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Koo Weighted Blanket 1/2 Price ($50- $80) + VIP Coupon Discount @ Spotlight


The KOO Elite Weighted Blanket gives you a sense of calmness and relief. The weight uses deep touch pressure to help you relax and enhance deeper sleep. The weight within the blankets are heavier than the average comforter or quilt. Made with a super soft cover for extra warmth and comfort, this blanket is great for use in bed or on the couch.

The recommended weighted blankets should be 10% of your body weight.

3.45 kg is ideal for 20-35 kg body weight
4.99 kg is ideal for 35-60 kg body weight
6.8 kg is ideal for 60-80 kg body weight
9.07 kg is ideal for 80-110 kg body weight

The blanket may feel too heavy for the first few nights, it may take four to seven days of getting used to the weight. The blanket will not cover your whole bed mattress. This is designed to cover your body, it is slightly smaller than your usual blanket size.

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    Thanks OP, purchased the large size.

    Had to pay for delivery unfortunately as the nearest store was 12,000km away.

    • +2

      No probs. I live alot closer and paid postage as I can't be stuffed driving their to get it. $20 code covered my postage.

  • +1

    Reviews look pretty bad though on spotlight only 2.8 stars…

  • How do you think these stack up compared to more costly weighted blankets?
    eg. https://www.calmingblankets.com.au/products/weighted-blanket... are $299!!!!

    • Get what you pay for i guess. Thought I'd give them a crack at $70 for the 6.8kg

    • The more expensive ones contour around your body and feels more like a solid hug where's these have been reviewed as more rigid and try to pull away from you.

  • +2

    Got one of these last time, quite good and no noticeable drop in quality

  • +3

    This or Aldi next Wednesday?

  • How do weighted blankets perform with respect to warmth?

    Do they breathe or do they get too hot?

    Kinda hoping they provide weight but don't cause me to sweat in bed.

    • This one heats up quite a lot.

  • +1

    Myself and partner both got one of these today. Should not also that in my experience Spotlights stock levels are ridiculously innaccurate. Showed no stock at the store I went to and they had heaps!

    • Which store did you go to?

    • How do you like them?

  • It says hand wash only. Handwashing a doona weighing a 2-3kgs is tough, consider handwashing a 7kg blanket and all the added water weight.

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