Fixing Knee Holes in Pants (active 5yo boys)

My 5 year old is wearing through a pair of pants each week (Next direct jogger pants) - he keeps getting holes in the knee area and I don’t want to keep buying pants!

There seem to be a whole bunch of iron on patches out there and not sure if some better than others? Or something else I can do?

Please let me know if you have any good ideas or recommendations on where you bought pants or patches / ideas to fix.

Thank you :)


  • Doesn’t Kmart or rather have a guarantee on their kids clothes? I remember seeing it on one of their ads.

    • Not that I can see - but that's a great idea! I think any new ones I buy need to come with more than a 3 wear warranty.

      These pants were all from Next Direct (which for the last 5 years had been excellent)

    • It might have been target? I think I remember my SIL telling me about it.

      • Thanks will check it out

        • Found it! Yaye - thanks so much. Easy to shop at target with free shipping $45+ offer on.

          For anyone else needing it here’s the link:

          Nothing is tougher on schoolwear than kids. That’s why our schoolwear is built to last, backed by our 100 day quality guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return it and we’ll give you your money back.

          Covers all Target branded school clothing and footwear.
          If customers are not satisfied with the quality they are entitled to full refund no matter how many times the item has been washed and worn.
          Target branded products only.
          Must show proof of purchase for exchange or refund.
          Applies to lay-by purchases finalised within promotional period.
          All other T&Cs same as regular policy

  • Cut knee shaped patches out of old pairs of pants. Then stich them on to the inside of the pants knee area with similar coloured thread.

    • Great idea. And you just gave me another idea.. could even cut out the pockets of the damaged pants then use that on them too and see up the pockets :)

  • Are they sliding on the knees on carpet? (That was my favourite way to make holes in my pants as a child!)

  • get him shorts, the knee rubbing will stop

  • Best and Less have 100-day quality guarantee on all their clothes!

  • There seem to be a whole bunch of iron on patches out there and not sure if some better than others? Or something else I can do?

    They're cheap as, and work pretty well :)

    Just try a few different brands until you find one you like that works well.

    • Target for guarantee sounds like a winner (also just heard from boy parents that cotton on might be good too)

      • Target for guarantee sounds like a winner

        I guess it depends on how you define a winner. Having them replace the clothes every few weeks is very wasteful for the environment vs applying a iron on patch that costs cents to buy. But glad you found something that works for you.

  • My Mum used to put iron on patches inside the knee area when my brother's pants were new…

    • My mum used to put iron maiden patches on my pants

    • Thanks I think I’ll need to do this with any good new ones - just saw spotlight sell some iron on clear patches that should do the trick :)

      • Not sure if that clear stuff is flexible. Another option is iron on sail tape repair from a boat supply place, BCF might have it, not sure. It's about $10 for 5m.

        How I know this… I was over the cold air coming into ripped jeans. Ironed on a white sail patch from the inside..can't tell they are patched.

        As for sliding on knees, sounds like a sliding on knee thing. Teach the kids to slide on their sides or butts..greater surface area. How do I know this …knee melter as a kid and my mum showed me I could slide heaps further on my side. Well played mum, well played.

  • Aren't ripped knee pants now fashionable with the in" crowd? ;)


    Found this website. I really like the one with Spider-Man peeking out through the rip.