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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard Black $49 @ Umart ($46.55 OW PB)


Been looking for a keyboard for my media centre and found an okay deal on the Logitech K400 Plus. Far from the lowest it's been but a decent amount less than RRP of $69. Price matched with officeworks over the phone at $46.55.

White is also available at umart for $52.

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  • Just a word of warning (which might not apply to anyone but oh well) this is not a good option for a setup where you are exercising.
    I got this for my indoor cycling setup and the trackpad does not get along well with even the smallest amount of sweat on your fingers.

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      just use voice control when exercising.

    • I use this keyboard for work and this is the biggest flaw of the product. It is very frustrating on cold mornings when there is moisture in the air making the trackpad unusable. I will say that although this flaw the keyboard is very durable and I would recommend but not if you want to use with wet hands.

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      Thanks so much for this! Was literally looking for one for my Zwift set-up!

  • Haha I did this exactly in June. I had minor issue where Officeworks' system displayed the wrong part number (didn't even match the number on the product box) so they were hesitant to price match but the manager had the sense to see that it was indeed the same product and approved the discount.

    Keyboard has been flawless in my media centre, can't speak for its range as I'm using it with line of sight to the receiver and only 3-4 metres away.

  • I have a K400R (older version of this) as my media centre controller since 2012. Using it with XB1, previously with a Xiaomi Mi Box and a microserver (touchpad, which is a bit finicky, was only used on the microserver).

    Still going strong!

    • I just replaced my K400R with this, also used on our microserver for about the same amount of time, however, the trackpad finally gave out on it.

      I think this is ergonomically a bit better but essentially the same product.

    • Still got my k400r from ages ago. Was using it on my microserver which was my htpc.

  • I have this , bought to use it with my lg smart tv. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with youtube app , don't know why but works with netflix.

  • I bought mine K400 in Harvey Norman for $35, also I bought K600 for $55 - much better keyboard.

  • weren't these like $10 at some point lol

  • I just got it from OW for $46.55 priced match uMart. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to look properly as they were busy as. I got home and noticed the box has been opened, keyboard doesn't have plastic wrapped around it and no AA batteries. Clearly a return or a display model. USB receiver is missing too.