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[PC] Minecraft (Java Edition) $31.75 at Eneba from Various Sellers


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    • are all these keys legit?

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    It's $35 AUD, which is a little dearer for an official copy from the official source.


    • seems safer, is this ever on discount?
      and is this game worth it? xD

  • Minecraft is AUD$35 from the official store so I'd recommend just buying it there.


  • My kids want this. Which is better, win 10 or java? kids are young 6 and 9

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      You probably will end up buying both. Java for mods, Windows 10 for compatability with consoles/iOS/Android.

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        Also to note:

        • Java and Windows 10 editions cannot play multiplayer with each other.
        • Windows 10 version runs so much smoother than the Java version, especially on potato-like PC's (like mine).
        • Also Microsoft is clearly going to be more invested in Windows 10 edition in the years going ahead. The classic mod community is going to stay invested in Java, so they will co-exist. But Bedrock is the future of Minecraft. Java is the past.

        • Silly question, my kids play this on an iPad, does the stuff made transfer over?

          Not sure if saves are local or cloud/account based.

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            @Kammi: You need to download iexplorer on your pc, then use that to find the "minecraftworlds" files from the ipad then transfer them to the minecraft worlds folder in windows and then when you load Minecraft your kids worlds will appear intact.

            • @howiej1: Thanks champ, I'll Google it for exact steps.

              Perhaps another question, is it safe to assume they want the windows version then?

              Or can I upload this file to either Java or Windows edition?

              (They watch Jelly and Preston on YouTube and want to do that stuff in game, is that windows or Java edition? )

    • The Windows version runs a whole lot better, but lacks mod support.
      If you have a decent computer and want support in the future if your kids want to start modding it I'd go for Java.

    • +1

      My 4 & 6 yr old found the iPad version easier to get started with (bedrock) due to touch controls, and I think it was only $10 there. You can connect Bluetooth controllers to the iPad now (like PS4 for example) and it actually is a better experience than on the switch imo.

      Bedrock doesn't have mods, but there is a marketplace where you can buy skins and different game modes (like SkyBlock) and I found I'd rather just buy some things rather than faffing about with mods.

  • Been waiting for the official store to have a sale on for ages, sons keen to get it but not paying $35 for him to give up after a few days. Seems third party resellers had this around $2-3 last year but since Nvidia added RTX and Microsoft added it to minecraft its been stuck at $30-40 for all of 2020 so far.

    • ITAD says that historical lowest was AUD$25 so if it was ever that cheap it was from a very dodgy site.
      Most likely it was some kind of "Story Mode" that you saw.

  • I remember paying somewhere around $10 for this shortly after its release. Then Microsoft bought them and were kind enough to provide a free upgrade to the Windows 10 release. Can't believe they now want $35!

    • That was probably during beta, I think it was USD$10 at the time?

      • You're probably right.. didn't realise it's been more than a decade since it's release. ITAD seems to suggest that the price went up around March 2020. Historical low is ~25 AUD.

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