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[Club Catch] Gasmate Star Wars Tie-Fighter Portable 1 Burner BBQ Grill - Darth Vader Black $350 + Delivery @ Catch


A cool Star Wars Theme 1 burner BBQ .
Club Catch membership required .
A quick Google shopping search shows cheapest closest rivals at around $450's .
Those eligible please use Uni code for another 10% off and for all gift cards can provide another 5 - 15 % off .
No free postage for this item as it is classified as bulky including for Club Catch members .

This awesome Tie-fighter BBQ is sure to turn heads at your next cook-up. Built tough with a durable die cast aluminium bowl and hood and featuring a generous cooking area, plus smartly functional wings that are ideal for food preparation, this cooks as good as it looks. It even folds into a transport mode, so you can show it off as much as you definitely want to. This iconic symbol of the imperial fleet is scanning the skies looking to cook Ham Solo, Maize Windu and the rest of the alliance. Never underestimate the power of the charred side!

MUST-SEE VIDEO: watch this product in action!


Gasmate BBQs
Star Wars Tie-Fighter Portable BBQ Grill
Mode no.: SW-2201
Maximum thrust with powerful 11MJ/h stainless steel burner for true BBQ performance
Die cast aluminium bowl and hood
High dome for easy roasting
Supplied with hose and regulator
Awesome Tie-Fighter temperature gauge
Shelve wings for food prep
Body: Die cast aluminium
Main burners: Stainless steel
Type of ignition: Thermogensis initiator (electronic)
Number of castors: N/A
Overall assembled dimensions (approx. cm): 102 x 52 x 48 (H x L x D)
Total cooking area (approx. cm): 46 x 38 (L x W)
Burner output: 11 Mj/h

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  • +73

    At first I was offended by the concept of a one-burner BBQ.

    Then I realised that any person who buys this as their BBQ of choice, likely has no need to cook for a partner or any other person…

    • -5

      The single burner is spans the entire grill, you sound like a cuck bro haha

    • +12

      I find your lack of restraint disturbing.

    • +3

      I must be grown up because even though it is stamped with the Star wars logo, I am not going to buy this.

      • +3

        my 'grown up' persona kicks in when I see the price.

    • hahahahahaha … brilliant!

      i've already sent the link to my wife… i shall be single in matter of moments! my son will want to come with me though just for the BBQ.. LOL

  • +33

    …may the sauce be with you.

    • +2

      i find your lack of salt disturbing

    • +2

      and C3H8

  • +20

    I'm afraid my steaks will turn to the dark side if I cook them on this

    • +6

      grill or no grill..there is no fry

  • -3

    Mods I'm still half asleep pls get Club Catch requirement into tittle .

    • +1

      The force has made you lazy…

    • +1

      You can edit the post yourself. Mods don't read every comment.

    • All you have to do is add [Club Catch] into the title.

      For deals that require a paid membership, such as Amazon Prime or PS Plus, just wrap the membership name in [square brackets] and add it as prefix in the title.

  • they sell that for $799 usually? i mean it barely cooks one persons meal

    • +11

      Yes, am sure at least $300 goes to Disney as royalties.

  • +1

    I’m only buying if it comes with sound effects.

  • +1

    Where's the lightsare BBQ utensils with this thing. Confused I am

    • it should come with a Darth Vader apron.

  • +1

    omfg so cool… if only I needed it…

    • +4

      Need? What is this need? This is ozbargain.

  • +2

    You son of a bitch, I’m in

  • Very cool. But I'm out at that price.

  • -1

    These t normally on sale $250 outdoorsdomaim in melbourne bbq place

      • -2

        If u go instore when they have there sakes ther practically giving them away even at $250 no one I c there buys one

    • $250s more palitable. Still couldn't justify the purchase even if a Star Wars Fan.

  • Cringe.

  • +4

    IT'S A CHOP!

    • That's terrible. Have my upvote.

  • +1

    Any Star Wars X-Wing Portable 1 Burner BBQ Grill?

  • Looks like a cleaning nightmare.

  • +9

    Whilst I have zero interest in buying a one burner for this price, credit to the designers for not just changing the paint job and sticking a logo on it, and actually changing a few elements such as the stand, grill plate, and even the thermometer, to make it themed.

    (note: I don't know what the OG looks like and if those elements are actually uniquely Star Wars, or if the product already did look Star Wars inspired to begin with)

  • +2

    Single burner for a Twin Ion Engine?

    Missed opportunity…

    • +1

      Well you got my vote.

  • I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it….

  • I love you can actually sear 'Star Wars' on your steaks.

    • That's how you flex on the other people doing bbq.

  • +5

    Can't wait to grill my ham solo sandwiches

    • That's what I call Steamed Hams …

  • They were selling these at the Harvey Norman clearance centres for the last year now, believe around same price

  • Had my Red Bull and are awake now temped to fire at $310 landed with uni and gift card discount .
    Space problems though .

    More suited to a single man cave or the like !

  • This is not the grill you were looking for.

  • Has anybody actually brought one ?

    • +11

      to where?

      • +2

        To a galaxy far far away….

    • Nope , coolest impractical BBQ around :)

  • +1

    Man, I love Star Wars but anyone that buys this over a Weber Q wants their head read.

    • +1

      So what you are saying is anyone who buys this over a Weber Q has their mind in a galaxy far far away?

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