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Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer 12x 375ml $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Bundaberg doesn't go down to $1 per bottle very often. Unfortunately, only seems to be the diet ginger beer at this price currently.

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  • Anyone know what the usual Costco price is?

  • Had Diet Sars for $13.5

  • How does this compare with the regular (full cane sugar) version?

    • Very tasty I find. The diet actually has more ginger than the standard version - which is a big plus for me. Thanks for the find OP!

    • I've found the diet to be pretty average. Each to their own obviously, but I'm yet to find a decent diet ginger beer.

      • Depends on taste of course, but I've found that a 60:40 mix of regular Bundy with sparkling water with fresh lime and mint is the bomb. Just over half the amount of sugar but still great taste. And if you're in the mood, add a shot of vodka for a great cocktail.

        • And if you really want to mix it up, batch up equal measures of vodka, tequila, white rum, gin, and Cointreau and serve with ginger beer, mint, etc. It sounds like rocket fuel, but it's a fantastic long drink for the middle of summer.

    • Not as good, but not terrible, still i'd rather not consume artificial sweeteners. They need to hurry up and bring out a no sugar version, I like the sharp taste of ginger. Only needs a little bit of sugar if any.

    • I find it varies from batch to batch, some good some not so good.
      If I'm after a diet Ginger Beer I find Saxby's to be pretty good and also of a consistent quality.

  • Last time I ordered these they ended up smashed. Amazon was easy with the refund though.

  • Currently $10 at Coles.

  • This item doesn't seem to be shipped in NSW. Once I logg in, I can see - 1 New from $12.00, but is not listed as a buying option.

  • I think these are disgusting (sorry guys) im normally a only diet X drink guy but this is no substitute even mixed with rum

  • ALDI has the best alternative IMO

  • Best ones are the spiced version during Christmas