Can you grow plants in brick sand?

Long story but I had 6 cubic meters of brick sand delivered to my driveway by error. I’ve moved it to the back as no one even wanted it for free in short notice.

Now what the hell do I do with it?

My yard has grey sand currently and I struggle to grow anything besides grass.
Can brick sand be used in the garden?


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    Buy bags that hold sand. Wait for big storm. Sell bags

  • How the hell does that happen? lol Only weeds, maybe succulents and cacti will grow besides grass I reckon. I'd keep it advertised for free on Gumtree and get rid of it. Otherwise start making sand pits out of cheap treated pine and sell them including the sand. Or if you're into golf, make a sand trap haha

  • contact the guy who delivered you the sand to take it all back since you obviously dont want it even if it was in error and that they dont care if you get to keep it for free?

  • You could use it for brickwork…

  • If you have clay soil. Break it up with a pick & mix it with the sand. It will be a good mix for planting certain plants. Unfortunately, it won't be a quick solution as you have so much.

  • Take it back out the front and put a sign up that says “Property of Local Council” be gone before you get back inside.

  • My yard has grey sand currently and I struggle to grow anything besides grass

    Mix humus with it and it will grow anything. E.g. ask arborist/wood chipper to deliver truckload of woodchips for free and mix with sand - in year or two you will have great growing soil.

    • Do not confuse this with hummus. That'd be the worst picnic since the time I went to the beach when it was windy…

  • Fill your pockets everyday, then go for a walk in the local park, empty pockets

  • If you ask my landscaper he'll tell you anything will grow in that. We caught him using the mountain of excess sand he ordered for something else, to fill our new garden beds when he thought we weren't around. He tried to tell us it will be great, and plants love it. We preferred the new garden soil we'd already paid for, thanks!

    I'd probably do what others have suggested; either keep trying to sell/give it away, or contact whoever delivered it and say you want them to take the rest away. Depends though, was it your error (ordered too much) or theirs (delivered more than you ordered)?

    • I’m pretty sure a premium garden mix I once bought had brick sand in it. Nothing grew well in it.
      It was such a dodgy garden supply place.

      Are your plant loving it? Haha

      • We made him take most of it out and fill the rest with the actual soil we'd paid for! But I'm betting the answer would be "no" if we didn't. ;)

  • If it wasn’t for the lockdowns I’d take 2m of it but I’m going to be without a truck until the pandemic is over.

    • We moved it to the back. After the pandemic feel free to contact me again.

      • Thanks.

        If you’re going to try to get landscapers or builders to take it you should cover it so it doesn’t get full of weeds or have cats using it as a giant litter tray.

        In your garden and in pots you can mix the brick sand with your current soil if you have poor drainage, you would need to research correct ratios though. In poorly drained lawn you can use an aerator and then rake the sand into the holes, but go easy as sand doesn’t have nutrients so can reduce overall nutrient availability.

        You can also use the sand to fill low spots you might have in your lawn but it's best if mixed with other products and used in thin layers due to the lack of nutrients.

        • I’ll try my best to cover it with some plastic sheets and bricks around. No cats in the area thankfully.

          I don’t think I’ll be using any of it.

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