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GE Omega LED Oyster Ceiling Light | 18watt | 1500 LUMENS | COOL WHITE (4000K) - $9.97 Each @ COSTCO (Membership Required)


Hello fellow sparkies,

Went to do some essential shopping at Costco Docklands (VIC) and saw these 18w LED oyster lights. $9.97 each with 3 years warranty! I believe this is a bargain! :D

Bought 10 just to keep spare at the warehouse for doing odd jobs here and there, especially perfect for rental properties/strata/body corp jobs and where landlords wouldn't want to pay the extra for a better fitting (plus your labour). :)

And remember DIY = DIE. Please use a licensed electrician!

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  • Very poor efficiency. There really shouldn't be LEDs that are <100 lumens/W these days.

    • If you compare other brands from Bunnings, there're about the same lumens and more expensive 3-4x this price.

  • Bargain!

  • 18w and only 1500 lumen?

    • Hence it’s cheap, perfect for rentals.

      • Why should rentals have crap stuff? Maybe rentals is the boondocks. If your rental is anywhere desirable it's worth kitting it out so you get a better tenant and more return on investment.

        These are ugly as sin and should only be used if your existing fittings looks just as bad and you need to replace one to match

        • Sorry, I'm saying as a landlord's point of view. Most landlords do not want to pay extra for the expensive light fitting (and also your labour to replace it) as they're not living there. I understand where you're coming from, and as running an electrical business and looking after 1000+ properties throughout NSW and VIC, we find that most landlords do not want to pay for a better/expensive light fitting for their investment.

          Also, these are good for old homes where they have pre-installed batten holders (ugly) and these are a better alternative to replace (bright and efficient) and cover the existing messy holes on the old ceiling plaster. :)

          • @VuDo0: There only look acceptable against those vermiculite ceilings that are sprayed on in units from the early 80s.

            Most landlords are idiots when it comes to their properties, they spend nothing and run them into the ground while pissing off every tenant they have. Not only do they provide a bad product, they do so under the false economy that they don't want to spend money on their property. If they kept it well like I said they would get better tenants and more money.

            Part of the reason they are idiots is because they are detached from their property. People in Australia are addicted to property investment, and every man and his dog gets one and then neglects it, and still makes money which paying property managers. If they actually did the research on what units such as there's rented for on a regular basis and put the effort in themselves to get a tenant, they would realise how not doing maintenance and fitting out things badly affects their investment

            • @Jackson: Yes, I agreed! I definitely look after my tenants and give them whatever they need (and increasing the rent). As long as they look after the house, keep clean and pay rent on time. Would rather keep them long term as possible! :)

  • Can you DIY? if not then will need to add extra $150 on top

  • Bought one when it was $30ish.. very bright to me. Better then my fluorescent light very light. Outer oyster cover is plastic but light n safe. This price u cAnt go wrong…

  • If you can build a PC you can change a light fitting.

    • True, however changing a light fitting can be much less forgiving

    • DIY = DIE

      • That's a very tired cliche. In the past I've done loads of DIY electrical work, both installations and repair, all meeting or exceeding the relevant standards. Still alive.

        • How did you know you meet/exceed the standards?

          • @user236885: Instead of 230V, he always cranks it up to 2300V

            • @ChillBro: I know you joke about cranking up the voltage, but that is part of one of the tests performed to check an installation is good. Not 2300V but up to about 1000V DC is used to run an insulation test.

          • @user236885: Most standards are available on the internet. Basic electrical work is easy to find and follow if you're following the standards (not an endorsement to say everyone has the ability to do so)

            • @feda16: Not taking away from those sparkies that actually do a good job, but I've seen plenty of 'licensed' sparkies not give a shit and don't seem to know what these standards are.

        • I just just doing it to be annoying 😊

          If you can do it yourself and 100% confident…

      • If you want to stay safe while doing DIY electrical, keep all the same standards and just make sure you stay on the east side of the Tasman.

  • I've purchased LED down lights on ebay for about 7 bucks each. 12w, 1000 lumen, 4500k day light, meets Australian standards, 5 year warranty and Australian company based in Victoria.