[Cancelled] Free Krispy Kreme Bites (7 August, 5am-12pm) @ 7-Eleven via My 7-Eleven App

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This Promotion has been cancelled due to ongoing health concerns.

Ozbargain has been contacted by 7-Eleven that the deal has been cancelled. Deal archived to preserve user discussions

Original Deal description:

You can grab the new Krispy Kreme Bites for free on 7 August using the My 7-Eleven App. Only available between 5am - 12pm, so get it while it lasts. Also posted the other offers as well.

Download My 7-eleven App

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  • Most of the free items at my local 7-Eleven are very hard to obtain. They will remove from the shelves or have a very limited stock, .

  • Is it just me or is anyone else having issues with the 7 Eleven app. I have an Android & it no longers works so I'm just deleted the app & havent been back to 7/11 since to be honest.

    I can't even find the App anymore in the Google Play store. Apparently "This app is incompatible with your device." but I used it for months up to around June 2020.

    • Not just you, eveyone is having problems with the app, now it only seems to work with Android 9 & above. Real morons doing that's 7.11.

      • I emailed their support team. Their helpful advice was "Contact your phone manufacturer to update your phone to Android 9".
        Worth a try, just tell them 7-11 sent you. YMMV.

    • The app just had a major update. Unfortunately, it now requires Android 9 for it to work properly.

      • Idiots. Well thats the last of my 7/11 visits.

        The last time I went I claimed a Free Coffee through the app, I normally fill my tank up at the same time, the guy serving me said in a sort of joking way, "Stop getting free ones, we need it more" in reference to the $1.. Lol, yeah okay.

        UPDATE: I have an Oppo R15 Pro & turns out the Andriod Version 10 will be released on this phone from 28th July 2020 (today). Talk about timing.. Now to patiently wait for the pop up on my phone hahah :)

    • +2 votes

      7 Eleven support confirmed ages ago that they updated the app so now only works on latest versions of Android, they did relent for a while, but recently they reinstated that upgrade permanently. Their solution is update the version of android on your phone.

      My phone manufacturer has planned obsolecence built in so no capacity to upgrade to later versions of Android, instead they redirect you to buy a new phone. Though they did admit that the company can permit upgrades but only if they choose to put a new release, bah humbug!

      My recommendation go find the petition supporting repair and reuse that disallows planned obsolescence by manufacturers and sign it!!!!!

      • get an iphone ……ios updates for 5 years …… that that comes from an android user (me, personal phone is android) every 3 years its get a new android phone so keep getting security patches and currrent android….

        • Always had an iPhone & there are plenty of reasons to get rid of them.. so much happier with an android to be honest. First thing would be the massive price point difference in comparison..

          But anyone, this post is about Free Krispy Kreme Bites not Android vs iPhones hahah :)

  • Fingers crossed my local store has some in stock i imagine they will go quick!

  • Coles donuts have really improved lately.

    6 cinnamon for $2.50

    • Can’t comment on Coles ones, but my wife bought a fresh (still warm) 12 pack of cinnamon donuts from Woolworths for $2.50. When she got home she put one in the oven for 4 minutes to crisp the outside just a little and the bite I tried was really good.

      • so you got a bite out of 12 donuts ? 😅

        • Haha, I chose to have only a bite as I do the low carb thing, and to be fair a bite is close to half a donut with a jaw as wide as mine.
          She put some of them in the freezer as they reheat reasonably well.

    • if they didn’t cook them in palm oil i’d buy coles donuts regularly, cheap.

  • Free treats by Daeth .. interesting

  • What is a krispy kreme bite?

  • Is it true that if employees are caught leaking this info they can get in trouble from head office?

    A guy where I used to get my fuel used to occasionally give me a heads-up about deals but only if the store was empty and said it’s top secret info. Never knew if he was just being paranoid or joking around.


      No. This information is already available to the public on the My 7-Eleven App. Not sure why 7-Eleven would want to keep deals secret as it's making money. We're encouraged to always upsell deals as well, and have a quota to reach every week.

      • What happens if you don't meet that quota?

        I mean, I think people going into 7-11s would hardly be persuaded by the upsell.
        I never am….

        So it's a joke if you have a quota on something that would honestly never be filled…..


          Yeah some days I just give up on upselling as pretty much no one wants the product. If we don't meet the quota, the boss man says we need to improve.

          I guess it's a numbers game - 1 in 50 customers we upsell will actually want to buy it. So we have to always try and upsell, even if most of the time the customer will say no.

      • Now to work out if he was joking or paranoid. I won’t complain either way as he always had stock when freebies were available and the one time the scanner was “offline/rebooting” he put one aside for me to get on my way back in the afternoon.

      • That doesn't mean the individual stores will honour the deal though.
        Our local has closed down, so now we have to go miles for the closest 7 eleven - that and the fact that it only works on newer phones mean we haven't been there for ages. Getting $2 coffee at Hungry Jacks now instead

    • i knew one guy who would tell me what the next day's freebie was when they did that promo over summer a couple of years back.

      but of course, the whole schedule of freebies was already on ozbargain ;)

    • He was neither paranoid nor joking, he was just tryin to make you feel special 😇

  • does the app update now require an account? i was enjoying it this whole time without signing up

  • Will wait for flight 2 offer to try out Pepsi max mango. Wasn’t aware that max come in mango flavour.

  • LF Raid Group

  • -1 vote

    the newest update requires the latest versions of iOS and android which is super annoying. only one of my iphones runs the minimum iOS 12 it needs. however, they've simplified the app offer redemption process where you just scan your barcode and you can redeem any of the offers scanning that one barcode. used to be you opened up an offer and a unique barcode would be generated.

    so if you can get the app to work on a friend's phone, sign into your account(s), screenshot your barcode(s) and save it into an app like stocard. don't need multiple phones to get $2 red bull cans any more :)

  • My local 7Eleven store I am sure will magically be out of stock at 4.59am and have their shelves stocked at 12.01pm… Like magic.

  • The new 7eleven app dont allows me to see prices at different stations like before … a huge downgrade …

  • Can't wait to get the chance at all 4 donuts that my store will have on the shelf.

  • Does anybody know why they take the freebies off the shelf? Aren't they covered by head office for the cost of them?

    Even though not every store does this, it happens too consistently to not be intentional, and the staff always look bad for it. It's such a strange action to take.

    • They must think the people coming into the store will be hungry and without free food, so will just buy something.


      I believe that freebies are a paid expense covered by head office so not sure why it's being taken off shelves. In our store, we have already received many boxes of KK bites. Hopefully you can get some.

    • I heard the stores do not get compensated for the freebies.

      • They get compensated for the cost of the product, but not for the loss of profit (i.e. they don't get compensated for the labour of the guy who spends half his afternoon scanning these products, the time required to re-order these products and restock, etc.).

        Not sure if they'll hide these things. The guy at my local (he no longer works there now), he used to give me the old KK donuts he'd otherwise throw out (I used to go at 1am) but they have like a very tight limit for these donut products so if they hide it they'll probably need to throw it out anyway. I'd imagine the workers sick of KK by the end of a few days…


          The amount of donuts thrown out every day is insane.

          • @Daeth: They're literally full of preservatives, and deep fried. Surely they can be donated?
            What's the company policy on employees taking them for themselves or storing them (for donation)? I could get in contact with food donation companies from one of my old workplaces that I know would definitely take these…


              @diazepam: I totally agree with you. I'm surprised there's no process in place to donate the donuts. I remember a couple employees used to give them out to customers who came at ~12am. However, the boss later told us to stop doing this as someone could get sick and sue.

              I don't really understand this reasoning as the Krispy Kremes actually last for two days (on expiry label) from when it is delivered. Yet we still throw them out daily - even though they aren't expired. I sometimes give them to friends if they come to pick them up and they sometimes donate it to churches. I would happily give them out to customers instead of throwing them in the bin if it was allowed.

        • I dunno man… scanning, reordering and restocking sounds like part of the job description, which they should already be compensated for. If they are deliberately doing that to avoid doing some part of their job that they find troublesome, then it's a pretty poor attitude to have. There are aspects to every job that are troublesome. I would have second thoughts about hiring someone like that…

          • @aoiro: I think it's the bosses who want them to hide it to be honest. I don't work for 7/11 but this is my assumption.
            The bosses essentially haven't profited from the sale of these things and they are paying for wages, etc.

            It's usually the bosses (I assume) that refuse to scan two vouchers, etc. when clearly I've done it enough times to know whatever BS story they give is false. Usually I just leave it on the counter and walk right out (includes pre-made coffees too) because when I politely tell them I've done it before and there's nothing in the T&C that says otherwise they get angry. Besides the vouchers aren't even that cheap (aside from the odd magical voucher which will have 0 stock anyway). If they don't want my money - that's on them.

            The workers usually are the ones that don't really care in the slightest haha.

            • @diazepam: You know, I think you're probably right. I don't expect an employee to care that an item is a freebie or not. It's short-sighted thinking, as freebies are meant to be loss leaders (that actually incur no loss) that gets customers in store.

              I make it a point to avoid stores that refused my redemption attempts and will give my business to the ones who don't do that, just because I remember feeling good about going to that store. I think the owners forget that going to a convenience store is often a matter of impulse (since prices are generally higher than if you went to a supermarket), and you don't want customers to associate your store with negative experiences. I guess some business owners are just not that good at business?

  • This looks so good I need to make sure I wake up at 5am just to go to get these.

  • Our first free item on the new app

    • [Cancelled] Free Krispy Kreme Bites (7 August, 5am-12pm) @ 7-Eleven due to ongoing health concerns, cop out

  • Just saw the cancellation, damn. Might just buy it for $5 anyway lol

  • Darn! I thought I missed it, and was wondering if the new app does not throw the freebie notifications as the old one did. I did open the app today to check if its still there by any chance. Just saw this now saying that it was cancelled.

    Btw, ongoing health concerns not valid for 50,000 Pizza Hut pizzas and 60,000 Domino's pizzas? Whats different in the case of 7-eleven?

    • I’m going to guess it’s related to the Krispy Kreme giveaway from a few weeks ago that caused traffic jams etc.

      • Yes, it was in the news as well. However 7-eleven giveaways are very limited and get sold out very soon :D


      They didn't even tell us employees it had been cancelled.

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