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[XB1, PC] Forza Horizon 3 $12.89 CD Key @ CDKeys


A very good price, more than 50% off other online sellers. Been holding off till now, though I kinda want Forza Horizon 4 more 😆.

Anyways, buy now while you can.

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    Horizon 3 is better than horizon 4 imo 👍🏻

    • Because you can take a leisurely drive in a VL Commodore to the Gold Coast and do fully sick burnouts with exhausts that go voooot-too-too-too-too-t-t-t!!!

  • Is it worth waiting for the ultimate edition to be on sale? Is it ever on sale?

    • i don’t know if it’s worth it, but i reckon it’ll be on sale for fairly cheap in septemberish, because they have to delist it in october i believe, due to the game being 4 years old and license issues, so i think past forza games have had sales. and it could come to games with gold, since motorsport 6 did last year

  • I really hope this eventually comes to Game Pass.

    I'm only interested for the Aussie setting, I've played every other Horizon game (1 via Gold, 2 via the free F&F DLC, 4 via Game Pass) without paying a cent so I kinda know what I'm in for, and while fun, I put them all down after an hour or two, so I don't wanna spend dosh on an old game you feel, when I know what to expect.

    But I do love me some fully sick hectic doughies in ol' mate's Commo.

    • I was doing the same as you but you'd think it would've come in by now, so i bought it on sale once for about $20 or so. A really great game, of course, as they all are. Maybe they wouldnt put it on GP cos FH4 is on there and that's their current GaaS?

  • This game is very likely to be on Games with Gold very soon, then delisted soon after.

    • My thoughts exactly and believe it's one of the reasons why it's not on Gamepass. Alongside a final discounted sale price for those that want a permanent digital copy before it gets pulled from the store. If history repeats itself, it should be around September as it marks 4 years since release and that's when the previous game was delisted. Hopefully the DLC might also go on sale in conjunction.

      Tempting at this price but might wait out till then.

  • Great game, captured the feeling of Aussie roads very nicely.

  • I was waiting for Forza 4 and 3 ultimate version bundle to go on sale, but this is very tempting

  • where to download the game?

  • Think it’s just under $20 for physical at EB

    • Grabbed a physical for under $20 last night via EB Games' eBay store - free delivery if you're an eBay Plus member. I think there's one more left if any of you like physical media.

      CD Keys is a great price though - almost tempted to get the digi as well and keep the disc sealed (assuming it comes sealed - with EB you never know) as a memento of a great game with an Australian location!

      • Hmmm $12.89 digital or $19ish physical

        Approx $7 difference oh boy what to do Hahahah

      • Here's a thing and it's a very important thing. You don't get the play anywhere feature with the physical disc copy like you do with the digital download copy. For example you can't download and play it on Windows 10 if you buy the Xbox One physical disc copy. That's a very good feature if you like to play on PC too.

        • I don’t have a PC only a Mac so no a big thing to me as I’m a console gamer but yer I get what your saying

    • Drats. I would of gotten physical copy. Dont know why i didnt check. You can click and collect from eb stores on their website.

  • I have been waiting for a good deal for this game. Thanks for posting.

  • Showing up as $18.49 for me. Am I missing something?

  • Says $12.89 but on checkout it goes to $18.49??

  • Why did I not know this was available on PC? Guess because it isn't on game pass.

  • I realise the deal is expired, but for individuals interested in navigating the (purposefully?) confusing series of DLC options,


    Looks like the "expansion pass" includes hot wheels and blizzard mountain.

    the "car pass" includes many, but not all, car expansion packs.

    The "platinum plus" dlc includes everthing aside from tokens (which you dont need to the best of my knowledge).

  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/forza-horizon-3-duracell-g...

    Free dlc car for those that bought the game

    Also, perhaps not the best bargain (well, its a bargain but its not cheap)

    Microsoft store is doing a bundle of the forza horizon 3 and 4 ultimate editions together for 90aud approx. (must have gold which you can get for 1month for $1 here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/552612).

    Looks like despite the horizon 3 ultimate edition NOT usually including the season pass, this bundle DOES include the season pass (which includes both the hotwheels and blizzard mountain expansions). Hence, if you have any intention of picking up the hotwheels, blizzard mountain, and the car pass, then for the same price you also get horizons 4 ultimate edition.