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[WA] Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey 700ml $20 (In-Store Only) @ Liquorland


Saw this in the Victoria Park store yesterday. Went back today and bought 24 bottles at $20 each. (EDIT: Some/most stores seem to have it at a clearance price - if they have any stock left, that is.)

Click & Collect has it at a different price and upon calling them I was told they will not price match in-store deals. Doesn't show up on the website anymore.

Other varieties on sale: Fire & reg. Not this cheap, however both were also triple discounted on the sales flag.

24 bottles will last me a life-time, which will now be significantly shorter.

Receipt attached, enjoy.

Note: This is a blend of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur made exclusively for Jack.

Prices & Stock Levels (apparently more stock is coming, so ring to confirm):

Store Variety Price Type Stock Level
Victoria Park Honey $20 Clearance Sold Out
East Vic. Park Honey $20 Clearance Sold Out
Gwelup Honey $20 Clearance Sold Out
Subiaco Honey $20 Clearance 3* 4 ?
Raine Square Honey $20 Clearance 20+
Belmont Honey $34 Clearance 7+
Bassendean Honey $34 Clearance 4+
Woodvale Honey $34 Clearance 2+
Bayswater Honey $42 Special 7+
Bentley Honey - - N/A
Cloverdale Honey - - N/A
Maylands Honey - - N/A
Morley Honey ? ? N/A
Midland Honey ? ? N/A
Swan View Honey ? ? N/A
Stratton Honey ? ? N/A
Caversham Honey ? ? N/A
Warwick Honey ? ? N/A

* Maybe. Definitely

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  • Stock up for Valentines day.

  • What does it taste like compared to normal Jacks?

  • Upvote for actually buying $480 worth of this stuff.

  • 24 bottles will last me a life-time…


    Edit: At 1 x 30ml each day, with each bottle being 700ml, it would take 23 days to drink each bottle, and therefore 552 days to drink all 24 bottles.

    • +12 votes

      Who's doing 30ml/day? After 1 shot, it's all or nothing.
      Luckily I have a short bucket list.

  • 24? That's probably enough till the end of the month but what will you buy then?

  • that's bloody good

  • Anymore left at Vic Park? This stuff goes down easily. Good for mood improver on games nights.

  • Life time supply, surely you jest?

  • I bought this once - tasted like cough medicine.

  • It is being discontinued. Raine Square had the same special.

    • Beat you to it 😜 (I just finished editing the deal.)

      Is there still stock available at Raine Square, or did you clean them out (like I did to both Vic Park stores)?

  • Just cleared out subiaco, apparently there's 3 more not on display

  • Will be available on gumtree tomorrow.

    • None of my 141 bottles will 😉

      First time I've tried it: yum-myyy!

      1. The reason I have 14 is that that was all I could find for $20 in 8 stores. 

  • Apparently this is a factory run out. There is more stock of the honey & possibly the other flavours being delivered to Liquorland stores in their next deliveries.

    • Oooh! Looks like I might have to ring around to see if I can pick up a few more of the Honeys.

      Where did you glean this info from? (The more stock part.)

      As far as I can tell from the 8 stores I visited, the regular Jack Daniel's is on special for $47 and the Fire for $42, at least for the majority of the stores - some didn't have any on show. I can definitely confirm the regular at all the stores - forgot to check Victoria Park for the Fire, but all the other stores that had it on show had it on special, not on clearance. One of the team members in one of the stores did mention that he'd heard of the Fire being sold for $15 in another store, though.

      • Same prices ($47 & $42) in VP for the reg & Fire. There were a few of the reg & 1 or 2 only of the Fire, not worth posting I figured as it would be all gone.

        I'd be surprised if the price wasn't uniform across outlets, plus I haven't seen a post on here, so I'm thinking $15 for Fire could've been a special on the hip flask size, not the 7.

        Source I'd not expose for the continued benefit of all. Plus it's all just someone talking until there's booze on the shelves (or not) come next delivery.

        Also, being a factory (not store) run out, could be there's specials in-store at Dan's etc. on the same juice.

        If anyone gets the Fire @ a reasonable price, I'd be keen to swap a couple - would make some delicious rocket fuel :)

  • Sickly sweet stuff. Bought a bottle once and ended up pouring it down the sink. Don't buy this thinking it's JD, it's not.

  • This stuff is great to use in a Manhattan.

  • Price match at Dans

  • Just called Liquorland in Rockhampton, QLD. Their prices are still $46 a bottle and they know nothing of the deal.

  • That is disgusting. True definition of gluttony

    • Why thank you…wait a minute, this isn't judge-strangers.com.au

      Firm, drunken & gluttonous downvote for you Muntz, I know how you like it.

      • "This site can’t be reached

        Judge-strangers.com.au’s server IP address could not be found."

        Damn, you got my hopes up.

      • Sorry you can't handle what someone has to say. Thin skinned 😂

        • Ouch, burn!!! You got me good on that one Muntz, damn you're good. Credit where credit's due.

          In my defence, I know I don't give assumptive, over simplified, incorrect, unwanted, & unsolicited opinion to those who share with me, however with your advice, examples & 24 bottles of JD Honey, you never know…I could beat my demons yet.

          Thank you Muntz, I love you.

    • The op had the choice to not share the deal. I'd say they just used it to their advantage, nothing wrong with that.

      • 24 bottles is the most I'll ever need. Plus that's the essence of this site - to share deals… Back's get scratched. My first post, but I'd day that's it, without post's no one gets anything, so I left 2+ cases on the shelf and posted up.

        I'm curious though, what was my advantage to sharing, that you mention?

        • I was just implying that you captalised on knowing about the offer prior to sharing it by buying up big, making it a tad harder for those who wanted to get their hands on it.

          Though Honestly if i had a need for 24 bottles of the stuff i would've done the same.

          Ended up with 4, so a big thank you

          • @Drakesy: Ah I see… I thought you had a cool or unique, economic outlook or something similar. No worries :)

            In hindsight, I think 4 would've done me too.

  • $34 on the shelf at Woodvale liquorland. Still 2-3 left after I grabbed three.

  • Two left in Raine square at $20

  • Liquorland restocks today. Could be more from the distributor. Sales flags (indicating no price change until 28th) & empty spaces are still on the shelves.

  • I just got 5 bottles. Thank you so much!

  • Fwiw raine square has at least 20 left

  • None at Warwick but got the last 2 at Gwelup Liquorland: https://imgur.com/iOZAA8S

    I talked with the staff and they said that they've got a lot more on order so they'll soon be restocked and selling for $20 until they clear all stock.

  • In SA and regularly stalking Liquorland.. still $42..

  • Has anyone confirmed whether this stuff is any good? I've only tried (and enjoyed) American Honey.

    • Reg Turkey, being a premium bourbon (so they call it) is smoother & has a different taste than sour mash JD.
      AH tastes more like real honey than JDH, could just be the smoothness.
      Turkey lovers hate JD it seems, I hate both. Put honey in either & they're totally different, delicious. drinks.
      Can't go too wrong for $20.

  • Took the picture of the receipt into Dan Murphy's. Apparently they won't accept the receipt alone, however if someone can post the shelf tag from one of these shops showing the price, they'll price-match Australia wide.
    To that end: I'm in QLD - can someone take a picture of the shelf tag showing a price of $20?

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