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Earn up to 6,000 Rewards Points with 3 Weeks Spend of $30, $40 and $50 @ Woolworths


Earn Up To 6,000 Rewards Points with 3 Weeks Spend of $30, $40 and $50.

Week 1 calendar
Mon 20 Jul – Sun 26 Jul
Spend $30* GET 1000 BONUS POINTS

Week 2 calendar
Mon 27 Jul – Sun 02 Aug
Spend $40* GET 2000 BONUS POINTS

Week 3 calendar
Mon 03 Aug – Sun 09 Aug
Spend $50* GET 3000 BONUS POINTS

Terms and Conditions
Promotion runs from 00:01 AEST 20/07/2020 to 23:59 AEST 09/08/2020.
Offer is available at Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths online. This offer is not available in Tasmania or at Caltex and Woolworths Metro co-branded stores.
This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card.
Activating this offer
Registered Woolworths Rewards members must activate their offer to participate in the promotion. To ensure your offer has been added to your Woolworths Rewards card, you must activate your offer at least 2 hours before shopping in-store or online. Activation closes 23:59 AEST Sunday 26/07/2020.
How it works
Any transactions you have made at Woolworths in the promotional week before activating your offer will not be counted towards the qualifying amount. Each week's offer can only be redeemed once and must be redeemed during the applicable week of the offer. Spend the qualifying amount in one transaction in-store or online at Woolworths during each week of the promotion. To redeem your offer in-store, you must scan your Rewards card before completing the transaction at the checkout. To redeem your offer online at woolworths.com.au, you will need to ensure your registered Woolworths Rewards card number is added to your account prior to completing your order. For all Woolworths online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEST on Sunday each week to qualify for that week’s qualifying amount. See woolworths.com.au for full terms and conditions and delivery areas.
When will I get my points?
Your bonus points will be loaded instantly to your Woolworths Rewards card after the qualifying purchase each week.
Qualifying amount excludes withdrawal of cash, delivery charges, Delivery Saver items and Delivery Unlimited items, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor purchased in-store at Woolworths or at woolworths.com.au, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care, Donations, lottery products and Pre-order Kiosks. For Woolworths Rewards T&Cs visit www.woolworthsrewards.com.au/terms.

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  • +8

    What's the point of posting personal offers?

    • +3

      So you can check your email and see what offer you got.

      • Don’t people always check their emails?

        • +3

          I have one email for important stuff which I do check, and another for online shopping and other less important stuff which I skim over. I often overlook these deals in my inbox.

      • But there are already 2 other Deals with different Targetted Rewards starting tomorrow! Each discusses other offers available - including this!

        How many reminder Deals do people need to check what they received??

        The count of Reports is steadily rising!

      • There's been two "reminders" recently already lol.
        I know that's already been said but we don't need a post for every separate offer surely.

  • I got spend $60x4 and get 6000points total. :(

    I rarely get good offers from WW. It would be such an easy way for them to win me over and make me travel a little further than I do for my local Coles.

    • 2000 for spend 2 x $90……
      Yeah, nah

  • +4

    It is unnecessary to post a separate Deal for each of the many TARGETED Rewards offers starting tomorrow! As you say - just to remind people to check what offer they received!

    2300 Points with $50 Spend 9hr ago

    6,000 Points with $50 Spend / Wk for 4 Wks 5hr ago

    This "Deal" was discussed in each of the other 2 Rewards Deals.

  • +1

    Click through to activate and strangely it says spends all $30 each week, different amounts than in email. What's going on there?

  • I got spend $105 per week for next 4 weeks, for 10k points. :(

    • Eh…you should be getting 21k points for $420 spend, BIG spender.

    • -1

      Be thankful you didn't get something like this: https://imgur.com/a/ixxXaOn

      Yes I know this is a Coles offer.

    • I got this one too 😟

  • I have to spend $205 for 1600 points per week for 2 weeks… Probably the worst one I've ever gotten

  • Got nothing. Seems like Woolworths has completely stopped sending me emails in the past few months. Maybe because I haven't scanned the card for a few years?

    • I think that's the reason

      Haven't shopped there in a couple of months and I used to get them all the time, this time nothing.

      • Might have to start scanning each time I go and see if they start to offer me anything.

        • +1

          No. Just once in a while. If you scan all the time the offer gets worse.

        • +1

          Sign up for another Rewards account.
          Pickup 1500 points for doing that with promo code
          Use infrequently, alternating between the cards. Only use for these good offers, not everyday shops.
          Collect the bonus points!

    • I haven't scanned the card for a few years?

      Well there's your problem!
      It's a "loyalty" card - so needs some use.

      Rewards accounts become inactive if not used - apparently needs to be scanned at least once a year.

      Another person complained they hadn't received any offers. Needed to tell them as they'd never scanned the card, it was never activated!

      So many lost points & $10 credits!

  • My offer was spend $200+ per week for 4 weeks and get 16,000 points ($80 off)

    • Definitely not a deal for me. The idea of 4 weeks spend just doesn't sit well with me even if it is for 40k points.

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