[NSW] Whole F1 Australian Wagyu Tenderloins MBS 8-9 2.7kg $199 ($73/kg) + $10 Delivery to Sydney @ Mr Wagyu Beef


Well, we have had quite a few good wagyu deals in Vic, its time to have a deal in NSW.

A great cut for $199 with an average weight of 2.7. its $73 a kg+shipping.

MBS 8-9

Considering normal tenderlion might cost close to $60-70 in my local butcher, its a good deal.

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  • Any idea how does this compare to the one available at Costco?

    • We usually get the Wagyu Ribeye from Costco and it's only MBS5.

      • I see okay. Thanks for the info.

        • We do enjoy the Costco one though. Wife and kids like it Korean BBQ style and more on the well-done side. So MBS5 is perfect I think.

          It was just out of stock the last couple times I've been there. Along with a lot of other protein.

  • waiting on the day when cheap wagyu is available in QLD :/

  • normal tenderlion

    🦁 🔨

  • 73 dollars a kilo meats? Are we OzEatWellButNotCheap?

    I struggle to justify paying more than $27 a kilo for my meats…maybe I am living below the poverty line.

    • You missed the Bargain which is the key word here.

      • Yes, I fail to see the bargain here, all +$50 of it. I am sure there are people that sees this as a bargain. Hence my caveat that I make a decent living in IT - yet feel like I am living below the poverty line going by this post and that it is a bargain.

    • I struggle to justify paying more than $300 for my graphic card…. maybe I am living below the poverty line.
      You see the point? I may be happy with integrated graphic. There are people who want to play games and justify the $1k RTX2080….
      I had the Wagyu MBS9+ from some deal before and couple of days later I quickly ordered another one, as it was just incomparable to any other steak I had before…

  • I see all these wagyu beef deals popping up on fb ad ozbargain, are these legit or companies taking advantage of the situation and use the restraints closure as an excuse for selling these to the customers.

  • anyone know when this expires?

  • these should be flying off the shelf thanks to ScoMo's jobkeeper scheme..