Dell Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset: AW988 Wireless $279.20 Delivered (RRP $415) @ Dell EBAY


Been looking at Wireless gaming headset and stumbled unto this. RRP $415. Enjoy!

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  • this looks great quality.


    • I have some good sound equipment and these sound OK.
      The biggest problem they have is the software, Alienware CC… not an issue with you have other AW stuff but otherwise I wouldn't buy them just for that.

      I used mine mostly for Teams/Zoom, as I could walk around the house without drop outs.
      They're bulky but light and quite comfortable.

      • quite comfortable.

        that's what I am interested in, all headphones no matter how expensive or cheap are crap like it so small that makes your ears uncomfortable, the only large ear pads I find are gaming headphones

  • Dave2d does not rate these.. = do not waste your money.

  • This is being discounted (and likely discontinued) because Bluetooth 5.2 is going to start to put a huge dent in current wireless audio implementations.

    This doesn't seem to have ever been professionally reviewed by an audio expert, so I'd steer well clear, with the usual recommendation of mid-range picks for wireless headsets (HyperX Cloud Flight, Arctis 7, Logitech G935) at $140 or less, or otherwise don't bother, and invest in quality headphones and get a modmic or a desk mic.

    • Cloud flight II = best value!!

    • I'm really happy with my HyperX Cloud Flight! Had the Corsair H2100 previously, (which I preferred in terms of sound quality) but after 2 years they became very loose and creaky and the mic would not stay up anymore and the faux leather was flaking everywhere.

      • That'll happen with all of these headphones. Lightly wash the pads (remove them if possible) and band with soap and a damp cloth (then get the soap off with said cloth) every 2-3 months, and be prepared to change pads after 2-3 years.

        They should hold up ok for years, subject to the wireless tech failing.

  • I've had these for about a year or so and like them. At this price point, I would definitely recommend it. However, full RRP is quite a lot to digest.

    Things I like:
    * Range - I can get surprisingly far before losing any audio.
    * Dual Channels - it's nice having your game on a different channel to discord. It means you can quickly lower or increase one balance without alt-tabbing.
    * Comfort - I've had many all-night gaming sessions, and also working from home. They stay very comfortable the whole time.
    * Response Time - as these use 2.4 GHz, and NOT blue tooth, there is no noticeable delay in audio at all, even in fast-paced shooters.

    Things I don't like as much
    * It's quite tricky to know the battery percentage. If you install command centre and open it, then there is an itty bitty little battery indicator (split into thirds).
    * While the battery does last a long time, particularly with the lights off, if you forget to charge it for a couple of days, the audio cues are infuriating ”Battery Low”, ”Battery Low”, ”Battery critical. Please charge now”.
    * There is also an audio cue when you mute the mic, either with the button or flicking the boom up. Both will play a ”Mic on”, or ”Mic off” sound, which can be rather annoying if you are trying to listen to something.

    • Yeh.. I thought it was a good deal. This is Alienware's sole Wireless Headset and i they don't make new models every year. Thanks for your quick review. ETA for my order will be Tuesday this week. Can't wait.

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