Anyone Heard of Getting an Awesome Deal but Am Doubting Legitimacy

Hello lovely people

Has anyone heard of or bought anything from them before?

I'm looking to buy an Apple Watch S3 and came across this:

Initially, I thought they might be selling just the band but have sent them an email and they have confirmed it's the watch and not just the band.

They appear to be based in Qld.

I still have this nagging feeling that it's too good to be true so I thought I'll turn to the collective wisdom of the OZB community.

I'll also post on Whirlpool in case I find someone there.


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    Doesn't seem like a legitimate business. Avoid.

    • Yes, but can't find anything against it anywhere, hence the post.

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      Are you suggesting my order from jockimart won't actually be delivered?

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    Might want to simply Google the address if the extremely dodgy website, or simply the name pheepmart wasn't enough to put you off.

    • Yes, they did put me off but the price intices me too.
      Must not be greedy,….

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        Its not about greed, its about stupidity. People like to blame their greed, but if your greed trumps your intelligence, then you have much bigger problems to worry about.

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    If it sounds too good to be true….

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    vacant block.. disconnected mobile number

    ~worth a shot, let us know if they hit the 21 day delivery target

    OW pricematch?


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      That's a no. Tried already. They think it's fraudulent as well. Apparently, it's the same product code on their site as Officeworks. :))

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        That alone should raise some really big fat red flags.

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        It’s also worth trying The Good Guys/JB Hi-Fi, etc. You may have a chance as I got the WH-1000XM3s via price match from the Wasabi store deal, JB said that head office advised them that the sites a scam and they couldn’t match the price whereas The Good Guys (right next door) rang head office and they approved the price match :D

        I doubt it will work in your case though as the profit margin is already very small for Apple products and would most likely result in OW/JB/TGG having a loss.

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      273-271 who ever writes a street address like that. It’s always put 271-273. Lower number first.

  • Do not buy from this buyer, they advertise items to sell but they do not have them in stock, if you ask for a refund they'll ask you to contact PayPal to lodge a dispute because their Paypal account is defective. Avoid this seller.

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