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Tsingtao Beer - $41 Per Case of 24 @ Dan Murphy's


$2.10 more expensive than this previous deal, but still a good price.

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  • +13 votes

    An ok deal for my favorite beer.
    Great for people like me who do not pursue dryness or extremely wheat-y taste but a fresh and light mouth sensation.

  • +7 votes

    not worth the money

  • to sweet for me…

  • Dan Andrews favourite beer 🍻

  • Disclaimer: This beer triggers immediate orgasm in some.

  • Better than Budweiser,China is virus free.

  • where is the beer made in then ??

  • +13 votes

    These aren't bad and I tried them with low expectations. Knocked back 5 of them in a Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore late last year for $12 (Some kind of special - went down well with kimchi) and was left sufficiently tipsy and are a smooth drink. I can definitely recommend them!

  • +12 votes

    Been to Tsingtao, lovely place, can recommend the beer!

  • Goes well with grilled meat and spicy food

  • Poor quality beer.

  • +10 votes

    Brewed and Bottled in Qingdao China.

    Yeah, no thanks… god knows what's in it.
    Not racist a comment, Qingdao (where this beer is brewed and bottled), has high levels of air and especially water pollution.
    The brewing and bottling process obviously requires both AIR and WATER… and if both are polluted, so will be the beer.


    If still unsure, use the comparison tool for different cities (compare it to where you live). No way I'd be buying consumable food/drink from Qingdao.

    • +5 votes

      Tsingtao brewery was originally founded by German settlers, and has been making beer for over 100 years.

      If you've never been to Qingdao, I suggest you at least give it try as it's very picturesque. Most of the year it looks like this

    • Ignorant comment. Are you suggesting the brewery uses tap water in the brewing process?

    • lol Qingdao actually one of cleanest places in China. But of course nothing compared to western standards

      • Garbage levels/cleanliness is one thing.

        Air and water pollution levels is another entirely.

        Both are measurable, but only one of them is readily seen by the human eye (in most cases).

        I'm not talking about beauty, I'm talking about harmful levels of air and water pollution that far exceed what we would consider normal here.

        • Isn't that exactly what I just said

          You trying to mansplain?

          • -1 vote

            @Poor Ass: No, you were trying obfuscate my point by confusing cleanliness and pollution…. two very different things.

            But nice try.

            • @UFO: dude not arguing with ya ET

              again, it's one of the cleanest places in China comparing other parts of China. But 'less' disgusting and polluted like the rest of the places there.

              Actually Inner Mongolia is pretty good.

        • Xi Jinping gained a high reputation by replacing environmental protection officers one after another in provinces where tidiness is below the bar until they manage to get the streets clean. My hometown's city leadership got promoted by digging more shallow waste deposit holes near water sources to keep rubbish out of sight and doubling the street cleaner staff. Xi Jinping likes Chinese to confuse cleanness with pollution-free. I'm surprised to see the confusion replayed here. Turns out humans are the same everywhere - if you can't see it, it can't harm you.

    • Fricken virus

    • you pathetic racist, never been to anywhere other than local liquid shop, and know the world by Google.

      • Qingdao is more polluted than the competition beers' originating places. That's a matter of fact. One doesn't need to visit China to learn that. The "you don't know if you don't pay a visit" logic is abused by China ambassador Liu Xiaoming too. His argument is if you haven't visited Xinjiang you can't comment on Uyghur human right issues. Well, you can visit Qingdao and Xinjiang to get a good sense of the general public's perception of pollution and human rights issues, respectively, but you don't get a better sampling of the water pollutant level or do a headcount over the re-education camps by just visiting. There is a reason Google and journalism exist. Speaking as a Chinese here in case you wonder about racism. If visiting is the criterion for commenting on facts, few would be entitled to comment on the least visited places like North Korea and Mars, but people do all the time, and rightfully so.

  • Bought two cases. Absolutely love them.

  • lol people assuming that because it's from China, it's obviously polluted. To make any beer at scale you have to have stringent quality control. Brewery has been going for over a hundred years from what I seen in a documentary.

    • -2 votes

      No… not assumptions. Facts. I even included a link for you above.

      • have you ever been to China? if not, shut up then.

        • -5 votes

          hahahaha…. now you have to go to China to know it's pollution levels? No, I won't shut up.

          But congrats on scoring highly defending CCP… I'm sure its been noted somewhere :).

          • @UFO: if the only place you have ever been to is Canberra, i feel sorry for you.

            Don't judge anything until you see it.

            BTW, CCP, ALP, LPA, no differences.

            • -1 vote

              @steven124: Strike and a miss…. again.

              I don't have to see it to judge it, that's very shortsighted. And I've traveled plenty.

              I rely on uncensored credible news sources and organisations to help me form opinions. Visiting a place certainly doesn't make me an expert. The WHO for instance (and for its faults), is still a much more credible source than some random poster here on OzBargain. And they reckon water pollution is High (see link above).

              And BTW, you shot whatever little credibility you had left by saying the Chinese Communist Party has no differences to Labor or Liberal political parties.
              You're in deep mate… you need to stop drinking the CCP Koolaide. One is a freely democratically elected party, and other is a communist regime that hasn't allowed its people to vote freely in many decades.

              • @UFO: CCP is just the party name. It doesn't have a shred of communism in the country.

                To be honest, if any place in the world was actually true communism, it'll actually work out good.

                But countries that have tried end up to be corrupt dictatorships at the end

              • @UFO:

                The WHO for instance (and for its faults), is still a much more credible source than some random poster here on OzBargain. And they reckon water pollution is High (see link above).

                Which link is that?

              • @UFO: when you say you travelled plenty, sydney or melbourne?

                free elected party? so what? look at Australia now.

  • not a bad beer. But the price could be better than this.

  • It's UnAustralian to drink this. They don't buy our barley, we don't buy their beer. Support our farmers and buy Australian beer. Pay a few $'s extra for your fellow countrymen. We support them and tomorrow they'll support us. It goes hand in hand.

    • Your account will probably be suspended for this. You are right tho.

    • great comment

    • Agree not buying to support a country being deceptive on Coronavirus, constant human rights abuse, increase communism ideals, threatens other countries, not upholding international laws and agreements for Hong Kong, place tariffs and banning our meat and barley exports and calling us American dogs. Screw these chinese beers and goods. Boycott them.

    • You don't know they had to buy the barley from the US instead because of the trade deal?

      It's getting funnier when most of the so-called Australian beers are owned by foreign companies. Not Chinese tho. Don't get too excited and start typing…

      • Firstly I know they bought it from the US. How does that change anything? Our farmers were hurt as a result and Australia was robbed of export $'s. Remember they are targeting the farmer to hurt our government and in effect hurt you and me.

        It doesn't matter who owns it. Australian Made beer generates economic activity in Australia. From the John Deere dealer who supplies equipment, parts and service to the farmer to the Linfox driver who dives the barley to the factory, the factory workers and so on. Australian Made is better than buying an import. Your $5-7 extra are keeping all those people in their jobs. I'm sure their spending in our economy helps your business or the company your work for in some way.

        • John Deere is a massive American company.

          They're so good to these farmers they won't let them repair their own equipment from places other than John Deere.

          • @Gallifr3y: Who told you that? Most farmers fix their own equipment.

            • @El Grande: John Deere is like the Apple of the farming industry. Google it.

              Few lawsuits against them I believe in regards to right to repair.

              Poor sods, spend hundreds of thousands on equipment and they won't let you repair it lol.

              Lots of electronics on the machines now so most of the time you need access to the software too.

              nasty business. analogue all the way.

    • They stopped buying our barley because the Americans forced them to buy theirs.

      The Americans got us to charge first in battle, we paid the price, and they, the US, got the spoils of war.

      The US owns 85% of our 20 largest companies.

      96% of the Beer sold in Australia is owned by the Japanese and Brits. Only 4% is sold by an Australian company.

      Take the time to learn some facts.

      Wake. Up.

      • Yeah. I am all for supporting local companies/farmers and reduce our reliance on foreign countries. But it needs to be done in a sensible way that truly benefit our people, not US.

    • There's no such thing as a mass-produced beer in Australia, that's Australian anymore. The only thing close is probably Coopers Brewery, I know it's a meme to buy only craft beers but Australia's craft beers are where it's at. Buy something that's not owned by CUB or Lion.

  • VB for me

  • +4 votes

    Coopers if you’re looking for a widely available tasty and reasonably priced flavoursome beer.

  • Would not put something into my body that is made in China. Probably full of the China virus also.

  • Tsingtao beer is the only Chinese beer that the Westerners drink.

    I still remember we had a 10 day coach trip from the middle of China (not Wuhan!) to Shanghai. Dinner would be served with 2 different bottles of Chinese local beer. Let me tell you, Australian water tastes better.

  • +1 vote

    Tasteless fizzy water, far better choices out there.

  • Can't believe Aussies still buying Chinese beer as they boycott and try to destroy our barley industry.

    It's one thing to be a cheapskate taking advantage of free trade, it's another entirely to hurry along the demise of Aussie farmers while turning a blind eye to the Uighur slave labour.

    • How is China "try(ing) to destroy our barley industry"?

      They have imposed a tariff on the barley, not an import prohibition.

      The Oz farmers are perfectly entitled to seek other markets - isn't that what capitalism and the "free market" all about?

      • Political tariffs are not part of "free markets", they're by definition constraints on market forces. Ergo for capitalism - the "private" nature of ownership and purchasing power is eroded by the state telling you you cannot buy (or sell) a particular grain without paying them an extra cut, is hardly "private".

        Separately from that, why do you think they placed such a high tariff on our barley?

        Lastly, I hope (and expect) they will find different markets, but that's kind of a totally different topic than the tariff itself, or China's trustworthiness in trade, or their rampant abuse of human rights.

        • Markets come and go for a variety of reasons - just ask Huawei.

          If you put all, or most, of your supply eggs into one basket, you can get burnt - just ask many of the suppliers to Coles and Woolworths over many years.

          Again, part of the cut and thrust of capitalism (unfortunately).

          As far as I am aware, Australian barley has not been boycotted by China, and producers are as free to sell there as any where else they can find a market.

      • Exactly, Oz consumers are perfectly entitled not to buy and drink Chinese beer.

    • It's not as straight forward as the news has been telling you. Trump started the trade war with China by imposing heavy tariffs, then he made a deal to lift the tariffs if China increased their agriculture imports from USA. That's the main reason China are now buying barley from America instead of us. You wanna blame someone for destroying our barley industry then blame Trump for playing us like a fiddle.

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