people seem to forget. I play the single player exclusives on my PS4, but everything else including multiplayer on Xbox.

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        Totally agree

        I've had so much fun playing sfv on xbox

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          I’ve been flirting with the idea of buying a new PC or PS4 to play SFV actually. Wondering if it’ll go to PS5. Been watching too many videos of Daigo online.


            @Ghost47: What's your level and how much time are you prepared to put in?

            I've come up against so many "rookies" lately it's spoiling my casual play

            You can block them through the capcom fight network but it still gets annoying

            I miss the arcade days, you played cheap and got smacked

            And good players helped new players

            I think they're going to do one more season of characters, so even if they're working on part 6, can't see it till late '21 or 22

            With ps4 demand and price due to covid, I reckon go pc. Game came out Feb 16, shouldn't need huge upgrade to rock it

            And with cross play, if doesn't matter what you choose.. Kinda


              @iamhurtin: I played SFIV casually.

              But yes now I have memories of drilling the same move over and over in training and I never liked that grind or getting my arse kicked online haha. Didn’t know there’s cross play, that’s cool. I’d have to repair my stick because I think one of the buttons stopped working.. and I’d have to get it because it’s interstate too.. maybe one day.


                @Ghost47: You said "new pc"

                Can your current one run fight cade ok?

                Maybe to that route if you just want some casual play without the hassle


                  @iamhurtin: It can, but it's interstate lol. Oh, and it doesn't boot for some reason. Need to look into it but I don't have spare parts.

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                    @Ghost47: Ah
                    Sounds like a ryu - like journey is needed!

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                    @Ghost47: Just wait till the stars align for next street fighter

                    If it's all platforms, would also expand the user base heaps

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                      @iamhurtin: Guile looks like too much of a beast to wait for the next SF!

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                        @Ghost47: Good guile player just locks me down.
                        Hell a bad guile player does

                        Not sure what it is, but characters with spiked hair destroy me

                        I struggle against Paul in tekken7 too

                        Wonder if that's why I've never used styling gel in my life

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          Cool. I've also been enjoying Sea of Thieves on my PS4.


      I have both, and the xbox interface and controller and much better

      I also have both, the controller bit is subjective and the interface part is plainly untrue. The Xbox One's UI is 80% ads, slow, and takes far more clicks to navigate anywhere.


        I actually prefer the Xbox One controller but mainly because I have the Elite v2 controller. The paddles come in handy.

        The PS4 definitely has the better UI imo because it's easier to navigate and I always remember where things are whereas I have a much harder time navigating when using the Xbox One. I hope they revamp the UI in the XSX.