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20% off Everything in Stock, 25% off Orders over $120 @ Koorong


Free shipping on orders over $99.

20% off everything in stock valid from Thursday 23rd - Monday 27th July 2020. 25% discount only applies to orders of $120 or more. Discount available for items currently in stock only and not valid in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer. Does not apply to eBooks, eAudio books, gift cards/vouchers, tickets, licences, NETT priced items, donations, bookstalls, backorders, BPAY, prepaid orders or Pages Café purchases. Discount applies to cash, credit card, EFTPOS, PayPal, and gift card/voucher redemption purchases only. Items cannot be set aside for customer pick up. Online orders must be paid for at the time of order via credit card, PayPal, or gift card/voucher redemption only to receive sale discount. Shipping rates are calculated after sale discount has been applied. Koorong Reward Points are not earned for purchases with discount over 20%.

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  • Praise the lord jesus for these savings.

    • Here we go… lets bash the Christians. How about you keep your opinions to yourself? I dare say if this store was of another religious belief you probably would have not posted.

      • If everyone in the world kept their opinions to themselves, Christianity would have died out long ago and there would be no Koorong today.

        • Bit rich asking everyone else to keep their opinions to themselves, when you obviously can't..

          • @lukeyluke: But rich trying to bully dissenting views into silence. Wouldn't it be great of OZB was a safe space for Christians, who unlike the rest of OZB and the Internet wouldn't have to accept that they live in a society that has a free exchange of ideas. The free exchange which convinced them or their parents into becoming Christian in the first place. Christians are all for converting people from their current set of beliefs, but only if it is to Christianity.

            • @AustriaBargain: Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about. Your indeed off on a tangent.

              For some people this deal has been posted and will be of interest. For others not so much.

              Can we not behave like grown ups? Your free to believe what you want is that not so?

  • It's YOU'RE not YOUR…..fed up with illiterate people with opinions like this. Keep your religious bias to yourself and quit proselytizing on this Forum.