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Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder, Strawberry Kiwi, 90 Servings - $66.31 Delivered (Subscribe & Save) @ Amazon.com.au


Usually around $80-$99AU for 90 serves. One of the best flavours there is.

Great with vodka & sugar free, flavoured mineral water or as an intra-workout drink 🍸

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    Snake oil?

  • Great intra workout supplement. I find I have more energy/endurance and can push through a good session gym/CrossFit. At 75c per serve it’s a great addition to my gym bag.

    • You're better off having a cup of coffee then wasting your money on this

      • It's not a pre-workout. Please don't try to give information if you've never left your DX Racer gaming chair.

        • Please inform me what the main purpose of this supplement is? It contains under dosed ingredients of Glutamine and Citrulline Malate. The only thing that it's offering that is of any value is Leucine for protein synthesis. Leucine is commonly found in any decent protein powder where 10% of a serving would contain Leucine. Therefore if you want your hit of leucine, get it from your protein powder. You must be one of those guys who has his protein shake straight after a work-out because of the 'anabolic window' brah

          • @holla4adollar: I buy this PURELY because it tastes amazing and makes me drink more water throughout the day.
            It certainly doesn't make you FEEL any different and it is 1000% not a pre-workout as I said.


    • Don’t be fooled, it does nothing.

      • It tastes great and is insanely healthy compared to alternatives (soft drink). But maybe you should stay with your mountain dew.

  • Xtend???…. I thought this was for a different type of product?

    Oh well, back to trawling the internet.

  • Mine shows $71.40, still not a bad price

  • Picked this up for 71.40 which is a good price still… But ShopBack gave me zero dollar tracking… Is that right?

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