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[VIC] Free Pet Food & Supplies for Jobless/Battlers/Needy Pet Owners @ SCAR Animal Shelter, Craigieburn (drive-thru)


Another great gesture. Please feel free to donate if you're in a position to do so. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

These are difficult times, but SCAR is here to help!

We will be handing out free pet food and supplies via drive-thru distribution sessions to pet owners facing hardship because of COVID-19 (due to illness, job loss, financial insecurity, or any other challenges related to the current pandemic).

Here are the details of the first 2 upcoming distribution days:

When: Tues 21st July from 8.30am-11am & Sat 25th July from 9am-12pm

Where: SCAR Animal Shelter, 23 Grasslands Ave, Craigieburn, VIC.

How: All you need to do is turn up between the hours that the food collection is running, open your car window and let our team know what it is that you need and we will pass it to you. No need to leave the safety of your car and our team will be wearing full PPE and will be following strict hygiene measures to keep everyone safe during these food drives.

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  • +6

    Great opportunity for JV to pick up a roll or two of pensioner meatloaf.

  • +4

    Such a great initiative, That ks for sharing TA.
    Need more deals like this!
    Adding this shelter to my Donation list:)

    • Another great example of Aussies helping Aussies. Thanks TA.

  • appretiate their gesture but are these justifiable?? telling police that I'm going to get food for my cat?

    • +5

      Wouldn't that be part of one of the four reasons,which is groceries?

      • yeah. but within your suburb….

      • You mean like the Krispy Kreme fiasco?

    • +4

      Well surely common sense should prevail and they understand that pet food is an essential item for those with pets.

      Don’t want your pet to die.

      • nah…within suburb…

    • -2

      Do you genuinely need free food for your cat or can you afford to buy food for your cat?

      If you genuinely need free food for your cat can you get it anywhere closer to home?

      If not, is it cost effective for you to travel to Craigieburn to get the free cat food? Are you in a nearby suburb or the other side of the city?

      Have a serious think about whether you need to go there to get cat food. If you do then yes you can go and get the cat food. Drive straight there and back, drive safely, don't interact with anyone in the area you don't need to. Wear a face covering, preferably a mask, at least while you're interacting with anyone you need to. Get fuel in your suburb before you go if you don't have enough to get you there and back.

      • +1

        Thank you for detailed information. However, the point here is: will picking up this food be a solid reason if someone was pulled over by police.

        • +1

          Yes, if you genuinely need it and it's not an unreasonable amount of travel.

          With stay in your suburb he even said if you hold a golf membership in another suburb you can travel there to play. But if you can walk in your suburb, don't go to other suburbs to walk.

          If you need to go there and it's a few suburbs away, not the other side of the city, yes, cat food is an essential item if you have a cat. If you can afford to buy cat food with your normal shop, it's not essential to leave your suburb to get it, or to take these people up on their offer at all.

    • +6

      Two different things, there are some genuine people out there who needs help

      • +2

        A bit off topic but principal Skinner is right, there are far too many stupid reasons in which people are allowed to leave their home.

        How the (profanity) is driving to McDonalds two suburbs away to get a big mac meal "essential"? I know it's dinner, and we need food to eat, but anyone can buy a weeks worth of groceries and stay at home. Or how the (profanity) is getting a cake from a bakery "essential" just because you're bored? And it appears as if people are using the "exercise" excuse far too much. Elite athletes are running marathons in their backyards, Karen from Mount Druitt doesn't need to go to a populated walking track to exercise. You can get adequate exercise and fresh air from your backyard. This "lockdown" is a joke.

        If the Government was serious, they'd enforce a rule that you can only get food from supermarkets and service stations and restrict exercise to a few kilometres maximum from your home.

        Either make a decision to stamp out the virus properly or not.. because this will just keep happening. We'll go back down to stage 2, then to 1.. then be ok for a while, then a new wave will occur again, then we'll do it all over again.

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