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Baseus Jelly Wireless Charger Portable 15W Fast Qi Wireless Charger A$12.98 Delivered @ Eskybird


Soft Light and Portable
Quick Response and instant Charging

Don't forget to apply code OZEW130 at Checkout.

We also have some other deals as follows:

15W Transparent Glass Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Baseus 15W Qi Wireless Charger Transparent Glass Wireless Charging Pad AU$20.15 after Code OZWP155

Aux Bluetooth Receiver for wired audio
Baseus USB 3.5mm Jack Aux Bluetooth Receiver Speaker for Car Audio Music AU$12.35 after Code OZBC020

Baseus 15W Qi Wireless Charger Transparent Glass Wireless Charging Pad Details As Follow:

Brand Name: BASEUS
Charging Pad Material: Silicon
Features: With Cable
Connector Type: Type C
Quality Certification: ROHS ce FCC CCC
Max. Output Power: 15w
Material: PC+TPU
Input current: DC 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/2A Max
Compatibility: Support wireless charging devices conforming to Qi standard
Weight: about 82g (without packaging)

Please note: Due to COVID-19 and Increasing Orders, the delivery day may be longer than usual.

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  • A lot that get posted are 10W - would 15W support fast charging for a Samsung or what sort of charge time is to be expected?

    • Hi ACHT, it can 15w support fast charging for Samsung phone

  • Does this give the fastest wireless charge with a Pixel 4xl?

    • +4

      once I ordered

      Of course your singular experience dictates an entire brand.

      No, you got the one dud out of many. I've got dozens of BaseUs cables and other devices and every single one of them has been perfect except for a USB cable that died prematurely.

  • +2

    Hope it doesn't blow my load ;)

  • Hi OP, are both wireless chargers compatible with Huawei Mate 20 Pro? The second model didn't mention Huawei. What is the difference between the two options? Does the second one come in transparent black or white (or, are they solid black/white)?

    • Hi panamawhisky, both of the wireless charging pad support Huawei Mate 20 Pro, both Support wireless charging devices conforming to Qi standard. The second one is in transparent, solid black and solid white, if you want transparent, please just refresh the page and choose the "transparent".

      • Hi, I want transparent but I see no option for it?

  • If you want to buy a 15w wireless charger, better to get one with a cooling fan to keep the phone cool, especially in summer as the phone battery temp can reach 40 degrees Celsius, which is not good for battery longevity.

    • I have a $100 Samsung wireless charger with a fan and unfortunately the Note 10+ battery still reaches 40 degrees celsius in summer and even in winter if i charge from empty to full.

      • Yes, I have the exact same charger, so what I'm trying to say is your phone will probably exceed 40 degree celsius if you use a 15 watt wireless without a fan.

        However, my phone definitely does not reach 40 degree celsius in winter. Probably stays around 35 degrees celsius while fast wireless charging.

        I now just turned off fast wireless charging and charge slowly since I'm working from home and don't require fast charging speeds.

    • on the topics of battery longevity, I've just recently learned that apparently it's ideal to stop charging your phone when the battery reaches 80% as it would consume less battery cycle…charge to 100% and your battery will die sooner

      • I do this, but I wish my Note 10+ has an inbuilt charge threshold feature, like Thinkpads. However as a workaround I use the app accubattery, which will ring an alarm once the charge reaches 80%.

  • Has anyone purchased from eskybird before? I'm also wondering how long shipping would take as I'm assuming it's from OS?

  • +1

    hello, is there any difference between the jelly one and the transparent one (other than material)?

    • Hi skido2, the main difference is the material, the transparent one uses highly transmitting glass with good conductivity, faster charging.

  • Do iPhones still top out at 7.5w?
    Still a good price.

    • Yes. iPhone with fast charging capacity will be able to.

  • Can i charge Iphone 8 and 8 plus using this?

    • Yes you can

  • Website offline?

    Took the $$ and ran?

    • Hi F11HLL, if you can't open the page?

      • Looks to be working now - Maybe a glitch!

  • +3

    I read a discussion about the 15W wireless charger for Samsung devices. The only wireless charger can charge Samsung devices such as Note 10 plus at 15W rate is the official Samsung 15W wireless charger. Some wireless chargers claime at 15W charging speed. In fact it charges only at usual 10W. Few months ago, I bought the Choetech 15W wireless charger from Amazon Au which claimed for charging 15W to note 10 plus. However the result was disappointing. I am unsure if this 15W wireless charger does the same thing.

  • Anyone that bought one of these a while back. Are they any good? Now only $15.98

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