What bargain are you waiting for?

I seem to be checking daily for a deal on a universal remote and it got me wondering what everybody else is hoping will come on sale.


  • I'm waiting for houses in my area to drop in price.

  • i check several times a day to read /and then neg JV's comments.

    Also waiting for bargain on Maccas chocolate sundae.

  • Pizza, always pizza

    • I seem to have noticed a drop in good fast food deals lately.
      The only exception seems to be some Menulog stuff…

  • Toyota Landcruiser

  • Real ones. Like actual bargains.

    • Not MS Paint ones?

    • You mean eBay 20% off site-wide, purchased with eBay gift cards (7-10% off value), adding 1-3% cashback and all this with no price-jacking? Damn… those were the days when Dyson, iPads, Dell laptops, etc could be bought this way on a very regular basis.

  • Jerky…. Whale jerky

  • Will be interesting to start looking at PS5 preorder bonuses when they're ready.

    Also keen to pick up a new TV with a PS5, so waiting on some of the LG OLED's to have some deals going.

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    i never know until i see it posted

    • That is the joy of OzBargain. You get what you don’t need or something you never thought of wanting. What only matters is that we got a bargain :)

  • 27" QHD IPS 144hz monitor sub $400…

    Maybe it'll happen in a few years. May have to settle for a 24" FHD instead.

  • Breville Dual boiler

    • Me and you both buddy :)

    • Breville Bambino Plus for me. Saw that it was on sale a month ago and it slipped through my fingers.

    • Unless you are really fussed about having the coffee and the milk go at the same time - usually have to wait 10 seconds after using milk steamer to use espresso shot button. I’d aim for the barista pro. I got one in the eBay 20% sales from good guys earlier this year and use it everyday. Still going strong.

      Was about $560 from memory and includes grinder… but maybe you already have a grinder.

      I say this having previously used the double boiler at work every day. It takes up more room and is double the cost excluding grinder

      • Yeah… grinder part will be useless to me as I have got a smart grinder. I guess Barista Pro will be one of the options I will surely be considering. .I wonder if internals are the same for all the barista series machines. But yeah.. Always had an eye on a dual bolier

        • If you can hold out for a good deal and afford the extra cost I would recommend waiting for the Dual Boiler. My brother has a Barista Pro and it just doesn't feel to be as good quality in comparison. It also doesn't have a shot timer which is extremely useful to in ensuring that you're getting proper extraction every shot. The steam wand also has no preassure in comparison and the steam runs out really fast - which is annoying if you have guests and need to make multiple cups of coffee. When my Brother used my Dual Boiler he said that he wished he spent the extra.
          The Dual Boiler is the standard of coffee machines, it has just the right amount of quality for it to do its job well, without being over the top.

    • Even on sale, for the cost of one of these you could buy a much nicer (IMHO) coffee machine in good condition used. Decent ones are fully serviceable and make much better coffee.

      I used to have a Breville and bought an Isomac in as new condition on Gumtree, and I would never, ever go back.

      Ditto grinders, I had the good Breville one and a used commercial one is infinitely better IMHO.

      Anyway, not having a go, just suggesting an alternative to waiting for a not particularly great coffee machine to go on sale!

      • I did have a look at prosumer coffee machines.Build quality will be nice and all but they are pretty expensive even for a basic machine without PID. Breville dual boiler when available can be had for $800 ish and has lot of features. Italian made machines with similar features costs 4 times. Grinders on the other hand make a lot of difference to espresso. I would love to have niche zero.

    • I'd recommend the Barista Pro (recently got one for work, had the Express beforehand and have the Express at home). Quieter, built in grinder is convenient, and the Jet Boiler is so quick I'm not really bothered waiting for one side or the other.

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    Something that I didn't know I needed

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    xbox controller

  • I still haven't found the droids I am looking for

  • If it wasn't for Covid, Switch Lite might be hitting ~$220. Kinda hoping for that.

  • Jordan 1's, but I have NEVER seen a pair on OzBargain before

  • merc amg

    sure they will have a bogof offer soon!

  • Lodge 5 piece set 😷

  • Jumbo sized condoms…

    It's been ages since I've had a water balloon fight.

  • eBay deals that aren’t targeted trash and are actually decent.

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    85inch OLED TV.

  • Xbox Series X

  • Another dip in the equities market. There seems to be a very large disparity in what the market seems to be pricing for forward earnings vs what the reality seems to be, however, I do own <$5k in shares in those companies that I think would be defensive against large drops (would buy in again if it dipped).Then again, it does make some kind of stupid sense as people are piling into shares since rates are so low.

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      people always think they will buy when it dips, until it dips and then there's a reason they dont buy.

      • Yep, noticed this thinking in myself.

        Market has been going up a long time, might be near a peak, don't buy.

        Market drops, might have further to go, don't buy.

        Market regains much of the lost ground, fundamentals haven't changed since the dip, market overvalued, don't buy.

        Well, at least there's something discussed on ozbargain that I don't end up buying.

        • That’s why DCA is king.

          Takes out the reason so many people fail to make money investing: the psychological dimension.

        • Yep, noticed this thinking in myself.

          You are not alone, in fact, those who do the contrary are often lonely ones.

          the hardest investments in life are sometimes the most profitable ones, it's the overwhelming crowd of voices pounding at your investment which drives the price to a point it can be so profitable, but can you believe in yourself/investment so much that you can ignore all those who are wrong?

        • I've found that nobody can outsmart the market. If you await the perfect time to buy, you'll never buy.

          • @cewh: This may be true. And yet, I do really believe now is not a very good time to buy.

            Second wave, further lockdowns possible, US struggling, no really promising cure or vaccination, end of jobkeeper, reduction in jobseeker bonus, market recovered much of the march and April losses, but the economy is in a worse place, not a better one.

            Market being propped up by stay at home new traders, and the fact that the government changed the minimum pension draw down amount for no other reason that I can see other than to stem the flow of money out of the stock market.

            You think buying now is a good idea?
            Hindsight is lovely, but circumspect present sight is perhaps the best one can aim for.

  • Dyson V8. Currently using a hopeless Kmart stick vacuum that is just spreading the dust around the floor..

  • Catch Connect mobile .. 3 months for $15.

  • PS5,
    Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (Tell 'im he's dreamin'!)
    iPhone 12 or SE 2020

  • Mesh routers like Orbi or Asus

    OP I have an alert on Harmony remotes to replace my cracked 650 and they hardly ever come up…

    • Don't bother with the orbi had garbage dropout issues constantly and googling around found the same issues with other peoples

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        Really, ours is rock solid. Best purchase ever.

        • My orbi has been good too. I bought them from amazon usa when orbis weren't yet sold in Australia, so quite a few years ago, and I got the v1. Before they supported ethernet backhaul. With firmware upgrades, mine now supports it.

  • Anything Smartthings compatible

  • Hue Play HDMI Sync box. Whenever it lands here…

    • Same. This and the colour bayonets bulbs.

      I’m also waiting on deals on the blunt umbrella, Le cresuset pan and copic markers.

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