[PS4] Doom $7.48 @ PlayStation Store


Lowest price I have seen so far for this great game

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  • This is easily worth $7, I played through this for the first time a few months ago and it's really, really good. I enjoyed it more than Eternal (which I still haven't finished)

    • Every Doom 2016 thread involved comparison to the Doom Eternal. I was with you a while ago that I reckoned 2016 is way better than Eternal, until I got better in Eternal. It offers way way way more intense and exciting battle experience than 2016 (when I got better at it).

      Don't get me wrong tho, both games are EPIC. Hats off to id.

      • Totally fair, I played Doom 2016 on Hard, played the same on Eternal and honestly just get my ass handed to me over and over. I definitely think I'd enjoy it more if I wasn't struggling so much through every level, but I'm way too proud to lower the difficulty.

        • How far in did you get?

          It's an interesting games. It gives you so many tools in terms of movement, abilities and weapons, but then there's design decisions they made which really restricts your strategies and game play options this time around. It forces you to play it how id intended you to rather than giving you much freedom to experiment. The main one is the enemies having very defined weaknesses (which the game tells you about up front) which forces you to rotate through weapons based on who you are fighting. Not necessarily a bad thing but it's jarring coming off other FPS there there's less emphasis on needing to do this. The way shields, health and ammo is managed too forces you to juggle ability cooldowns to replenish those given there's often few pickups about the arena, and it also forces you to manage enemies by encouraging you not to kill the weak ones so you have an ammo source if you need it.

          It's good when you get the hang of it, but it can be a bit restrictive and especially early on I butted heads with the games ruleset until I adapted my play to suit the game. It didnt start to click for me until around the 4th level.

          • @Smigit: Honestly not sure how far I got, maybe the 3rd or 4th level actually, I could get through it but each fight was taking me like 30+ minutes because I'd get towards the end, die, then restart it until I could finally clear it and honestly I kinda just got over it. I'm a lazy gamer. I like my games to be challenging, I play everything on hard, but I only tend to finish them by exploiting some overpowered mechanic. Conversely I just played TLOU2 and finished it on Hard but wondered the entire time through why it was so damn easy.

            Once I finish Ghost of Tsushima I'll definitely give Eternal another go, I understand you've got to play as the game intends, it's just so high intensity and difficult that it can be hard to sustain the energy needed for it.

            Thanks for the tips :)

            • @noodlesfordaddy:

              it's just so high intensity and difficult that it can be hard to sustain the energy needed for it.

              Yeah, I found the same. I did it in sessions of one level, sometimes only half a level, for that reason.

      • I still found myself cranking up the DOOM 2016 soundtrack though when playing Eternal.

    • Is John Romero still involved in these new Doom games?

  • Is this the same maps as the original PC game?

  • Am I going to get lost endlessly walking corridors in circles like I did in the original when I was a little kid or not so much?

  • easily the best $10 I ever spent on video games when I bought it.

    dark room. max volume. rip and tear.

  • I wasn't such a fan of this one. It was fun for a while, but got repetitive very quickly.

  • $7, gotta go in

  • Great first post!

  • When life goes to hell your pretty much

  • What an great price. This game caught me by total surprise back when it launched

  • $7.48 is a great deal but if anyone is unconvinced, the demo is free.
    This deal won't expire for sometime so play the demo first before buying.

  • Damn i would have been all over this if i didn't already have it on disc.