Home Hot Dog Maker

does anyone know where to find a reasonably priced home hot dog machine? it needs to be Australian voltage, I've been looking and only able to find commercial quality ones, bot me and my mum are looking for one, any help is appreciated, thanks
edit** similar to what Kmart used to sell


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    I think K-mart used to sell really cheap ones, but now could only find 2 on Kogan/DickSmith site from $205 to $270, hardly a bargain

    • thanks for that, i used to have a Kmart one and lent it to my brother and wasn't able to get it back,

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    Is it really necessary?

    I don't mean to be rude or preachy (I'm not a picture of healthy/fitness myself), but how often do you eat hotdogs that you want/need a dedicated machine for it? What's wrong with a pot of water (or microwave) and a toaster (or oven)?

    It's the same with pie/waffle (and so on) makers…how often do people eat pies???

    It can't be healthy to eat hotdogs/pies/waffles that frequently?

    • I always seem to split the dogs doing it that way. I've never had the issue with the Machine. I also don't eat that crap often

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        Maybe you could adjust your cooking technique?

        All the best on your search/quest, seems like slim pickings at the moment though…haha

        I can see a few second hand ones on FB marketplace, but most are pick up only…

        This one is in Melbourne?


        • Thanks for that mate. I just sent the person a message

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        Ok I'll let you in on my hot dog cooking method.
        Get a microwave safe dish with a lid, throw the dogs in, and put in just enough water to just cover the bottom (1-2 mm), shake it with lid on and cook for around 45 seconds.
        This isn't enough to finish the dogs, but its a checkpoint, have a look and assess their temp, close the lid and shake it and another 10 seconds.
        Rinse and repeat, check, shake the water around and cook again for a bit.
        The logic is that the dog skins break because they start to dry and the insides of the dogs expand.
        Keep the outside moist and only allow the insides to expand a little at a time.
        Keep an ear out you may hear one burst and you learn what is too long. Usually for my family of 4 (1 each) its 80-90 seconds total.
        Rarely get a casualty and they are cooked perfectly.

      • what's wrong with the dog splitting?
        Ain't you going to bite into it anyway?

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      Waffles about once a month personally, sometimes up to once a fortnight. Not aware of any method to make one other than a waffle iron.

      Most other "makers" are mostly useless IMO but I think I get some decent waffle mileage

    • You can make other things in pie makers like bread rolls, pancakes, omelettes. They’re not limited to pies.

  • Man those things look like a nightmare to clean.

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    Make the jump to Kranskies. Your palate will thank you.

  • if i need a hot dog fix… i just go to costco, $1.99 with a drink. i love the mustard and relish