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Corona Extra Beer Case 24x 355ml Cans $56 ($36 with $20 Zip Pay New Customer Discount) @ Carlton United Breweries Catch


Corona Extra Cans 24x335ml comes down to $36 after Zip Pay $20 discount in catch.com ! - Free delivery to my post code, please check yours!

if you are not an existing Zip Pay customer then you can Sign up for Zip Pay to receive the welcome bonus with in 7 days of your first transaction.

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  • Is Corona in a can good?

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      Why would it being in a can suddenly make it good?

    • don't find the 335ml bottles in catch, hence I went with the cans! looks fancy than bottles and easy to take along with you for the trips !

    • do a blind taste test and I'll bet you can't taste the difference.
      Cans are cheaper, better for the environment, more easily/widely recyclable

  • Just FYI the $20 is a welcome bonus, so first time Zip/Catch customers only. If you aren't eligible, then next best prices (if you have Amazon Prime) are $51.95 for 24 bottles or $55.99 for 24 cans

    • Based on the response to other catch.com purchases using Zip Pay $20 discount, it is not only for the fist catch or first Zip pay purchase, but it is for the first purchase using Zip pay in Catch. Give it a try! Anyways you will come to know whether you are getting the discount in the check out itself as it is not a cash back. Being said that, I have used Zip Pay for the first time and I was successful.

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    paid $30 last week with $20 discount on catch

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    thanks OP, i had $10 store credit so got a 30 block of great northerns delivered for $20.95

  • Had no idea Corona came in cans. Interesting they went with energy drinks style cans as well

    • It's crap too

      • Yeah can’t imagine it’s any better in a can. Haven’t had corona for years but I’d always seen people with the bottles and bottles on the street etc. Haven’t seen the cans - looks very summery European