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Tsingtao Beer - $41 Per Case of 24 @ Dan Murphy's


$2.10 more expensive than this previous deal, but still a good price.

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        He started the trade war for a reason - particularly rampant IP theft from China (been going on years before he got into power). Among other things, Trump was trying to factor that into new deals.

        In case this is new to you (which it appears to be given what you just said, as if Trump invented the topic of Chinese trade issues):


    • go and help Aussie farmer NOW

      don't just typing here.

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      Nope. the narrative that China is "Bullying Australia" is completely flawed. If Australian government are going to blindly follow the U.S on absolutely everything, then china is inclined to respond to It to protect her own interests. There is a price for being US's lapdog. Antagonizing the main trading partner in order to gain trumpy's approval is foolish and shortsighted.

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    War never changes.
    The same with some people who will always look for a way to start a war.

    To really play this boycott game first, ask yourself this question. Are you really game for it and not just big talk over the forums.

    1) Run thru you house items, start throwing them out.
    You will find that maybe you are left with your briefs.

    2) You might as well not have any electronics items at home. Phones, laptops, tv, iPad, amps, PS4, switches, Xbox, Pc parts, Bluetooth earpiece, apple tv, heater, air conditioner, even my Dimplex oil heater( wood fire perhaps) the list goes on. Don't believe me? Go thru your house items today.

    3) I am too lazy to go thru the categories but it will be very wide range for sure.

    After you are done with the list of products at home now is the best part.

    It is time you use your little brain to process….hmmmm how much material, chemicals are use to make these products and what are the impacts of the pollution?
    Don't care? I will sum it for you….the pollution of their lands for hundreds of years and worse the people's heath for generations are on the line.

    Watch Darkwaters just a tiny US product of Teflon and c8 and look at the impact it has on the WORLD.

    It's all the developed countries are now exporting their manufacturing products so their lands now can stay clean.

    No China then what? They will target India, Vietnam, Cambodia and all the poorer countries to manufacture for them.

    Fyi no I am not pro ccp, not even from China. Just pissed off with bird brain people and after randomly watching an Aussie youth using human rights to get thru border like 10 minutes ago. Aussie youths are becoming more retarded with all the freedoms they have. When it gets worse? Lockdown? They go crazy or suicide because they don't have freedom. Whose to blame?

    Sorry for the morning rant…..must be the trouble thing stuck in my head after watching Darkwaters last night. Not about the Teflon threat which I already knew about it but the lies they have been keeping for decades.

    **chants, inner peace.. inner peace.

    Okay time to start the day 😁

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      I forgot to add CCP are just bloody fools to risk their people for money.
      Again history will repeat itself, people against a regime.

      Remember the quote "We dont trade lives"
      Captain America and The Vision

      … But we sure must cut down the population growth, the planet will not sustain the human plague at the current rate thru deforestation, mining, drilling, polution and etc.

      And I hate to say this where are you god when we need you the most. Just abit worry if God really appears and give a Thanos solution ….then we are stuffed lol😱

      • +1

        *"we don't trade lifes"

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        unfortunately when you're trying to bring 300 million people out of the poverty line you don't get to choose the cleanest jobs.

        Things have improved, as can be seen, as China no longer wants to sort through our recycling umph crap anymore.

        We are the complacent cause of all this, we want bargains, companies want profit and margin, how do you get it? By finding and screwing the cheapest manufacturer in some third world country, until they either say enough or get too rich and expensive, then it's time to move on to another impoverished country.

        1. China
        2. India
        3. Vietnam
        4. Cambodia
          There is an endless list of countries for corporates to abuse for profit. Hooray.
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      "1) Run thru you house items, start throwing them out.
      You will find that maybe you are left with your briefs."

      You lost me here. Why should I throw them out? I paid my hard-earned $'s for them. All I'm saying is to make an educated decision about the source of what you are buying. I bought a cooktop today. Chinese made was $1400 and Italian made was $1700. I chose to buy an Italian one. I would have bought Australian made one if it was an option.

      20% of iPhones are soon going to be made in India. This has been widely done as Indian customers have started boycotting Chinese products. Apple expects other customers to do the same which is why this decision was taken. If we as consumers demand Indian made Apple will supply us and dedicate more of the resources to make in countries that are not China.

      Why should we not buy Chinese products? Look at the modern-day genocide that is happening in Xinjiang with Uighur People, Tibet was occupied and 84% of their population has been wiped out over the years, Look at what is happening in Hong Kong, Taiwan the list keeps going on.

      Did you know there are concentration camps in Xinjiang where over a Million Uighurs are used as slave labour and for organ harvesting? That's just the men. The women get to stay in their homes with their new Han Chinese masters as slaves and forced to have their children. Also, these people are forced to eat pork and drink beer (they are Muslims and its against their faith). I'm sure pork and beer sound good but its to humiliate them and not throw them a party.

      How would you feel if you were sent to a forced labour camp while another man stays with your wife in your home and makes babies with her against her will? What if this was facilitated by your government? What if this was only done because you were white and a black man probably homeless was asked to step in your place? These things are happening in China right now! The way the see it is they are ending homelessness and Undesirable people in one go. What Hitler did was kindergarten stuff in front of the CCP.

      CCP owns a cut is most Chinese businesses if they don't one of their members does. You can't do business in China if you are not part of the CCP. This is why it's important to make a choice. I know there are many things that are only made in China but there are many things there is an option.

      • +4

        Are you Falun Gong by any chance?

        Some of your rant is undoubtedly true, but the majority is extreme by any measure.

        • -2

          I didn't know what that was. Just read up on them. Didn't include them on the list lol.

          Which part is extreme? The concentration camp bit? There are many accounts of Uighur people talking about this for over a decade. I consume international media and read the Age instead of Herald Sun. I remember watching an episode on french news where this woman came for an interview. She was a Uighur activist in US and her sister who was a doctor in China was detained without record by CCP because she refused to quit talking about this.

          Our media in Australia is quite poor. We don't focus on what's happening around the world.

          • +2

            @El Grande: Australian media is hopeless.

            They should focus on Aussie wellfare, not just make up story for a country that is 10,000 kms away.

            • +1

              @steven124: Yep. I'd trust a 4 legged animal than Murdoch media

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      The inevitable result by having mass public mainly reading FREE newspapers.

      Guess who own them? You’d be shocked. It’s already done, too late to do a thing.

      What’s free shall cost you the most.

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    Over priced dish water

    • +2

      What was your rating on the dishwater you drank, so as to add as a valid comparison?

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    There's some weird melding of utter ignorance regarding virology with jingoism, political opposition, racist preferences and isolationist economic theories going in here. Would it help if I tip religion into the mix and point out to those worried about " pollution" and biological pathology triggers that the bordering post is attempting to sell "XXXX"?

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    Came for the beer, stayed for the comments. Good deal, thanks OP.

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    I used to drink this beer, not anymore. Not until CCP calms down

  • +14

    "I have never been China before, but I hate China because BBC/CNN told me the so-called truth." Even Paul Joseph Goebbels would be surprised how easy it is nowadays to brainwash people. It is awful to see these unrelated comments on a bargain website.

    • +3

      Beware of the spyware under the bottle cap

      • +2

        The bottle cap itself must be an expensive 5G antenna then…
        Come on OZbargainers, great opportunity for arbitrage!

        • +6

          The 5G antenna under the bottle cap is the source of Covid.. Facebook told me, so of course it is true!

        • +1

          The '5g' is in the beer.

    • So you think there's some massive conspiracy with the world media that is against China unfairly? Starting to sound like Trump mate.

      Are we imagining things, or is China not the aggressor by pushing themselves into the South China Sea against International Law?

      Are we imagining things, or is China not committing genocide in the north west of 'their country/internal affairs'?

      There's no brainwashing going on mate…. at least not on our side. It's facts, and those not blindly loyal to the mother country can see that.
      It's a shame, but you're kind of right… there IS brainwashing going on. And censorship. Most people in China do not have access to the Internet in its entirety… only a certain version suitable to the CCP.

      It's not a conspiracy against China mate. It's the truth. And hopefully one day the People of China will wake from their slumber and see that…. in spite of the efforts by their Beloved Ruler.

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        i thinkg you have brainwashed by our poor media

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    Clearly I can see the Au value from some post above, shame on you

    • +1

      Just chill. There's (profanity) everywhere

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    Nothing better than the combo of beer + this comments section

    • Just waiting for the Trump trumpeters to come out and you've got yourself a rave party + WW3.

    • Trump and Xi Jinping should have a cold bargain beer, and read these comments. They might learn something from our esteemed Ozbargain experts.

  • Usually dun want to spend if there is excessive delivery fee but this time I will. Firstly cuz I like to try out the beer for first time based on recommendations. But more importantly to piss off the constant China bashing sinophobic racist pro trump supporters.

  • +3

    A very drinkable beer.

    Just note this is the 4.5% version. It's also available (from other sellers) at 4.7% and a 5%, although increasingly difficult to find now.

  • One of the beers that made me feel physically ill from drinking it - and I don't mean from drinking too much of it.

    The other one was Stella from Egypt. So bad that my body immediately rejected it.