Alienware AW3420DW 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $1874.25 Delivered @ Dell


It's on special again at the usual discounted price. Not sure when we'll see last year Christmas prices again since they've increased their RRP.

Some may still prefer this given it has the g-sync module vs other models that are g-sync compatible, did a bit of reading and it still seems g-sync module is still superior to just being g-sync compatible especially on lower frame rates.

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  • This is a good post, still pretty exxy though. The 175hz LG is 1.5k rrp I think. I’m happy with the Xiaomi 34” at $600.

    • I was looking at the LG and saw a review that said with the LG 34GN850-B g-sync compatible it has some stuttering at lower FPS.

      Suppose it depends on the games you play, online FPS would probably suit the LG and single player would suit the Alienware.

    • yep
      JB have it for $2500.

      So this is not bad

  • Man this thing is expensive. Good, but expensive. Acer predator x34p going for $1200 at the moment. I know its not native 120hz but i would take that over this any day.

  • Been hanging out for this at <$1500 or the X34p at ~$1000 since like Feb.

    Fooking Covid-19.

  • You can add code EPP5 for another 5% off bringing down to $1,780.54.

  • Why would anyone buy this when Samsung G7 32" is the cutting edge monitor of today? Not to mention $800 cheaper

    • Because VA is garbage.

      • VA is usually positioned between TN and IPS, but with samsung's use of QLED in the odyssey VA panel, the picture quality far exceeds even the best IPS monitor on the market today.

        • I've owned an acer predator and I own a CRG9 (same QLED panel, just 120hz) and I can assure you, this VA panel is not as good as an IPS panel. It's a step down if you're coming from IPS.

          It is unparalleled in other areas, though of course - and I wouldn't trade it for anything less than a 49 inch IPS.

          • @f23lda: don't the poor blacks bother you?

            • @gorge: Not as much as the poorer colour reproduction of the VA panel in question (I won't make generalised comments about all, just this one).

              More of a deal breaker than getting blacker blacks for me, at least. Black is just part of the screen - when the whole thing looks instantly slightly off and you're sitting there, haggling with monitor menu, trying to get that effortlessly delivered colour that you never even set up on your previous IPS, you definitely thinking "this might be the reason it is cheaper".

              I wouldn't consider myself a fussy person, but I'm not the only one who got this panel and started searching for monitor calibrators :-)

              (and I got one - it wasn't successful at getting me back to IPS colour).

          • @f23lda: I'm with you. My son just "upgraded" from an x34 to an odyssey g7 yesterday.

            He's happy as a pig in sh** (fps player) but there's a noticeable image quality hit.

        • The only use case for VA is competitive "FPS is everything who cares what it looks like" shooter.

          In every other use case any VA model is a downgrade from an equivalent IPS monitor.

      • Gosh this VA vs IPS junk in every monitor thread. It's like people need to cheer on or rubbish certain technology like their favourite sports team.

    • IPS vs VA

  • This is way to expensive. The LG 34GN850-B is $1600 nano ips at 160hz with gsync, 400 nits HDR.

    • Yes i would say that is the one to buy if looking for a premium IPS monitor.

    • 400 nits is HDR ? Lol.

      400 is crap, it’s also free sync not a full gsync module like the alienware and LG customer service is ass compared to alienware.

      • If 400 is shit, then what would you call the barely maintainable 350nits on this lol? Also telling the differences between my gsync and freesync monitors, my 2080ti never goes into frame rates low enough into the 30's and 40's to see any differences but if telling me that helps your post-purchase rationalizations then each to their own I guess

        • Lol, I did own the the Acer Predator X35 as well but had issues and returned it and downgraded to this monitor. I know what I’m talking about and I’m referring to the fake hdr400 garbage, I don’t need to rationalise any purchase I make, I can easily afford to buy multiples of any single monitor on todays market and as a business owner it’s also a tax right off for me as well so I don’t have to justify shit.

          I simply bought this monitor because I wanted ultrawide for work, I wanted ips for gaming and 120hz and a pure gsync module from a company known for having a great return/warranty replacement service which is important when using mostly for work purposes as down time matters if something goes sideways, I also didn’t want a monitor that was like staring into the sun as I get migraines occasionally so this Alienware ticked all the boxes. Ultimately my next purchase will be the Asus PG27UQX with micro led’s whenever that releases but this Alienware works great for me in the meantime.

          I don’t need to rationalise anything to a peasant trying to explain to me how fake hdr400 is even remotely good and freesync is better than pure gsync module, go do your research next time and good luck dealing with LG of something goes wrong…

  • If at all possible I would be waiting for an HDMI 2.1 monitor if you were thinking of spending this much.

    Why is there going to be an 18+ month delay in HDMI 2.1 implementation for monitors compared to TVs? The monitor manufacturers are in no rush to implement features that will make much of their current line ups look proprietary and relatively expensive.

    Next gen 2.1 Nvidia cards are allegedly very close. Next gen 2.1 consoles won't be too far behind. Monitor tech is marching forward and if you buy this you're locked into the past.

    • HDMI 2.1 is for TV / HT enthusiasts. Monitors will be moving forward to Displayport 2.0 in the near future.

  • I have this monitor, purchased at full price, then a deal similar to this came out and dell price match gaurentee and refunded the difference.

    The monitor is awesome using the nano tech in the ips panel, has full gsync module and 120hz, I came from 144hz 16:9 monitor and can’t tell a difference between the hz either.

    My personal experience with this monitor is it’s fantastic, looks sleek af with the newer design and great for gaming and work. If you have the cash it’s worth the investment and dell warranty/return service for issues is awesome compared to LG/Samsung etc.

    • Can attest that Dell's warrant/return service is pretty impressive. Had some image issues with a 2 year old purchase and it was still covered by warranty and replaced within 2 days

  • I know it's nice to have stuff like this especially from a brand like Alienware. However, you can have x2 of those Xiaomi ultrawide + change to get decent accessories for your set up. In my opinion for normal use will be more than enough. No hate, just saying.

    • Correct thats my train of thought too. Either you go all the way and get a 38" or larger IPS, or go cheap and get the Xiaomi. Personally I got the Xiaomi, going to combine with my existing 27" LG IPS. I just can't justify 3X the cost of the Xiaomi for the Alienware IPS.

  • Anyone got this monitor? any good?

    • Yes and yes, see my above comment

    • It's a great monitor, it just doesn't score very well on the value scale.

      I have this monitor, along with Dell 34" and Dell 38" monitor. I must say I'm a little disappointed that this monitor:
      * Doesn't have USB-C [which the 38" does]
      * Doesn't have HDMI 2.0
      * Doesn't have miniDP
      * Doesn't have built-in speakers (it's good as a last resort)

      If the above doesn't appeal to you, and you can afford it, it's not a bad monitor. It's just surprising and disappointing that a premium 2020 monitor does not feature the above.

  • Over four months deep into working from home (likely be a lot longer to go) and extra downtime gaming so treated myself. Thanks OP.

  • There are not bad products, there are bad prices only, and this, man, it is a terrible price this.

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