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[PC, PS4] Free - FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn & Heavensward (with Limitations)


Announced during letter from the producer livestream, FFXIV will be free to play up to Heavensward patch 3.56 as free trial.

From twitter

The #FFXIV Free Trial is being expanded to include:

☑️ Level cap raised to 60
☑️ Heavensward (through Patch 3.56)
☑️ Dark Knight/Astrologian/Machinist
☑️ Au Ra

Limitation of free trial includes:

  • cannot make in-game micro transactions
  • up to 8 character, 1 per world
  • cannot trade items with other players
  • can join a party if invited or by using the Duty Finder, but cannot assemble a party
  • etc

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  • Just stressing that this will not come into effect until at least August 11 when the new patch drops.

  • Can't wait to (rightfully) nag my friends even more to play this game!

  • Can anyone make a comment on which server you have been using and the ping when playing? thanks

    • Usually best to play on the Elemental data centre, Tonberry is the "unofficial" Aussie server, and Kujata is a sort of backup of you can't get in. Keep in mind it's a JP data centre, but it's the closest one to here so a lot of Aussies play there.

      I use mudfish VPN when I play and get around 120ms ping

      • Second Mudfish. It makes a noticeable difference and the price is very reasonable

        • Yeah I used to try others like NoPing and Pingzapper. They were okay, but considering you can pay like $5 for mudfish and it lasts for years for the same results, seems like a no-brainer

    • As mangobango stated, Tonberry and Kujata are based on the Elemental data centre which is Japan based and most ANZ/OCE players are established there but some find they receive better ping on US servers (and also potentially because they prefer full English speaking than having to deal with Japanese players) and I know there is a fairly strong community on Adamantoise.

    • Just bear in mind that queue times for instanced content can be very painful if you aren't properly aligned to peak times in your timezone. There is also the consideration of skill level across JP/US/EU (controversial but unfortunately true imo due to cultural playstyles). Lag-wise, I hear the FFXIV is more forgiving than many MMOs due to a high skill casting cooldown in general.

      It is a party-based game for a lot of content, so it can be quite challenging with random players if they are stubborn with 'I pay so I play the way I want' mindsets in the US in particular. It's even led in the past to bosses becoming nerfed because players across an entire server do not want to learn how to play effectively (I hope this has changed!!). I've tried both EU, US and JP servers and found that players on JP servers were more professional, organised and competent overall even if you don't have that layer of language communication. The game also has an excellent phrase-based quick auto-translate so you can say most applicable things within seconds if you do need to.

    • I am with Superloop and get around 110ms ping to Tonberry. YMMV

      Make sure to tick J (language) in your duty finder settings so you’ll get matched with Japanese players not just English players otherwise you may find your queue times for duties may take forever.

    • Got about 130-150 ping to Tonberry Elemental JP versus 180-250 to the LA servers.

      In endgame content the group finder was about 90-95% Japanese (since you can play with the whole server, not just your world), so out of 50 groups for a boss you'd see around 5 English ones.

      The biggest factors for server choice for me were: better timezone, ping, pvp population, and the prevalence of progression groups for hard content.

    • I play on Elemental, Typhon. I use Noping VPN, and I get 87ms.

  • One (1) Free Trial account may be registered using a Square Enix account so long as that Square Enix account has not been previously registered with any version of the game.

    Goddamnit, bought the base game years ago and have been wondering about getting back in or not… Don't want to create an all new Squeenix account just to trial the game and expansion now…

    • To be fair, base game is already very chunky anyway, you'll have a lot to do just with that. And the latest expansion comes with all the previous ones, and usually goes for around $20 or so these days.

      You'll be able to make up your mind if you want to keep playing just from base game :)

    • On August 11 you will get the Heavensward content for free since they are upgrading the base game to include HW, the only thing will be that you will have to pay the subscription in order to keep playing.

  • Whats this like for a new player? When i reach max level will i struggle to find parties due to being behind in gear etc?

    • New players shouldn't have too much of an issue. Best to make friends in game who can help you clear older content.

      You'll be able to get into dungeons/trials a lot quicker if you use a tank/healer class as opposed to DPS. But obviously play the way you want to play, always makes it more enjoyable when you find a nice FC/Guild in the game to play with.

    • Everything in FFXIV is gated by the MSQ which will take you through the expansions sequentially and you will get gear along the way. Obviously when you hit max level there will be a period of acquiring gear high enough to be able to do some of the content but that is constantly changing and the gear level increases with each patch so there shouldn't be too much trouble.

  • I got the game during that dominos giveaway and I never even got to try it. The squeenix account process was annoying AF cause I think I had a US account but we have to create an EU one for it. Long story short, I used the same email and it messed both accounts up.

  • Anyone know if cross play between PC and PS4 possible on same server?

    • Yes, there is cross-play across all platforms (PC, Steam, PS4 and Mac) and everyone plays on the same servers, no separation.

      • Thanks, awesome! What about cross saves? Would be nice if could primarily play on my PC but have the option can easily kick back on the lounge and continue on my PS4.

        • As long as it is the same username you're using. It doesn't save to the console itself but on to the FFXIV servers.

  • They didn't say anything about the market board being available to free trial players right? Sucks if that's the case but not a deal breaker.

    • As far as we know they are not changing any of the current trial restrictions, this is to prevent bots from taking advantage of these things.

  • Noob question.

    Do I sign up tp the trial now or do I wait until the new update? thanks.

    • The current trial only goes up to level 35 but is unlimited time-wise. We assume that trial accounts will be upgraded on August 11 but no one knows for sure. I guess the safest solution would be to wait.

  • So if I understand this correctly, as someone who's played previously, I'm not entitled to the free play in any manner?
    If so… damn…

    • Yes, if you have owned and registered the game at all, you are not eligible for the free trial. Best you would get is free HW expansion if you only bought the starter edition.

  • Does this mean I could login with my existing, non-trial but lapsed-sub, account?

    • You will not be able to sign in and play for free since you have already paid for and registered the game. Accounts are only eligible for the free trial until you register a copy of the game. If you wanted to play for free you would have to make a whole new account and you would never be able to link them together, meaning if you wanted to continue playing with the new account you would eventually have to re-buy the game.

  • Hey guys noob queation - from what I understand FFXIV is subscription-based but can someone explain to me how it works? Is it a monthly fee or something, and what do you get for it? Each to their own but personally I'm don't like the subscription model, so didn't particularly want to invest time and then realise I must regularly pay-to-play beyond a point. I can go a week or two without turning the PS on so would probably not be worth my money…?

    • There is a free trial, currently it only goes up to level 35 but on August 11 it will be expanded to level 60 which includes all of the base game to the end of the first expansion (what this post is about). There are two more expansions after that (so there is the base game and three expansions at the moment).

      Yes, it is a subscription model. While you are on trial you pay nothing but there are a number of restrictions, I will provide a link to the list below. Once you purchase and register the game, you receive 30 days of free subscription before you need to start paying in order to play. As soon as you have bought the game and registered it (which happens automatically on PS4 as soon as you buy it) the restrictions are lifted, you receive 30 days for free, but then will have to pay in order to log in after the initial 30 days have lapsed which is monthly or you can pay for more months at a time for a reduced price. The subscription time runs whether you are playing or not so if you anticipate not playing for a while, you should cancel your subscription.

      HERE is a link to the current restrictions. We do not know if any of these will be changed come August 11 aside from the level cap being increased and I don't expect they will lift any of them.

      Feel free to ask any more questions if anything is unclear.

      • Here's another question. Let's say I wanted to play with my mates and make a party. Can I temporarily make a party on a 'registered' account, invite all my friends to that party including my 'free trial account' and play from there? Like pigmyfart said, I can also go a week or two without playing so the subscription model for me is a hard pass. I wish they can also do a 'consumable play time' model. Cheers.

        • You can do that but that requires buying the game on one account that you will then lose access to if the subscription runs out and would have to subscribe in order to continue using that method, also you would have to be able to sign in on both your paid and free account at the same time in order for that to work as you can't invite someone who is offline to your party. The easier solution is just to ask for a random player to create a party for you and leave, which hopefully people would be willing to do.

          • @Arcadia: Thanks Arcadia! Is there a way to distinguish a random 'subscribed' player from a 'free trial' player? I have a subscribed account from ages ago and I can probably use that to start things off.